Fire in Moscow Today

fire in moscow 1

There is a fire in Moscow today. The funny thing that before the fire there were numerous “test” fire alarms in this building during the last month, so when the real fire alarm emerged nobody seemed to care in the beginning.

fire in moscow 2

fire in moscow 3

fire in moscow 4

photos by Harpy Eagle

13 thoughts on “Fire in Moscow Today”

  1. Boring.

    Where are russian prostitutes, russian homeless people, russian drunken children, russian teen drug addicts? gets worse!

  2. Now how much of the new stuff that is built in Moscow is up with building codes in Western countries?

    Doesn’t look like this one had sprinklers.

  3. Well, yes, fires happen everywhere. Even this story starts a nasty exchange between posters on the comments section. I ended up looking at the other buildings in the picture more than I did the fire.

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