Photos from a Gipsy Village [15 photos]

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In almost every Russian city you can find a lot of Gypsy. Even the whole Gypsy villages can be met often. Like this one on the photos from Tanya Kotova, is situated just a few km from St. Petersburg.

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  1. That’s how typical gypsу house looks like

    Gypsies have to be sterilized. They are all criminals and drug dealers!

  2. oh boy. . . here we go. . . everybody’s going to be posting about the “dirty thieving gypsies” and how they should be driven out or eradicated. Looks like we haven’t come very far in the last 100 years.

    My sister moves around a lot, changing jobs, moving to a new state, she described herself (jokingly) as a “gypsy” to one of our relatives visiting the US from Russia. The relative said “NO you are NOT a dirty filthy GYPSY, don’t EVER say that!”

    So my question is: are the gypsies/rom/tzigani poor because they choose to be, or because they are forced to be poor by the people they live amongst, who don’t trust them? And is that lack of trust because of actual thieving, or suspected thieving, or simply the old stereotype? And if you are poor and cannot advance because of the mistrust of all your neighbors, how exactly do you become wealthy except by thieving and/or trickery?

    I suspect it is a vicious cycle on both sides– the non-gypsies (“gadje”) mistrust the gypsies and so avoid them or arrest them, the gypsies mistrust the gadje for the way they have always been treated, and so refuse to learn the gadje’s writing, thus forcing the gypsies to rely on either music or cons to support themselves.

    I live in America, and have little or no (known) contact with gypsies, so this is all just conjecture. However, at least I can divorce myself from petty hatreds enough to try to look honestly at the situation.

    • and have little or no (known) contact with gypsies, so this is all just conjecture

      You a lucky, gypsies are the plague of Europe.

      You shouldn’t write your “conjectures” if you don’t know them.

      So my question is: are the gypsies/rom/tzigani poor because they choose to be, or because they are forced to be poor by the people they live amongst, who don’t trust them?

      What about Jews? People don’t trusted them even more.

        • I have a gypsy friend….and he is a very very honest man..
          He steals for his living too but that’s a way of survival for him. Now he has found with my help work in an cafe.

          I can only say….. treat people like you want to be treated…and all will come out just fine…..

          • Instead, opportunities could be given to allow them to feed and educate themselves

            Ha-ha! Where have you seen educated Gypsy? That’s impossible!

            Leave your dreamworld and return to reality! 93% of Gypsies are thiefs and drug dealers!

            And don’t you care about children who become drug addicts because of Gypsies?

            Gypsies are the cruelest killers! They kill people with drugs!

            They use children to sell drugs, because children before 14 can’t be condemned.

            • well all gypsies above 25 in former USSR are educated….
              That’s one of the good thing about USSR… school…so the parents don’t have to rob to pay school for their children…

            • Well I myself have gypsy blood within my veins and am very proud of it, and as far as not being educated, I have a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree…Guess there goes your theory on uneducated gypsies. I am so sorry you are a such a hateful person, and actually sound like Hitler…but remember,he did not like Jews either. So stop the hating, and start the healing. Gypsy for life

              • No. You’re racist because the very small % of gypsies that would integrate into society don’t stand a chance because you’re not giving them a job / killing them. and yes, I said You because you wouldn’t hire one or treat one if you were a doctor.

                (something I saw happen in Romania btw)

          • Let me guess! Since he started working in the cafe, things started to “disappear”?
            Dirty gypsys!

    • I have come to know several people from Romania, Russia, Croatia and Armenia who have moved here to South Dakota. (For you Russians, that is an American state in about het middle of hte country.) They all have quite strong and negative attitudes toward gypsies.

    • I live in America, and have little or no (known) contact with gypsies, so this is all just conjecture. However, at least I can divorce myself from petty hatreds enough to try to look honestly at the situation.

