Cars of Latvia

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“I am from Latvia. Some people say, in Latvia is the biggest percentage of
exclusive cars in northern Europe. I am a starting photographer, and my biggest
passion is taking some nice shots of cars.
You can look at my Latvian car
collection, and I hope you like it
and it will be great if you publish this photos right here, because people
think that Latvia is a very poor country.”

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107 thoughts on “Cars of Latvia”

  1. You’re right — Latvia is not a poor country, but the presence of expensive cars does not prove that in the least. Quite the contrary — it is often in extremely poor countries that the the rich are rich enough to drive around in astonishingly expensive vehicles.

    • Latvia is a beautiful country but still a lot of people live under poverty line and specially retired people who gets less than 100 Euros pension, while some “new rich” people not only drive a super car but believe the have power and influence and sadly enough do not contribute not even a bit to develop social programs for homeless, funds to support medical services for kids etc

  2. The truth is, that the quality of life in a country is very dependent on the size of the middle class.
    Your neighbor Lithuanian.

    • Middle class is non-existent, in most baltic states.

      You have a significant poor majority, and a very small rich minority who are ether connected to the governmet or to the criminal elite…, very similer to russia, i might add!!!!

        • Dude, we are talking about non-existence of middle class, i.e people are ether very poor or very rich,- russia is the same.

          Yes, according to statistices Latvia’s GDP is a bit greater than that of Russia, however when visiting lavia it seemed to me that people were poorer than in Russia.

          This could be, because Russia has greater balck market economy, which statistically doesn’t increase GDP per capita, however in reallity standards of living become greater as a result of this>>

            • I am not trying to compare Latvia to any other state!!!!,
              We are talking about deficiency of middle class in Latvia,
              you are drifting off the subject again!!!!

              ..Honestly man you should become a politician, with your political outlook and great skills in avoiding the subject, you will fit right in with all the cowboy Neocons…

              • Boris to say poor there have to be comparisment, how otherwise you know what is poor and whats rich… besides comparing Latvia to Russia where people are living better that is nonsense – do research more carfully and stop defending your country…

  3. These cars are nice and flashy, but do they really drive these when it’s snowy/muddy in the streets? Where is their daily beater?

  4. I thought latvia had the biggest percent of Facists amongst the normal population? don’t you guys have parades in the centre of riga every year where you dress up as SS soliders?

    • Lol, if people hate russians you automatically say you’re a jew? so if anyone is an enemy of the russians their a friend of the jews.

      Latvia of all places…. hehehe

      • Why do latvians ( some of them ) hate russians???? hmmm 50 years of persicution and occupation??? hmm the fact that 50 % of the country is still russian and wont speak latvian…hmmmm

        russians in latvia…learn latvian or leave latvia.. in latvia, if you get in a fight, it 99% will be with a russian, if you are shouted at on street for no reason 99% russian…. russians here need change their attitude towards latvia.

        • I deeply regret that latvia was occupied by soviet union.
          But why do they still to this day, hate russians?

          New generation of russians has nothing to do with the dictators of the past, or occupation of your country.

          Russians and Jews too sufered greatlly form repressive KGB and despots that rulled our country for nearlly a century, therefore I think people in your country should not be so ingnorant and understand that we, the new generation, have nothing against your country.

          I really hope that we can all live as one peaceful world, wthout and forms of discrimination or prejudice!!!

          • 1st of all, there is no discrimination. Our state language is Latvian, not Russian. Anyone having learned the language at a primary school level can pass the test and become a citizen. If you are not willing to know the Latvian language at a very basic level, you probably don’t want to be a citizen and don’t need your voting rights. That simple.

            Fascism? Them old poor veterans visiting commemoration places?
            Our people never got to choose sides. It was either germany or russia, depending on who was looting our villages and mobilizing our youngsters at the moment. They were sometimes forced into battle brother against brother, father against son – on different sides.

            anti-semitism in the press? wtf r u talking about?

            you’d better turn off them state-owned russian tv channels, you are already f-ed in the head.

            And, if you did get a black eye here, it’s probably because of your insulting remarks, not the language.

        • What do you mean: “At least Nazis were clearly the enemy of the Western world” ?????

          Why is that better???, Are you a nazi???

          • I must agree russia would be much better country if comunism was defeated, however, you must consider that at that time nuclear wepons allredy played a huge role in the arsenal of both countries..

            And may I say, you seem to be more anti-russain rather than anti-soviet, becouse you seem to hate the current russia even more….Hmmm..

