Russian Roads 16

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Roads are bad in Summer, roads are bad in Winter, but the worst roads are between seasons, when there is a lot of water due to rains or melting snow like on this spring photos. And usually no municipal authorities care about this. They know some time would pass and water would impregnate into the soil.

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18 thoughts on “Russian Roads 16”

    • its way of making money for the authorities….

      They don’t spent much money on the roads..
      The cars get broken…so they need repairs or some even buy a new one…

      So the authorities earn twice as much money…:)

        • for every car that’s bought the owner of the car company has to pay taxes…

          The goverment desides how much those taxes are…so far I know almost all industralised nations own most of their money this way…

          • If that’s how their economists think then they are doomed. Good roads help government, businesses, and people save money. This saved money can then be spent to buy something, which is either made in Russia or taxed. So, there is no benefit to the “authorities” if they have to rely on taxing major items like autos every once in a while. Plus good roads have always been a major Military asset. Hopefully Russia will be in the WTO soon, so alot of these taxes should dissapear.


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