      I am also an outsider. Australian, but that’s beside the point. You are not “look[ing] honestly at the situation”. You’re not even “try[ing] to look honestly at the situation”. If you were, you would have entertained the fact that most (and I’m not exaggerating here) Europeans have had nothing but negative experiences with Gypsies and have therefore reached a conclusion that all Gypsies must be scoundrels. So, why are you blaming the Europeans and not the Gypsies? Are the Gypsies somehow faultless for their own robbery, violence, intimidation, kidnapping, etc? To use your words, it is “look[ing] like [you] haven’t come very far in the last 100 years.”

      This is something that annoys me somewhat, as someone who tries to be a friend of America and Americans in general***. Many Americans just don’t seem to understand that “white” people are not always wrong. That’s your burden to bear – you enslaved “black” people (whilst actually writing “all men are created equal” in your Constitution). That is perfect hypocrisy, isn’t it?

      The world is not full of equal cultures – if it were, we’d all be of the same religion, speak the same language, hold the same values, etc. But we don’t. And what’s worse is that you judge European people as being racist (or bigoted, or “xenophobic”, or “discriminatory”) whilst you hold the Gypsies to a different standard (as though their behaviour was the fault of nasty Europeans). European attitudes (for the most part) toward Gypsies have been formed entirely through personal experiences. So how can you possibly claim to not be a bigot?

      *** As a complete tangent: may the Lord bless be the eternal memory of the Americans who fought and died alongside our countrymen in WWII at the battle of the Coral Sea so that our country could remain free. Every foreign engagement of the 20th and 21st century which America has partaken in, my country has also fought. There is similar gratitude now expressed in Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, etc, etc. I’d rather have America as an ally rather than all of Western Europe combined (who wouldn’t?). So, please don’t take this the wrong way, I am not anti-American/pro-European.

      • RE: ViolenceDispenser
        It would seem that from your post, you are indeed condoning ,and possibly even a patron, of marginalizing people based on stereotypes. I guess that even being an AUSTRALIAN you are so far above stereotyping or inflicting atrocities on native people that the rest of the world should learn from your example. Oh wait, maybe we shouldn’t, what happened when settlers came to Australia? Take a look:

        I have just a few points to clear up:
        “that’s your burden to bear – you enslaved “black” people whilst actually writing “all men are created equal” in your Constitution). That is perfect hypocrisy, isn’t it?”

        First of all, slavery has been a part of the world since at least 1800 BCE and its still going strong today.
        The US was not the first to use or condone slavery, nor did we start out that way. Slaves were first brought to the first settlement in Jamestown as indentured servants and then many years later became only as slaves. Furthermore, it was not the original Constitution that contains “all men are created equal”, that is in the preamble to the Declaration of Independence , Herr der Dussel. Please spruce up on your history mate. Firstly, the reason that the Declaration declared “all men equal” while discounting slaves and women. The reason? The people at the time, aka-the US and the rest of the world, did not consider slaves or women to be equal to men. This was not just a US point of view, as it was the current “zeitgeist” prevailing at that time.

        Secondly, while slavery is morally reprehensible and wrong, the US did outlaw slavery (about two hundred years after it started). A number of countries and cultures continued to use slavery for long afterward the US did. Why don’t you go to S.E. Asia and look at the children sold as sex slaves? Why are you not defending them?

        Thirdly, in response to this gem:
        “And what’s worse is that you judge European people as being racist (or bigoted, or “xenophobic”, or “discriminatory”) whilst you hold the Gypsies to a different standard (as though their behaviour was the fault of nasty Europeans). European attitudes (for the most part) toward Gypsies have been formed entirely through personal experiences. So how can you possibly claim to not be a bigot?”
        That exact type of argument is how Hitler stirred up a hate frenzy against the Jews in the 1930’s. Using stereotypes and rhetoric to dehumanize a people, including the Gypsies and mentally disabled people. How could you not see this type of activity as bigoted? Basing your judgment of a person or people on nothing but hearsay and stereotypes is laughable, wrong and backward. If I used your thought process towards people, I would be telling all of my friends and family to watch out for the “greedy and wealthy Jew”, the “dumb and lazy black” or the “smelly and euro-trash Italians”. Time to start thinking….