            • Do you propose, that the west should have fought with both Germany and Russia at the same time??? LOL

              Incidentally, have you ever visited Cuba?……Ofcource not, because if US citizens were allowed to visit Cuba, – sick anti-cuban US propoganda would not work, because people would see how much Cuba has been repressed in the hands of american dictators.

              Liberty – LOL, how many undemocratic amendments did you constitution have??

              Viva Cuba!!!!!

              • Your description of democracy and liberty is extremely funny but true. I am American and have utmost respect for the Russian people as a whole. One cannot judge the Russian people
                by the conduct of Stalin. The Russian people and the rest of Eastern Europe all suffered economically and politically as a result of the failed attempts of the Corrupt Communist Bureaucracy. For the past 20 years your world has changed dramatically and will continue to do so as the middle class becomes larger and larger. There will always be a high class and a poverty class but success depends on the growth and welfare of the middle class. Good luck to all of you. And don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t believe that god exists. Science will never prove that our earth could happen by accident. email me at

            • Russian jews are good, russian jews who move to the states become strange and demented…like this one. Nothing against you, i
              I just hate 60% of brighton beach…

              • They (Jews from New York) call us the unfortunate few…

                The interesting thing is, that I was making more money in Russia, than I currently am making in London…LOL

                Take me back, my slav friends!!!

            • If you want a to argue so much about himan rights abuses and civilixation go away, leave to or somewhere else so we dont see you

        • So, the Nazis didn’t like the west because they said the British were, and I quote directly from Hitler here: “simply wonderfully Aryan, duckie”, but the Communists loved the west in sticky and disturbing ways as shown by the cold war and all the proxy conflicts?

        • “who renamed all the streets in Riga to the names of SS officers” – What do you mean?

          I know Riga and there definitely are no such streets.

          Though, this reminds me of an incident, some maybe 5 years old, which you possibly had in mind.

          The head of Simon Wisenthal Centre foundation Mr. Efraim Zuroff was visiting Riga. He came out of his hotel, and saw that he is standing at the “Kaleju” street, as the street name plate told him.

          He, reportedly, became very angry and shouted something like “Damn Latvians, they have named the street after the SS murderer of Jews”. He meant SD team led by guy named Kalejs.

          What he did not know, was that “kalejs” means “blacksmith” in Latvian. So he, actually, was at the Blacksmith street.

          Some good laughter…

          By the way, our president Mrs. Freiberga, who had a meeting with him at that time, described him later as rather unpleasant personality, in particular she mentioned having reached certain agreements and coming to certain conclusions during their talks, with Mr. Zuroff after their meeting coming up to mass media with statements of something completely different, contradicting nearly everything they had talked and agreed about.

    • I can’t believe there are trolls who deliberately produce such outrageous lies.

      Go back to kindergarten, or mental institution, whichever suits your level.

    • Very true, same here, speaking as an Estonian. Nobody condones Nazism in any of the Baltic states. But in a democratic country, nobody has the right to forbid a peaceful assembly of war veterans, whether they were the unknowing tools of either totalitarian regime (Third Reich or Stalinist Russia). I don’t see you Russian nationalists having a problem with drunken old men waving red flags in the capitals of Baltic states?

      Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are nation states (unlike e.g. USA which is, at its very core, a nation of immigrants), the basis of identity, language and sovreignity for Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians. Russians here must respect that fact; otherwise they always have a choice to return to their own native land. But I wonder — they wish to stay here, because the standard of life is much higher, there’s work, and there’s a future.

    • My grand parents fought on this land, my parents were borned in Latvia, I was born in Latvia, Latvia is my Motherland, the same as it is for you! That is why we do leave to Russia!

  5. Only a couple of them are really expensive ones. There is nothing “exclusive” in most of them. In fact, some of them are simply miserable (Cadillac’s, Ford Thunderbird and, of course, the Humvee). And I would add the Corvette to the list.

    • That old Cadillac can handle any road in Latvia with a ride like a magic carpet. The T-Bird is more practical than most of the others for a fraction of the price.

      • That old Cadillac is not worth a penny. You can get it for free on a junk yard (gas will cost a fortune though). And what’s so practical about the Ford? “At just 3.9Liters of displacement and a bodyweight of over 3700 lb, combined with rather poor gearing choice, it made for a feel more akin to a large luxury car than to a sport coupe.” Is that what you call “practical”?

