African Police in Moscow

african police in russia

What seemed impossible just a few years ago no came to reality in Moscow. Meet African-Russian police officers on guard of order in Moscow city.

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      • I mean russians are so rasistic. Especially those wearing the uniform. If this picture where to be true, his collegues would most propably beat him up or worst case kill him.

        • I think tou are confusing russia with latvia, and I should know!!!

          PS: there are plentuy of balck russian, and I think its good for russia to have a multicultural diverse society however, there is still a lot of work to be done to combat anti-semitism and xenophobia!!!

          • No confusions there I am afraid. I know the russian minoraty could have better position in the baltic´s, but in generally speaking they are normal (eastern) european countries, which is something I cannot (allthought liked to) unfortunately say for Russia.

            • Lets just say that all Eastern European countries (including russia) have a long way to go in acceptance of diferent races and cultures….

              How long did it take Britain???? Asians are still called “pakies”..

              It is going to be a long and hard battle…

  1. It’s Photoshop. Look at the still visible line around the hat – cutout from another pic and ‘glued’ om the guys head.

    • In the 70’s a large group of students from africa came to moscow on exchange, some stayed and most left behind alot of children, as they were quite popular amongst white russian women.

      Hence it’s no surprise to see black russians, one even has a talkshow similar to jerry springer.

      I actually see a few black russians once in a while, they are more rare than in the states, but they still exist.

      • Mr Boris Abramov!!

        Can you tell me how someone like Elena–who is expressing her own personal opinions of which are based on her observations through her life experiences most probably–so before you brand people NAZI’s think about it–thats if you actually possess an expandable mindset which observes the facts of todays societies!! Of which it seems to me you are missing the realities of today!!

      • Elena, what an awesome story! I love it! I love hearing stories about different cultures getting together, mixing, and having a wonderful life. I am totally sure they are together and happy today. I am positive that they do not care what the outside world thinks, and I just wanted to let you know that I plan to use the quotations that you posted on my website, so everyone who comes and visits the site can read just what I think about interracial dating, marriage, and love. I am a huge supporter of people getting together and doing what they want, without regard to anyone else’s feelings about it, and I am so happy to read that the parents accepted it. You know, Elena, other people do not have to feel the same way as you do about it. If you do not believe in it, that’s fine, but just know and accept the others who do. Try to look the other way if you have a problem with it. How is it affecting you? It is not. If you try to stop them, what do you think they are going to do? Yes! Go home and have sex. That’s all. Can you stop them from that??? Didn’t think so. Go ahead and hurt them, taunt them, etc., but know that, at the end of the day, it is the tension that makes people fight harder for what they want. Your viewpoints and those of all the other race baiters in the world are the actual reason that most of the interracial couples survive throughout the years, because of the hardship involved. Nothing worthwhile is easily accomplished. Everyone knows this. Those who desire only conflict free lives with their “community” are the ones who are left unfulfilled at the end of the day. Sure, you can date, befriend, and marry only “whites,” whatever “white” means anyway, but that does not mean that everyone in the entire world is going to agree and follow suit. You have your opinions, I have mine, and everyone else has theirs. The only way to achieve peace within the world is to stop the war-both the physical wars and the wars within the mind. It can be done. It takes patience and time.

      • This whole thread is so embarrassing and sad. I’m sorry you can’t find any worth in yourself and have to make other people feel miserable so you can feel good. Not to mention making yourselves look pathetic.

      • hi, i just feel sad by the fact that a true african would have any desire for a pink monkey female. to sier children with poluted pink monkey blood! so sad. such men shud be given 100 lashes of cane and be put in confinement or possibly made to live as outcasts.
        it is because of such men that african blood is polluted thru interbreeding with inferior races.
        no society has ever measured to the superiority of the african race since ancient history in terms of beauty and intellect.
        i am not suprised that throughout history other races had colluded to whipe out the best race in fear of the unknown. the great ancient egyptian pharaohs were african. they were very advanced in technology of the time. the pink man was wearing skins and hide of deer at that time.
        civilisation come from african and hence the envy and systematic plunder of the continent by these pink pple?
        if i am wrong then why was africa invaded and plundered so much?

      • elena, i agree 100% with your views, and I believe that russian women and italian women are the best, and we should keep them pure.

