History of Lenin’s Mausoleum

lenin\'s mausoleum 1

Probably all of us have heard of the Lenin’s Mausoleum, a structure placed in the middle of the Red Square right to the Kremlin.

There is a Lenin’s body inside, conserved and set for display.

But it was not the same through all the Soviet Era. First it was designed as on the picture above.

lenin\'s mausoleum 2

But Soviet State at that time didn’t have probably enough resources to build it from red granite and decided to build it from wood.

lenin\'s mausoleum 3

lenin\'s mausoleum 4

lenin\'s mausoleum 6

lenin\'s mausoleum 7

lenin\'s mausoleum 8

lenin\'s mausoleum 9

lenin\'s mausoleum 10

lenin\'s mausoleum 11

So at first it was made of wood.

lenin\'s mausoleum 12

But then a few years later they decided to rebuild it according to the original project and started bringing big granite blocks to the Red Square.

lenin\'s mausoleum 13

So it was now rebuilt with stone and looked more stylish now.

lenin\'s mausoleum 15

But it still had no platform. That famous platform at which all the Soviet leaders meet Soviet Army parades.

lenin\'s mausoleum 16

lenin\'s mausoleum 17

But then World War II began and they had to build a house around the mausoleum so that to hide it from Nazi bombers.

lenin\'s mausoleum 18

After the menace of German air force passed away, they built this platform for Soviet leaders.

lenin\'s mausoleum 19

lenin\'s mausoleum 20

And then in 1953 Stalin died. So they put Stalin inside the Mausoleum and it got inscription “STALIN” right below “LENIN”.

lenin\'s mausoleum 21

And this is how it looks nowadays.

24 thoughts on “History of Lenin’s Mausoleum”

      • There were 5 actually, although 2 were lost in WW2 during transportation, and 1 was sold to the North Korean for study and back-engineering (they were working on their version of the Great Leader Mummy at the time too).

        1 of the remaining 2 bodies should have been leased to the Vietnamese to study and prepare their Ho Chi Minh mummy, but China broke this deal by offering a higher price.

        So the last of the 5 bodies now lies in the mausoleum.

        • Yeah! Now it placed in the Kremlin wall behind the Mausoleum. There are many graves in the Kremlin wall. Bad place for graving I think…

          • No, Stalin is buried not in the wall, but in the graveyard which is between the wall and the Mausoleum. They stopped burying anybody in the wall at some point (Wikipedia has this information). In 2016 there was an event when Russian communists brought flowers to Stalin’s tomb in large numbers, and the photos are in the Internet, so you can clearly see his tomb and its surroundings.

  1. From what I remember from my reading about this, the wooden mausoleum was built in order that they would have something to house the body in for the ensuing mourning. The construction of a stone tomb would have taken signficantly longer than the construction in wood so it is only natural wood would be used in the interim.

  2. I have been to the tomb. It is a quick trip inside to see the body. Reddish beard and somewhat dried, waxy face. Nothing to dramatic to see. No cameras allowed of course.

  3. It’s an interesting piece of history, and I am glad it was not destroyed with the fall of the USSR. The man was a monster, to be sure, but history should never be destroyed so that we may never be allowed to forget the horrors Lenin brought to the Russian people.

  4. They built it from wood so that it could be built quickly.

    It should be mentioned, that Soviet Union and now Russia has been spending ridiculous amount of budget money on sustaining this pagan abomination. There was, and most likely still is, a whole “Research institute” solely dedicated to preserving this rotten corpse… However not very successfully. My grandmother remembered it exposed full-body, from shoes to the head. Then my mother saw it covered to the waist, so that you could only see the hands and the head. When I saw it in 1970s, the hands must have rotten away, so only the head was exposed. But they will probably keep it even if they have to replace it with a plastic copy, just so that they can waste people’s money on further “preserving” it.
    They spent tens of years studying his brain, trying to prove that it was somehow superior to that of an ordinary man. Then they had to admit that his brain was no different than that of any other criminal, and never published the results out of embarrassment.


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