        • Sold! I’ll take the Cadillac covertible for a penny. You may take your pick of the others. I’ll have more fun in a year with that ragtop and spend less on gas than you will spend making one payment on yours. As for the Bird? It is a remake of the original isn’t it? The 57 T-Bird was also underpowered and overweight. Many of the owners were teenagers in 1957. They ordered theirs with automatic transmissions. Do you think they care about gearing choices? The new T-Bird is a dream car that is relatively inexpensive. Fords automobiles are what they have always been, a good car for the money that a working person can afford.

          • I understand that everyone has their own taste. But cheap cars are cheap. They look cheap, they drive cheap, they pollute the environment. Ford isn’t famous for his cars. He’s famous for his conveyors. Fortunately, Detroit is dying (

  6. Such a boring topic and such an easy minded person: 驴who may think there’s a link between expensive cars and country’s wealth?

    PS: He just had to show several cars twice to keep up his funny pretensions high

  7. I don’t understand.

    Latvia is not Russia.

    People have cars, sometimes more extravagant/expensive, sometimes not.

    So what’s the reason for this provocative entry?

    • So its ok to make fun of russia, and make anti-semitic statments on this site, but when it comes to making fun of your country,- you call it provocative???

        • Dude, calm down..

          I have nothing against Latvia, I just had a relly bad and unplesant experiance in this country, and saw open formes of anti-semitism, and fascism!!

          I feel it’s my civil duty to inform peole travelling to this country about the dangers it has…

          Every country has its probles, Latvia has problems with Nazis…that’s all..

          • I don’t believe, that you were in Latvia.
            Where did u see “open formes of anti-semitism, and fascism”???

            Only Russians is Nazis. And that is true problem.

          • You know, what Latvia the nazi country? There there live Russian which were born in Latvia and have lived there 40 and more years, however it is forbidden to them to vote on elections and forbidden to borrow the state posts. And it is more than such people 400000! It not a joke! All of them have given out special passports (violet color) there is specified the-AILENS!

            • Sick!!!

              Remind me of a the “Yellow Badge” used ot identify jews in Nazi Germany!!

              They, together with Lithuania, should be kicked out of the EU, untill they become a civilized nation!!!!

            • Yep, there is a fraction that have lived here for 40+ years and have considered it an awful burden to learn the state language at least at a kindergarten level.

              See, Russia refused to pay pensions to retired USSR militants residing in Latvia, therefore Latvia had to take up the burden. Thus there are people that don’t like the country but cannot go back to Russia, where they would probably become bums and starve to death.

              And there are a lot of others that just haven’t bothered to take the exam – they’re well off anyway and quite busy, working in banks, for example, many of which are bilingual here. Government service is quite underpaid after all :)a

  8. Latvia – is a real poor country. Some exclusive cars are not a parameter of country riches. All european cars in countries of EC costs cheaper, than in Russia because of high level of import duty on cars. My friend from Riga have bought new Opel Vectra 2,4 TD for 12000 Euro, for example this car in St-Petersburg costs about 25000… Thats why you have this photos.
    Go to the Moscow or St-Petersburg, pass through the central streets… You just will tired to do similar photos.

    • LOL

      russian trolls really don’t know when to stop lying, do they? 馃檪

      divide prices by 15.6 and you get the price in euros.

      same price level in latvia as well.

  9. the only thing really interesting is that he was able to shoot two grown women dressed up exactly the same like mothers dress their twins up when they’re infants cuz they think it’s cute.

  10. There is a MAJOR difference between being a rich country and having rich people in your country. We all know Latvia is relatively poor so the only thing your proving in your post is that there is a very large divide between the rich and the poor. Much like in African countries and every other third world nation. It is NOTHING to be proud of.

    I drive through extremely exclusive communities here in the US and you rarely see cars like that. Youll see a ferrari every once in a while but it still stands out. Reason why is car is not a big thing in america. Everyone here can afford a car, unlike in some places in the world….

  11. My cousin and her family lives in Latvia. She is working as a school teacher, her husband goes to Western Europe twice a year and does all sorts of odd jobs there. They are poor by american standards but by Latvian they are middle class. They live in 2 room appartments with 2 kids (17,15, 5 yr.old). Only poor immigrants live like this in the US.

    • No, that sounds more like “poor” by Latvian standards as well. And you mean to tell me that people don’t live in apartments in cities of USA? Perhaps try visiting a country before starting to badmouth it.

  12. I believe there is misunderstanding of the China Influence on the US market and on the world as the whole. The only truly problematic issue would be when China stops producing goods for US & EU companies ( e.g. electronics and stuff) the rest is really a tiny problem.