        Are you a supporter of ‘equal opportunity’?

      • true, latin american women are beautiful, but they are mainly descendents of spainish and portugese, which I think are really attractive, the women, that is.

      • You know your also descend from primates. I’m white and believe me the people your describing could just as well be white.

        Comparisons of DNA show that our closest living relatives are the ape species of Africa, and most studies by geneticists show that chimpanzees and humans are more closely related to each other than either is to gorillas.

        Guess you come from Africa as well!

  2. Or….he was a tourist who went souvieneer shopping in Russia, and he is wearing that outfit back in his home country.

    Maybe it is possible that this is for real. I saw a black piano player in Moscow, and a black student in Southern Russia.

  3. La verdad es q’ rusia, lamentablemente, sera siendo un lugar en cual el pensamiento progresivo se les escapa. Yo creo que fue Marx quien dijo que Rusia es el último lugar en el mundo entero donde el comunismo se debe establecer.

    Un universo completamente al reves.

    Mi tio abuelo fue capitán de la SS alemana.

    Chau desde argentina.


    • kill the “nigas,” spelled wrong, whatever that is. Right. Hopefully, they kill you first. They probably will; I am sure you have no balls nor brains. One idea: why don’t you just go on a killing spree right now? Go kill all the black people from any part of the world that you see. Will that make you feel good? Will that make you feel better? How will you feel when you realize (or do not realize, for that matter) that there are more “blacks” that you’d have to kill? You’re not going to stop anybody from doing what they want to do, so why don’t you keep your racism and your violent tirades to yourself? This is one thing that I do not understand about “white” “culture” and most “whites” (racially-conscious ones, in general): that they seem to be on some sort of “crusade” with ends that they could never possibly hope to accomplish. Such as the poster, who is obviously white; the man cannot focus on the good of the world, the qualities of others and what they bring to the table, and how they just might be smarter and more talented than him. Proof positive, there are “blacks” that have accomplished more than this poster, or even more than anyone who calls them a “niga” has. When they go home, wherever they live, do you think they care that they were called a bad word? A bad name? No. They have lives. They do not dwell upon other people’s “whiteness.” Who cares about whiteness? Not anyone with even half a brain. There are other things to worry about, like working, driving, paying the rent, eating, and making self happy. Anyone who really cares about the “differences” in the races has nothing of a personal nature going for them. Their cares are the cares of the “old world,” which is now extinct. The hateful energy is better used elsewhere, like trying to make money and trying to help other people out, regardless of race or ethnicity or “culture,” which I do not believe matters in the first place.

    • kill all the pink monkeys, the world will be better to live in without pinkeys. i could kill you without feeling anything coz you deserve death pinkey. you messed us up! stole our resources, colonised us, enslaved us. death is best for you and i mean it! watch the comming news. african slavery must be avenged pinkey and i will start it.

  4. Vernadotte,

    The Russian skinheads are doing their best to make the blacks feel unwelcomed in Russia. They abhor their presence and they do not bow down to them, not even the Muslim invaders. So many people focus on the problems of the blacks they totally trivialize the threat Islam has at hand.

    Naturally the Jew uses the Negro as a pawn, a pawn to destroy the white race. If anyone hasn’t checked, the owners of all the record companies of Negro rappers are Jews. Same with MTV and any other channel of the devil. If the whites gain media control we could expose the world to the cold truth of the Jew’s lies and propaganda.

    America’s values, as those of rest of the Western World have been declining steadily, recently more rapidly since the 60’s. Standards have been lowered too much, too many children do not have both parents. I believe the race-mixers and the white lemmings come from single parent homes or have had abuse at hand of one of their parents or maybe a white boyfriend they’ve had to make them run to black men.

    In some instances whites race-mix to rebel against their family, some do because they have low self-esteem and “white guilt”. We need the Jews, the enemies of the free world to feel “Jew guilt” for all of their atrocities against humanity. With or without that said, race-mixing is treason and a crime against humanity not to mention total disrespect towards their ancestors who fought for empires, fought plagues, fought adversity so that their white descendants may have a better life.