    • Years and years ago, Romania tried to integrate the Gypsies.

      The Gypsies received free land to settle and live a honorable life.

      They sold it very quickly and returned to the life of their choice.

  3. I live in Petersburg and see them all the time. They roam the streets in packs (like wild dogs) and will surround the unwitting tourist like a swarm of flies. Before you know it, your wallet, or passport is gone. But not to worry, before long one of the kids will come up to you and say that they ‘found’ your passport.. and give it to in exchange for whatever they can get from you.

    What I want to know is: Where the hell are all the Gypsy men? All I ever see are women and kids.

    And damn, do they smell bad.

    If faced with a choice of a gang of gypsies on one side of the street and a group of Russian policemen on the other… go for the side that has the cops. They may still shake you down, but they will be a lot more civil about it, and leave you at least SOME of your money… or you may get very lucky and they will leave you alone.

    • I visited ST. Petersburg recently, and I ran into this problem. But I didn’t get anything stolen; because when it happened, I started indiscriminately punching them in the face and knocking them down. Since I was forcing them to work for my cash, they gave up and left.

      There is nothing a gypsy is afraid of more than having to work.

  4. My Muma use to tell me Gypsies steal children and sell them as sex slaves to Albanian people who are gypsies too, who then sell them to the Turk’s because they are all filthy Turks.

    • And caucasians do not do the work who no one else want to do! That’s a job of tadgics and uzbeks. Caucausians are the gangsters, the worst and the cruelest gangsters on the planet!

    • Asians (Chinese, Koreans, Japanese) and Europeans are the best nations on the Earth!

    • It is because the Russians on this site, or for that matter the entire internet, are extremely racist and intolerant of other people who are not white. Seeing as to how the Hitler didn’t even like the Russians. I do not understand why Russians are so racist when they were the inferior ones of all of Europe. Worse than the Jews or Gypsys.

      I figured reading mein kampf shouldve taught the Russians something. Oh, I forgot they re-editied the book to make all the whites of Europe seem like an equal so the Russians could forget about the 27million dead by Nazis hands. And more would have died had they won. Which would have been better for Europe and the world if Russians were dead.

      • i agree….go to any part of the world that isn’t influenced by USA and ask who won the war…..Eat europe middle east Asia South america…everywhere they will tel you USSR won!…..And USA prented they won….

    • Go, try to make your skin whiter! HA-HA-HA! Jackson has achieved success & mb u’ll be successful 2!

  5. The photo’s on the site are so great. Why is it that for the most part, only ignorant knuckle heads have anything to say here?

    • I find a lot of the comments on this site offensive…to a degree. I’ve certainly seen worse, but I still read because I think it’s important to know what the world is thinking. Other than just ourselves in our own backyards.

      Prejudice is everywhere and probably always will be.

  6. Finnish-Jewish-Nazi–etc is the most obvious “troll” i’ve seen in a long time. Nothing he or she says is very interesting or intelligent, rather he says things to make us angry. I would prefer we didnt reply to his nonsense, but that wont stop him from posting here.

  7. They like to live among the Slavs because it is the only place on the European continent where they are sure to be culturally superior to their neighbors. Everyone likes to have someone to look down upon, it is simply human nature.

  8. Isn’t this group-of-people-based-on-birth a little old? We are all individuals and should be threated as individuals. Sure, some of the gypsys may be thiefs and drugdealers but those kind of persons can be found in any group of people.

  9. Google translated article about gypsies

  10. read that. all began about gypsy and ends about “russians are racist narrow-minded hick trolls advocating violence”…

  11. It’s silly to see all these bad post about gypsies. It appears that most are educated on this board, just looking at the grammar. I am ashamed that people in Europe put such a bad mark on gypsies. They are not allowed to go to school, work, or even be alone in public. When a gypsy person is killed out there, and this happens numerous times a month, it goes unrecognized or unsolved. If you look at history, and I recommend that you do, at one point gypsies were the richest people because of their trade. It was one king who put out the word that they are thieves and know, 3-400 years later, people fell that (Gypsies) still are thieves.