  13. Chort! All these economical, scientifical Know-it-alls on one site, I have stumbled on on to a gold mine of wisdom. It just befuddles my addled brain. But, here is a scenario for you. Let’s say that economy of USA stops growing and maybe shrinks by 5%. China looses it’s primary export market and it’s economy screeches to a halt. Guess what that all does to the price of oil. And where does Russia figure in to this scenario? Does anyone remember 1998?
    And China is gonna call in their loans and set this in motion? Possible, but not likely. As long as they are willing to finance the growth of the US economy, all the major players win! And Russia, too!

    Did Bingboy have to go all the way back to Mendeleev to come up with a real contribution to the world by a Russian? No, I didn’t think so.

    • Go back to school. China loses its “Primary” export market. That primary gap is shrinking by the day, and it has plenty of places in the world to ship it’s products. America is increasingly dependent on China, not the other way around.

      Here’s the real scenario.

      -China calls in it’s loans.
      -America’s economy grinds to a halt while China sits on Trillions in Capital.
      -Chinese capital transfers from China to Oil producing nations, while American economy struggles to replace it’s main importer of everything.
      -End result, everyone but the U.S. benefits.

      “As long as they are willing to finance the growth of the US economy, all the major players win! And Russia, too!”

      What makes you think they are willing to support America over other nations? Their actions say otherwise.

      Chort yourself.

  14. I went to Warsaw last month – having been in Poland the last time in 1991 – and I was really surprised how much and how quickly it has advanced in this really short period of time.I think this is the same in the baltic states and many other former east-european countries.
    I think these countries deserve our respect as westerners and that is probably the reason why the photos of the cars were published here.The guy who photographed these cars in Latvia is proud of it and he has got all reason being proud.
    I hope that it will only be question of some more years until the entire population benefits from the economical growth !

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  16. I have some photo from Latvian cars kindly sent to me by Max from Riga at Would you mind sharing some photos of the vehicles with personalized licence plates with my collection? Please email to

  17. @ “I am” and “Roman”:
    If you write your posts in Russian in this forum,you are unfortunately excluding everybody who does not know this language.Like me for a pity.
    I have learned four foreign languages beside my native one,but of course there are hundrets more which I don麓t know,Russian is one of them.Do you blame me for it ?

  18. Allright,

    for those who blame the Baltic States for “supporting fascism” – there were relatively few people from our countries who fought on a German side during WW2. Actually, in Lithuania we didn’t have any voluntary SS unit. And those people shouldn’t be considered as Nazis – their main goal was to fight against Stalin, because one single year (1940-1941) of Soviet occupation had already proven to be a hell on earth. So, the choice was really bad, and our small countries were trapped into real meatgrinder. German Nazis also claimed “Liberation”, but it was the same occupation. When Red Army pushed Germans from our countries, they called it also “Liberation”. Actually, it was just RE-OCCUPATION, and no one was asking our opinion. The same thing happened in a greater part of Eastern Europe.
    Baltic States suffered heavily during WW2 and following years (Stalin’s genocide, mass repressions etc.). Our small countries had lost around 30% of our population. So, nobody should blame us if we call Russians “occupants” as well. Germans lost the war and admitted their guilt. in modern Russia, they feel sad because USSR collapsed and blame Baltic States for telling the truth. Russians make a big scandal out of every patriotic action in Riga, Tallinn or Vilnius and call this “Fascism” BUT somehow in Russia there are far more extremists and almost weekly people in Russia get killed just because of their nationality and skin color. Modern Russia is becoming a pro-fascist state with their KGB leader ahead. It’s a shame.

  19. Bingcherries is completely right. you know who works in america for all of those great corporations? russians. go to silicon valley and take a look around, the engineers are russian, indian and asian. i lived there for ten years – and not an american in sight. literally. if US has power its due to the strength of the other nations. Everyone knows that russians are known for our scientists and mathematicians.

  20. haha..atradis ar ko lepoties. mulkis taads. pat nabadziigajaa kambozhaa brauc ar ekskluziiviem dzhipiem, bet beerni tur mirst badaa. vieniigais ko Tu tagad izdariiji ir paraadiiji cik tumsoniigi un sekli meedz buut cilveeki no Latvijas! Tieshi deelj taviem uzskatiem!!!

    emm..great website!

  21. Well numbers that are not manipulated in any way give a pretty accurate representation of how a country is doing. For example I just read on that Latvian new car sales market has increased 11% past month, while rest of European market has stagnated.

    Latvia is on the right track, people there like to spend money, go out, and they’re well educated. These are the contributing factors to Latvia’s healthy economic expansion. Latvia is adjusting well.

  22. What about the Litinenko case? It is acceptable for one State to carry out its executions on the soil of another State without prior consultation?