    Whites should know better than to throw it all away in one swoop. That’s all it takes to end a bloodline, a white bloodline, the most superior race in the planet. It is like spitting on the graves of their ancestors. It’s a sin that should be condemnable by death and an eternal damnation in Hell.

    Has anyone else noticed how “awkward” interracial couples look kissing and all? Well it’s not supposed to happen, it’s bestiality in it’s nastiest most appalling form. Notice that race-mixers, usually white women end up with drug addiction, mental illness, or AIDS later in life. Usually they’re disowned and ostracized by their families and peers. They’re no better than a petty criminal.

    I could write a novel concerning the adverse affects of race-mixing and interracial “love” but to what avail? The mass majority of the people have been brainwashed beyond repair, they shut their minds when an aware individual attempts to awaken them- when the sting of the truth meets their ear. They turn away, they are the enemy from within.

    Russian girls, the ethnic Russian girls are beautiful. Well that’s the general consensus. There are some very ugly Russian girls, but their usually heavily Mongoloid featured and masculine. The true ethnic “Russians” or “Belorussians” are blue, eyed, blonde almost Nordid. That’s how a lot of people envision Russians in general, but there are hundreds of ethnic groups in Russia. But blacks shouldn’t be counted among them.

    Black people do not belong in Europe, neither does Islam. I was shocked but not too surprised to hear there are three thousands mosques in France. When the once great nation falls it will be no ones fault but their own. Same can go for England, the Netherlands and Germany. Eastern Europeans haven’t been exposed to the years of brainwashing we have and hopefully never will. The perpetrator must be expelled from society and from every position of power. That is the Jew.

    The Jews, the blacks, and Islam is the axis of evil. They must be brought down from all sides. We must restore order to their chaos for the white race is the light in the world keeping the shadows of evil at bay. Without us the world would collapse into disarray and any form of order would be nonexistent.

    We’ve built great empires, invented most modern conveniences, we’re the reason Africa hasn’t died out in a year. Why are we helping Africa? They are the enemy and a waste of a lot of money, as are blacks who live off welfare checks from our white taxpayers money. They have affirmative action, they can get away with killing whites but if a white killed a black even citing self defense he would be called racist. Unfortunately we have double standards.

    For Christ’s sake there’s basketball against Racism. I bet if someone tried to organize basketball against Zionism they’d be arrested. It’s an anti-white world we live in and we are the true minority. We must teem together and restore order in this world before the light goes out. Keep faith white brethren.

    • Marie

      That was a truthfully stunning piece of writing detailing the truths of today, I disagreed with nothing and concured with pain to all!

      Never stop our struggle!

    • Perfect. I applaud this piece. Europe has been the target of invasions by foreigners for millenia: the Perisans, the Carthaginians, the Moors, the Seljuks, the Mongols, the Ottomans… and to this day the cultural struggle continues, in ever increasingly insidious and treacherous forms. I totally agree with you about the brainwashing, and see evidence of it everyday. In the US there are even holidays to celebrate Black “achievements” and whatnot, whereas people who attempt to say anything good about whites are frowned upon and silenced. The situation is bleak, very much so. To add to that, countries have always met their downfall when they accepted racial mixing, and I think it’s the duty of every white person to be true to their glorious heritage and at least once in their life do a great service to the white race.

  5. Read this! Taken from Mosnews and is just what we need more of

    ”Up to 1,000 people, some waving radical party flags and others clutching religious icons, rallied at a square near the Novodevichy convent, where triumphant music played over loudspeakers. At one point, many in the crowd stretched out their hands in a Nazi-type salute.

    “The Russian people face a threat from Jews,” said a 50-year-old businessman who identified himself only by his first name, Alexander, for fear of official harassment. “They have created a kingdom, and they’re not letting Russian people be in charge.” Others complained of the presence of dark-skinned migrants from other former Soviet republics, whom they derisively refer to as “blacks.”

    “I came here to remember that I am also a Russian man. I live well, I earn well, I have a family, but the blacks, they spoil my life,” said Pavel, 32, who withheld his last name fearing arrest.

  6. Taken from Mosnews and is just what we need more of not just in Russia but the plagued countries

    Up to 1,000 people, some waving radical party flags and others clutching religious icons, rallied at a square near the Novodevichy convent, where triumphant music played over loudspeakers. At one point, many in the crowd stretched out their hands in a Nazi-type salute.