    In America it is different because you have a chance. Anywhere else in the world, gypsies cannot get above ground. The reason why people treat gypsys this way is because they were brought up wrong and or have no ethical values. If I could not work, or go to school because of the people that surround me, than how can I eat, get educated or move on? The blame is all on the people. Here in America, black’s and Mexicans stood up for their rights to be something and now they have things. But gypsies do not have anyone to stand behind them.

    It is morally wrong, unethical and small minded for people to be treated this way. Especially since we have the means to make things right. The next time you need help, or are hungry, imagine all your resources that were given to you were taken away, how do you make it? Well, this is how and why gypsies are the way they are. YOU AND YOUR FAMILY MADE THEM THIS WAY. Dont penalize them for what you done! You can change this, but refuse too.

    Yes, I am gypsy, and a police officer in a large urban city. Its funny when I come into contact with a person from another country and they see my last name. They are afraid to ask. When I tell them that I am, they congratulate me. I simply tell them that I am where Im at because I was born in America and treated as an equal. In America, Europeans are not liked (They think they are).

    Here in the states, especially the Hungarian Gypsies are well educated and have money. NOTHING CAN STOP US! WE ARE ON THE RISE!

  12. I m Romanian and in Romania lives the biggest gipsy minority in Europe of about 2 milions,despite acording to Census they are only 600.000.
    Once we join EU ,the gipsies went in WEST and start to make crimes like pickpocketing,rapes,prostitutuin and even killings like the ones in Italy.
    Being Romanian white,i m terrible shocked by so many comments on media against Romania and ROMANIANS.We have nothing in common with those gipsies ,starting from Skin to Customs.
    I was reading a blog when a Polish guy told that dark skinned people you can find in Romania in Turkey.Let me remaind you that we are Europeans not gipsies and anyone who say this about my country and put in the same soup the Romanians and the Gipsies (or Roma) is making a terrible mistake and a offending comparisson.
    We are tired to try to integrate those Gipsies in Romania.They bring to Romania a big shame and no matter what we try they are continuing to be thiefs and very cheeky as they show themselfs as victims of racism and poverty.But some live in Poverty because they dont work,they dont like to work.

    It is too bad because since i m called a gipsy,i becomed a racist!!!!!!

    This is Romania:

  13. I hate the gipsies,They had destroyed the image of many beautiful countries like Romania and Slovakia.They are thiefs and they dont want to work.We dont want them in Romania,because the West think we are all thiefs and we are dark skinned like the gipsies.But please visit Romanian ethnic people and make the difrence betwen a white person and a Indian one.

  14. what lovely pics, a wedding is always something to be celebrated, and this celebration looks incredibly nice !
    soo weird to see soo much hate being tossed over in pics of happyness and celebration.
    as a person interested in philosophy as well as history, one of my main essays is on how humans forgot this is a PLANET, and we are mere animals, yet we prefered to put little pieces of land as what we “belong” or what defines us.
    i think its sad, really, how a great nomadic culture, of art and crafts and exclusive thoughts based on freedom, was pushed to this limit, were they have to steal, to do regreatable things for the sake of existing the way they know how, following their own rules. unfortunately, the planet as we humans now divide (and somewhat diminish) in cities, and countries and whatevers is very hard, on nomads. its just hard enough to live a nomadic life without support, and now they have to deal with ignorance, agressivity, racism and mistrust being pushed against then. they had even to lose their nomadic ideal. but, they survived, even then, they have the honor of still calling thenselves romani, as the ones before then. and what a heritage to have, of the ones who survived in any place they traveled to, and traveled everywhere.

