Electrical Adapter for Suicide

vilkus lebedev adapter 1

Russian design studio “Artlebedev” started production of a strange device.

This device can be plugged in any wall outlet as an adapter for your two fingers in order to get new experience with electricity or if to stay plugged longer for some suicide alternatives.

Also adapters for USA and Europe available.

In case you want to get this experience in a group a special outlet-multiplier can be supplied as an option.

vilkus lebedev adapter 2

vilkus lebedev adapter 3

vilkus lebedev adapter 4

vilkus lebedev adapter 5

33 thoughts on “Electrical Adapter for Suicide”

  1. Maybe this should be marketed in the hair care section of some department stores as a way to transform hair instantly.

  2. Great, another useless product made in Russia.
    I miss the Soviet days when useful stuff was made, with low cost and high durability.

  3. Actually this would only have a chance of working if you put 1 finger from each hand in it. Then it would route the current through your heart, and have a chance to stop it.

    With just one hand its only going to hurt and maybe throw you.

  4. You can buy it from thinkgeek


    Try to order it and see what happens…

  5. pendejo comemierda en lugar de electrocutarte mamame la verga para que saques chispas hijo de tu puta madre pendejete mojon de mierda

  6. It won’t work. Sorry. To be electrocuted you need to have the electricity pass through your heart (or possibly another critical organ, but that would need more electricity).
    In general electricity kills by stopping the heart, but it could also “cook” organs or tissue if in large enough amperage. Sticking your finger in an outlet probably won’t do it. You need to be sure the electricity goes through your heart and that’s hard to guarantee, because the path it takes depends on many factors including how water is distributed in the body, salt levels etc.

    This plug you have each finger in a different side of the outlet. Electricity takes the path of least resistance so it will go in one finger and out the other. No good. Worst you can do is toast your fingers to a char, but I doubt you’d even do that with a standard electric outlet. If you do it long enough it might damage the tissue of the fingers enough to result in them needing to be amputated, (although it will probably blow a fuse or trip a breaker first, unless it’s a very powerful outlet.) Either way it won’t kill you.

  7. The american version doesnt work. I put my fingers in for 5 minutes..and nothing happened….friggin 110v….I want my money back…


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