    “The Russian people face a threat from Jews,” said a 50-year-old businessman who identified himself only by his first name, Alexander, for fear of official harassment. “They have created a kingdom, and they’re not letting Russian people be in charge.” Others complained of the presence of dark-skinned migrants from other former Soviet republics, whom they derisively refer to as “blacks.”

    “I came here to remember that I am also a Russian man. I live well, I earn well, I have a family, but the blacks, they spoil my life,” said Pavel, 32, who withheld his last name fearing arrest.

  7. Garry,

    Isn’t something like 25% of children being born in London mongrels? I’d imagine it’s the lower class whites who are mixing with the blacks. I don’t think any upper class girl or guy would defile themselves to mix with such people. Blacks have no place in Europe and they’ve already ruined plenty of white gene-pools. Sorry to cut it short but I have a lot to do since it is Easter Sunday.

    You can catch me on MSN, just email me and I can give it to you. I’d rather not share it on such a place since some people who do not agree with us might try to get is in trouble.

    Best wishes.
    Happy Easter,

  8. Boris is right. You are all pathetic. I bet the people that wrote the comments above have shaved heads and swastika tatoos, too much black makeup, and listen to Marilyn Manson while calling for the antichrist. You are not a representation of the white race, but the exception. If you are lucky enough to breed, I hope your children marry blacks and have black children. The majority of white people would rather accept other races into their community than skinhead trash like you. Burn in hell Nazis.

  9. hi
    i have a lots of friends in Russia from the last years, many of them have no problems with black people but to date or have any relationship with a black guy or arab? NJET
    then it is this girls that likes money,material things, well they normally are ready to do anything.simple girls is everywhere and Russia is very bit country!
    PS: most of the people i know there are well educated with good jobs.

    support to Marie, Elena and Garry for they speak frankly and directly and they have all right to do that!!!!!!

    Greetings from Northpole

  10. of racism…Maria, Elena – I didn’t knew Russian girls would be like that – not like the ones I met in Thailand, Paris and London. I’m Indian by the way, and find them very appealing NOT because of their white skin but because they appear far more emotional and intelligent compared to Western girls (like White bodies and Asian attitudes). Most of them have a high IQ/EQ level and I’ve a great personal touch to that.

    Although I wouldn’t date a Black girl, I won’t stop those who do it – there’s a difference between calling somebody ugly and downright racism.

    However disagreeable you might be, you’re still entitled to your opinions.


  11. Embrace the race you are in and protect it? I don’t believe in this at all. Such narrowmindedness. I do not care about my race at all. I do not care about my ethnicity at all. I do not care about my so-called “culture” at all. You care. That’s all. So you can keep caring while I keep living. End of story.

