15 thoughts on “Elevator in the Toilet”

    • Certainly. This is part a new project for several apartment buildings being built in Moscow, following an attempt to improve Russian architectural standards. Basically the building has 2 separate elevator shafts: the first one opens up onto a hallway on each floor, with apartments (without toilets) accessible from each hallway. They have no toilets because they are accessed separately. The other elevator shaft does not access the hallways, instead it accesses a separate bathroom on each floor. It’s actually a very unique and economic design, meant to reduce the number of toilets in the building and therefore better conform to environmental standards.

  1. could they have cut the tile a little better around the buttons? You need some Miami Cuban tile people for that stuff.

  2. I think it is only a funny design. In normal way nobody could think it is a working thing. It would be too many problem and cost with it. The very luxurious hotels doesnt have things like “this” where the money isnt the only important thing. It is good for fun, nothing more.

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