  15. hello guys,
    i`ve been reading all the comments because this disscusion is pretty interesting.

    i was wondering: how many of you guys, who stead up for gypsies live in a gypsy-populated-country or aren`t a gypsy?

    no one is blaming the gyspsies without reason. we did try to intagrate them, but they got back to their habbits quickely. for example, in romania they can be addmited in the best high-schools without an exam (so we tried to educate and integrate them), but they all fail in the first year.

    another thing i wanted to point is that you guys say that we cannot blame all of them because some of them are not thiefs, some of them are honest people. but for example we say that women are sensitive (that`s a general, often said thing about women, right?). it`s true that not all of them are sensitive, but MOST of them are. that`s why we say: gypsies are bad/thiefs/whatever. it`s true that not all of them, but most of them are 😉

    i had 2 very sad experiences with gypsies for example.
    one time i was sitting with my ex-boyfriend in front of a lake, in a peacefull, silent area and a group of 4 gypsies came to us, beatten him and stollen everything we had with us…like money, jewls even cigarettes.
    the second experience was when in one day afternoon i was going home with the bus and there was no one in the bus besides me and a group of gypsies. after 5 minutes a gypsy girl came to me and punch me in the head. and i wasn`t doing nothing to her, not even looking to her. i was reading a book without disturbing anyone. and i have to mention that i`m not a freak looking wierd person. i have a nice face &body and a normal look. not trashy, not punkish, not nerdish.

    did you ever questioned yourself…why can`t gypsies have a country of their own? Because they are parasits.

    i`ve never been attacked by romanians or other nationality ppl. i`m a very calm and nice person and i absolutly love people, therefore i study psychology, but i really really don`t like gypsies.

    • If you are planning on becoming a psyhcologist I don’t think you should call people parasits. What if one of your clients turns out to be a gipsy? And also – you should know what social processes like stereotyping and group biases does to people and their feelings of identity. Of course, those things you experienced was bad, but as you yourself is saying, not all of them are like that.

      People, please allow people to be individuals and rise from their heritage – changing takes generations. And stereotyping and namecalling does not help.

  16. Wow! This has been a very educational experience reading all these comments. Recently I’ve been reading about the Roma people on the internet and I’m fascinated and horrified at the same time. All my life I’ve heard 2 things about them. One, that they steal babies, and two, that they’re thieves. I’ve read so much about how they’re misunderstood, etc., but now, reading comments about them written by people who live in the countries where the Roma are, I don’t know what to think. I’m from America, where very little is actually known about the Roma. Until I began reading about them, I never even heard of the term “Roma.” I do feel so sorry for them; from what I’ve read and seen, their living conditions are terrible. I’m trying to understand their culture more. To my knowledge, I’ve never met a Roma person. I may have, but I understand a lot of them hide their ethnicity because they’re afraid of persecution or hatred. In America, it doesn’t matter what you are; if you get yourself a good education and don’t break any laws, you’ll have a very good chance at a happy life. People are considered innocent until proved guilty in a court of law. It’s behavior that counts, not ethnicity.

    Well, I guess that’s all. Just wanted to add my views.

  17. Who do gypsies,tinkers,etc. steal from when they are by themselves?

    What is their reputation among other marginalized groups?

    (I am not referring to the opinions formed when a dominant culture
    must pit one set of folks against another.)

    How do the Rom,blacks,those of Sicilian ancestry,the “Yellow Peril”,etc. live off drug sales and prostitution if people of other cultures are too clever and noble to patronize them?

    It is as easy to blame the world’s ills on white men as it is to single out anyone else.

    All groups have their fools and one evil-doer will stand out more than a dozen people who respect themselves enough to act decently.

    It will be interesting to see how the stereotypes of subgroups will change if Aryans or People of the Book stop being the majority powerbrokers,if it becomes impossible to be illiterate and function in the criminal class or if folks of all backgrounds take on a migratory lifestyle and work and educate their children online.

    We are reaching the point where so many places have a diverse and mobile population that it is becoming harder to single out one “us” and one “them”.

    It will become more difficult to have a sense of entitlement because one part of humanity may have abused another.

