Police Crash in Lithuania

These day there is a lot of stuff from Lithuania! Now our reader MTS submits this video of Police car crashing at a high speed. They probably thought that their flash-light guarantees them safety also.

13 thoughts on “Police Crash in Lithuania”

  1. “They probably thought that their flash-light guarantees them safety also.” No, it doesn’t guarantee safety. However 9/10 of the countries have such laws that the others have the responsibility to evade. After all every driver is mandated to be aware of their surroundings in any case. The fault was all the driver’s who hit the police vehicle in the video. That other driver also will pay (or his insurance might).

  2. OK If that happened in the US that intersection would of been closed for half the day, no exaduration. Flipping the car over like that?? NOOO higly doubt it. Theyd probably bring some crane to flip it over and then theyd take it to the mechanic to get chcked. The cops would be in the hospital for check up too for sure.

  3. Look at the guy walking towards the intersection. He doesn’t even flinch when the police car crashes, then he just walks across the street as if nothing has happened at all.


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