    • Sorry, I meant Litvinenko (the ex-KGB agent who became a UK citizen and was poisoned with a dose of radioactive “Pollonium 210.” Scotland Yard investigations indicate that the FSB agent Andrey Lugovoi (who was in London and met Litvinenko at the time he was poisoned.) UK has called for his extradition to face charges, and the Kremlin accuse UK of deliberate provokation; meanwhile Lugovoi has been “fast tracked” for a seat in the Duma, where he would be exempt from prosecution (he only has to take care mow if he travels abroad.) The saga continues….

  23. Be carefull that someone doesn’t smash your skull with a skull smasher later in your life for your cleverness! your majesty!

  24. I live in Latvia all my life, 24 years and simply i could say that people who get all these cars are just 1/1000 of all population. Other population could not afford to get their children to school, cause books are expensive and all official rumors that education is for free is just lies, cause teachers are for free but not everything else. Yes, we have millionaires and billionaires, but mostly we have people with very small salary.
    and what we could think about country, which have biggest luxury cars percent in all Europe but country is the poorest country in European Union.

  25. Wow, im sitting in the airport waiting to fly to Riga, for the first time (I am American). I don’t even want to go now. Be nice to people, don’t hate, and eventually we will live in a decent world.

    Btw, OP, good job on your photography.

  26. BORIS what the hell are u talking about??!!!!!!
    tell me where the hell did u get the information that latvians hate jews??????
    Latvians are neutral to jews just like to all nationalities…

  27. im 2nd generation latvian. born in the US.

    seems like there’s a lot of tension between the ppl in the baltic states & russia.
    for obvious reasons(ww2).

    but when it comes down to it people are just people.
    large corporations and government cannot represent an individual.

    i mean hell my boyfriend is russian/italian and my best friend is russian/german/something else.

    so its whatever. at least in california.
    doesnt matter your nationality. we still love you <3

  28. I’m English and lived in Riga.

    The government is riddled with the nastiest, greediest and most spiteful people I have ever had contact with.

    The language policies 鈥

    If you come and tug your brow to a panel of moderators, pass a language test (that a significant proportion of Latvians wouldn鈥檛 pass) then you can a have citizenship to a country you where born in鈥 And yes at the same time Canadian and Australians with Latvian grand parents who can barely muster a sentence in Latvian are given citizenship on the spot!

    Now you can understand why many Russians won鈥檛 beg a bunch of spotty nationalists for a Latvian passport. Incidentally, I didn鈥檛 meet a Russian under sixty who couldn鈥檛 speak Latvian fluently.

  29. conoci unas personas de latvia y son personas con un gran corazon amables educadas y agradables aunque ahora viven en ee uu. y mi amigo sam regreso a latvia a visitar a su abuelita y regrezara a costa rica talvez….

  30. You need to remember that most of the cars were stolen from the western part of European and arrived in Latvia in container as apples. Due to corruption, such cars can be easily register, then purchased at fraction of the price.

  31. Perfectly the situation was initially a wonderful run whilst it lasted but yet possibly not a jolt to discover Usa Soccer lose at this specific state. We could try out once additional in 4 years.

  32. I want to tell you something about most richest country in Europa. Yes, about Latvia.
    We have a only ~ 1000 official millionairs. Richest people in Latvia have oficialy 500 000 000 $ richest (un-official much more).
    When in Estonia yearly income one of the millionare was 240 000 Lats (457 000 $), in that year one of the richest millionare in Latvia had yearly income only 29 000 000 $. It’s not a joke.
    Central bank director had yearly incomes in 2008. only 228 000 $. Rigas transport system departament director only 15 000 $ per month. And thats absolutly not all..
    In Latvia are living 2,3 millions people. 33 % have monthly incomes lower than 300 $. An avarage pension is 295 $ per month, in Latvia are living 570 000 pensioners.
    Peoples who don’t have a job, will do all for finding work. Many work illegaly for only 9 Euro per day, without absoluty socials quarantees and labour safety. Its reality, but peoples do nothing for stop it.
    Prices in my country is average most of the countrys in Europa. Renting price today is much lower, how in 2007.
    We are a economical experiment of IMF and they have gave loan for us only for safe Sweden banks and Euro (yea, I dont believe them, they don’t interesting our poors peoples). We have a very corrupted and strange politics and they nothing to do, to be together in crysis with simply peoples. Sorry about my bad english.

  33. Latvia as many other big European countries have a very welthy upperclass, bu that is nothing enormous. There will always be this big gap between classes. BTW, check out these limos in Riga:


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