    We will all have our share of past grievances and we will share present-day disadvantages.

    Few will have the luxury of getting a free ride because of their “superior” blood or because they were denied a fair shot,

    Instead,their neighbor of another group will say:

    “My experiences have been the same as yours.

    We have the same burdens and opportunities.

    You have no right to privileges that I do not have.

    I live by what I have earned-not by what I have taken at another’s expense.”

    We are seeing this in the U.S. now.

    Recent immigrants who have chosen to apply themselves have challenged the American underclass to dump the idea of victimization
    and work to achieve a better life.

    Local minorities have objected to the assumption that being poor and unfamiliar with our language and customs entitles the newcomers to be rude,dishonest,lazy or unhygenic.

    These sentiments would have seemed bigoted coming from a privileged class with an historical reputation as oppressors.

    When one group is criticized by another that has faced the same struggles,it stops being about one group versus another and starts being about individuals being judged by their own abilities and actions.

    The stereotypes may fade when any truth they might have had erodes past the point that anyone can sustain them for any purpose.

    Even if a group keeps to itself,it can only retain ideas so long once they have stopped being valid and useful.

    When a group has no “other” to contend with,its members have to account for themselves as individuals.

    As we become aware that we are not as different from one another as
    we might hope,we may lose the luxury of hiding behind a single cultural identity and replace that attitude with recognition that we are all unique persons made of many different facets.

  18. A relative of mine had the misfortune of entering a gypsy village in southeastern europe. Before he knew what was going on, the gypsy children were swarming around his car, then they broke open the trunk and started to unload it’s contents. Another relative of mine, who lived in europe, related how the gov’t would make the gypsies to work, and they’d steal equipment from the jobsite and then try to sell it back to the other non-gypsies who were working there.

    So yes, watch your wallets.

  19. I totaly agree with you. Any reasonable or tolerant person who has to deal with gipsies wil hate them for good reason. In my native city Craiova, Romania the gipsies terrorise the native white romanians. People who say that we are racists have not meat the real gipsies.So my point is that the majority of the gipsies should clearly be erased.

  20. Very similar problem with aboriginals here in Australia. Government gave them free money, houses, farms which they undermined. The biggest local park have smell of toilet, fountain full of urine. Local public toilet they using as a bedroom and because not all can fit, there some of them who sleep in the grass near creek. There is small percent of abo ,which have proper jobs and decent lives , but majority do not use to live like civilize people, cause they used for 40 000 years to haunt for food snakes, grubs, roos ….to collect in the bush high in antioxidants berries, but since they have free money from government they misusing them, waisting on bad habits: sniffing the paint and super glue, drink metalized spirit. One abo who was the keeper on the property of my parents in law, created an accident : the truck , which he drove run over the small car. It was not his fault, but the driver of the car died. Aboriginal man claimed trough the court the money for moral damages, mean he should receive some insurance payment for suffering from seeing the dead man in the car. With one million , he won, he bought some properties but soon become bankrupt, so money didn`t give him blessing and prosperity. Other mature abo in our city took to the mountain 2 teenagers and handed them in the trees. That was such a shock for the whole town. There was one white serial killer too, he was recognized as mad man and died while he was sentenced for life.Those abos ,who live as communities in country sides, stick to their their cultures, do their arts and crafts and sell for good money.

  21. people always want to blame the underdog for ruining everything. but especially in cases of indigenous people’s like the aboriginal people of Australia- they had a way of life that was destroyed. their culture didn’t have time to slowly build up into modern functioning ones because theirs was undermined and ruined by dirty Europeans who run around messing everything up. throwing money at a group of people does not help them in anyway, you have to help them to build a foundation and social structure in order to solve problems. they need guidance and understanding, because the guidance they had before was murdered.

    as for gypsies… i don’t know their history, but they are another fringe group that has had a difficult time and they too need understanding and support with more than just money.

    a nation’s people are like children to their government. tossing money at them will not build good character, but listening to them and understanding their needs will help them to build a better future.


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