17 thoughts on “Graffiti from Ukraine”

  1. Fantastic! As with many graffiti artists, these people not only have talent and creativity, but also a great sense of humor.

  2. Hi friend, I am linking your blog to mine.

    BTW, I encounter an interesting anti spam word on this post. Guess what is it? KGB! lol

  3. great graff !!! excellent .
    check this out :
    it’s a similar style

  4. cool!! reminds me a lot of Os Gemeos. Who is(are) this(these) guy(s)? didnt catch a name…but great stuff!!! top5 on my list.

    • hi, my name is richard from england. i have 4 original pieces by eyan higgins from 1997 that i’d like to sell, have seen your comment of his name and was wondering if you were aware of any one that may be interested in them. if you can be of any help either email me or you can contact me on 07824443143.



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