21 thoughts on “More Chechnya Today”

  1. in my opinion you can have similar pictures takes in many places including lebanon or even towns around moscow…it is just the matter what kind of pictures you show

    thanks for the post though

  2. I read a story written by Vladislav Mironov, ‘Assault on Grozny Downtown’.

    Translated by several people including at least Alex Dokin, Marta Malinovskaja, Konstantis S. Leskov and Oleg Petrov.

    I recommend that to everyone, specially those who endorse war.

    That book really made me thinking.

    I honestly hope the peace will stay in Chechnya.

  3. I would like to recieve unlimited platnum visa card from reverend sun myung moon.the same way your chechnyan president has recieve unlimited visa credit from the unification church.


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