  12. Really, it is not about skin color, it is about a person’s interior worth. Want to know why a Russian, or even “white” woman might dig a person of a different color? Because they are not looking at stereotypes. They know that not all people are the same. All people began in Africa at the very beginning of time anyway. Skin color is basically delegated according to the conditions in which people have lived and what they have been exposed to. Trust me, if you segregate everyone, sure, everyone is going to turn out the same color. But, as you can see from history, mixing of the races and cultures was and is supposed to happen. It is a good thing for society. The world would be boring and uninteresting without people of all different kinds. Regarding the stereotypes I’ve read on this board, not all “blacks” listen to rap or hip hop and buy into the culture, not all of any culture commits crimes or deals/sells drigs, not all of any minority culture possesses AIDS, not all people of a similar skin tone engage in the same activities. Not all “black” people even are fully “black” but are mostly mixed with other races today. Not all “blacks” even have the same skin color. I am sure that, if you leave your door open at night, and a non-wealthy white person (or even a rich one, for that matter) finds out, they will come in and take from you and rob you. I am sure that the same threat lies elsewhere, with folks from other cultures. You can say that you “hate” blacks, that they are “ruining your lives,” that they are “apes” or whatever, but the fact remains that every single poster on this board, white, black, or whatever, is not one hundred percent moral themselves. Every single person here has done something they are not proud of. Every single person has done something morally offensive. If you are saying it is not you, then you are lying to self. I can totally say that I have called other ethnicities by stereotypical racial slurs, and lived to regret it and do consider it quite a bit in my everyday waking life. Yes, I have screwed up. Yes, I have been a bigot at times. I try not to be. It is human nature to try to place yourself on a pedestal higher than most. I have been weak. I have been victimized by others’ perceptions. Healing comes in knowing where you have gone wrong, and allowing others to live their lives without your input. I had to learn not to try to “change” other people-because they are going to do whatever it is they want, regardless of what their family says, what their friends say, and what their community says. I have seen it happen. I have done it. You? You, the reader? Have you? Or are you trying to make the claim that you are a perfect person? You know you’re not. Nor is anyone else. That’s why I cannot understand anyone who is gung-ho over the racial divide and issue; there are enoiugh people around the world who do not simply buy in to rhetoric that is placed in front of them. There are enought people who will live their lives in the face of hardship. To the poster who said that his friend supposedly randomly beat up some black people he encountered: why? Why did he care? Did he think that they would care, later, once it was no longer a current event, the event itself? Trust me- I would not think of it even after it happened, afer the lawsuit that I would file and the millions that I would get. Really, what is wrong with that person who lost their cool and lost their head over another person’s skin color? To the poster who claimed “blacks” were “ruining their life:” why? Why are you allowing it to get the best of you? Why aren’t you caring about self? Why aren’t you trying to accomplish good for self, and not for other people? Why are you allowing other people to get in your way in the first place? Why are you letting people advance over you anyway? Is it because you don’t have the skills to get to where you want to be? What about the “blacks” or even the people with darker skin tones other than “caucasian” who are talented, who are ambitious, who have achieved? One post had black “achievements” in quotes. I wonder where this person has been in their life, to question what roles “Africans” have played in the development of the world. They built the USA on the basis of their hard, enslaved labor, brought on by whites who raped and pillaged the African people. Whites also moved the Indians away from their homelands. This is proof of some sort of Eurocentric “strength?” Honestly, I do not think people are thinking hard enough…

  13. This forum concludes the age old study to determine if human beings are similar to other animals that rely on their senses to make an impression about their environment, but have limited capacity to use reason. This study was done by various reknown researchers starting as far back as 1400. Visibility and the ability to determine colour and distance by use of the eyesight is a powerful stimulus. Lack of which drives a living animal to compensate for it with other viable senses like touch and smell. Those that have it may take it for granted and assume it is by right to have it. Others have this ability but are confused by its inference.

    I would advise anyone not to be angered by vile statements against blacks as spelled within the contexts of this forum as these only represent opinions from a few disheartened individuals in small pockets of the globe and not the whole mind set of humanity as had been the case during the slave eras, now behind us. However, we cannot dis-regard these opinios wholesome as waste of airtime, but take the opportunity to study their meanings between the lines to fully understand the world as it used to be when white first met black and the desire to extinguish one against the other began. But laws changed and the universal declaration of human rights was signed and ratified. So these voices of hate and passion only carry fears and anxieties of another time. this discussion will be continued.

  14. Hmmm.. when it’s titled “African” police,
    are they imports straight from Africa?
    Awwww that’s so sweet, a rarity at best. 😉
    Love the comments, keep ’em coming.

  15. I’m portugese, and I think there are some good looking russian women, but the majority are ugly!! That russian look!! Their eyes are too far apart, they look like sharks, and they’re too pale! I think when they mix with African blood, they turn out better looking, and its proven too that mixed blood turns out to have better brains, and mixing with own blood, (anything that comes close to embreeding) is the opposite. There is obviously a lot of racism in Russia, and that’s why their country hasn’t progressed like western countries, and from what I see if mostly the uneducated russians that are racist, not the educated ones,

  16. LOLZ

    I’m Russian and that is Fake
    Photoshop ,or just
    a uniform shot somewhere else

    one thing is for sure though
    its 100% Fake…

  17. This will add more salt in Elena’s wounds. I personally know 6 Africans serving in the Russian Army, 4 are Leutnants and 2 Captains! One Captain fought gallantly in the Goergia- Russian War in August’ 08. But interestingly among the dead were several bodies of black soldiers and we get reports they weren’t USA marines helping Georgians but were Russian Black soldiers.

    Wish Elena Good Luck but shs will die a bitter woman.



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