28 thoughts on “American Boy, American Joy”

  1. I heard this on a river boat on the Don River in 2001! I thought I would never hear it again! I heard it only once. I can just remember how strange and awkward that I felt when it was playing, trying to pretend that I did not hear or understand what it was saying. I was somewhat embarassed, I don’t know why. However, the way I remembered it, there was some Russian guy in the background doing “hip-hop” style chanting as a musical refrain several times during the song. He sounded angry. (Surprise) Perhaps a “remixed” version that I heard?

  2. Damn, boys and girls. I am so drunk now. I hate all things american. And i think that these women should not sing about american Boy! Lets sing about Borah Alko(lupukki)??

    Should Be: Alkoholi-pukki or AlkoJouluPukki. Lupukki is not a real!! I should know! I am Finn. And i love Russia!

  3. ‘BTW the chick with the keytar is so hot because she’s hot and plays a KEYTAR!!!’

    I agree, does anybody know her name…pleaseeeee..im drunk..:)

  4. Funny how times change.
    Right now Americans are singing songs about Russian Girls. May be because they are fed up with the American cows they call women.

    • Ouch that’s kinda harsh don’t you think? And i haven’t heard any american songs singing about russian girls… yet.

      • Actually, a rather popular song from long ago praises Russian women, among others.

        Back in the USSR
        Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out
        They leave the West behind
        And Moscow girls make me sing and shout
        And Georgia’s always on my mind

    • That is actually quite true. I’d rather have a Russian girl over most any American girl. I’m an American with Russian Ancestry though so that’s probably part of it.

  5. Ah. Russian Girl-band just like American Boy-band: lip-sync and pretend to play instrument. All dance and hop about like too much crabs in pantalones.

  6. American boys? Seriously? I’m Russian-American and I refuse to date American guys because they’re nothing compared to Russian guys.

    I mean, cute song and all. They play it at the Russian club all the time. But… dude. Russians are where it’s at!


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