44 thoughts on “Pink Ladies Set”

  1. It is not for women but for finnish gay alcoholics! But one item is missing! That’s the bottle of vodka!

    • “As far as learning a second language, what good is learning a dead language like Greek? I’m not studying archeology. The only language a person need to know is Latin. Every developed country speaks it. Even asian trash jews like you are trying to learn it.”

      327 A.D., some peasant from Rome Empire.


    • Boris, nobody likes euro-trash like you on this site. You should go back a couple threads and read the one about the police officer in Moscow.

  2. That’s a decent kit except I think that the level isn’t very necessary. I’ve never really used any of the dozen levels we have laying around the house unless we were doing some remodeling or whatever where you need to have a far more precise level. I’m betting in the box is some sockets/ratchet but the kit is missing a) more screw drivers b) some allen wrenches >_>

  3. my wife got a present similar to that when we got married.

    i will say, i did use the hammer and stuff a few times.

    it was kinda weird.

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