25 thoughts on “AK-47 Building”

  1. Wow, this is actually cool and sad at the same time. No other gun has killed more people in the history of weapons.


  2. We can all thank Russia for equipping Hezbollah, Al-qaeda, Palestinian and Iraqi terrorists, etc, with weapons to murder innocent children.

    Don’t you just love Russia?

      • Exactly. If you took away people’s guns, they would fight with spears and swords. If you took away those, they would fight with their fists. If you took away those, they would fight with their TEETH.
        Weapons help deter people from fighting, out of fear.

  3. We can all thank Russia for equipping hezbollah, al-qaeda, Palestinian and Iraqi terrorists, etc, with weapons to murder innocent childern.

    Don’t you just love Russia!

    • No wonder, the times when they start to assemble MIGs or Stealths is coming. At least everyone second of them will fly and the third will shoot. So it will be just enough to put the end to Western civilization and Russia too.

  4. The Russians as a people seem so proud of the thing, justifiably so, yet they are not enthusiastic for allowing themselves to personally own them. They build a building that pays tribute to a gun that they can not own. Meanwhile, back in the USA, the National Rifle Association headquarters looks like any other office building. There is irony in this some place.

  5. You guys can hate all you want, you just jealous that no American assault rifle will ever come close to being as good/reliable/cheap/deadly as a good old AK-47

  6. Russians don’t impose their “exotic way of thinking” (Does it really exist?) to anyone. It seems that every nation believes that it is great, of course it concerns to Latvians too. If I was a latvian i would be proud of my country and exaggerate every achievement of my people. But I’m russian and I’m proud of everything we are doing good. What’s wrong with this?

    And finally, make the better gun and I will be the first who will say: “Wow, those latvians are so great!”

  7. That traditional remark about “smart and educated Russians” doesn’t make you any less of a vile chauvinist.

  8. Its all the the reaction of what you do, you try to kill terrorist not terrorism so more will come back. Americans are fool to think that by killing people they will reduce terrorism, see how the world has become more unsafe just for foolishness of america.

  9. Americans are so blind. You have the airplane that threw the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a wonderful show piece at the Washington DC aerial museum but you blame the russians for making the AK-47. Mind your own business instead of criticizing other countries, because you are not white peace doves.

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