Missile Train in St. Petersburg

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All know that missiles can be launched from underground shafts, from mobile trucks that carry missiles or from submarines. But in Russia missiles can be also launched from.. trains!

These are photos of such a missile loaded train standing in St. Petersburg.

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    • “Golden Eye”. You beat me to it.

      Now lets see the real life example of the Russian girl in the mini-skirt from that movie.

      • Actually the concept clearly serves tactical purposes partly same as nuke submarines – to be constantly on move in combat situation thus being able to launch before getting hit by enemy air forces/cruise missiles. Same as MX system in U.S. where missiles were carried around in circle railway with dia abt. 30 km from one covered shelter to another so that it was never known (in perfect world, at least) for SU intel and spy satellites where missile is exactly located at given time.

  1. dreadful weapon… All the Russian railroad branch lines do have special dead-end sidings, that are dedicated for launching from these trains…

    Imagine: it can’t be spotted from satellite because it is not distinguishable from another trains. It can launch the nuke from each part of the giant country (so it covers the whole world). It is called Scalpel according to NATO classification for it’s incredible accuracy.

    There were 3 trains of this kind. Now only one remains unfortunately.

  2. These trains were commisioned out of order by one of the USSR-USA treaties. That’s why you can see it standing at the railroad museum now.

  3. What is wrong with all you russians ?
    Yeee ,lets nuke something , yeee lets beat someone…
    normal ways of dealing with others arent usual ja thinkable to you ?

  4. I have a query – why was the Bond film missle train in Goldeneye – driven by a steam engine. Are their any recorded examples of the Soviet Union using steam engines for their missle trains ??

  5. Nice! I actually saw a video of these on YouTube and you’re right, Kylex. When the launcher car is closed, it looks like a normal express train. And Johnny, in the James Bond movie Goldeneye, the missile train engine was actually a modified British Railways Class 20, which was a light diesel engine with its cab at the back. By the way, does anyone think that engine looked like Lenin’s nose?

  6. Mobile Minuteman program[10]

    Mobile Minuteman

    While the silo-based Minuteman was in development, the United States Air Force released details about a rail-based counterpart. On October 12, 1959, details on the system, called the “Mobile Minuteman,” were released to the public. The system used the United States railroad network to help increase the system’s survivability during nuclear attack. A performance test, code named Operation Big Star, was conducted from June 20 to August 27, 1960 at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. The United States Air Force then activated the 4062nd Mobile Missile Wing on December 1, 1960. The wing was to have three missile train squadrons, each with ten trains and each train carrying three missiles (30 missiles per squadron). Lack of support by the Kennedy Administration killed the Mobile Minuteman Program; on December 1, 1961, the Department of Defense deleted the three mobile missile squadrons from its budget. The USAF officially deactivated the 4062nd Mobile Missile Wing on February 20, 1962.

    The idea for a rail-based missile system was kept alive through the LGM-118A Peacekeeper Rail Garrison and the Soviet Union’s SS-24 Scalpel rail-based ICBM.

  7. I hope you will sell a few trains to Serbia.
    In 1999 NATO hit 5 Serbian tanks in 78 days, and they can never hit anyting in Russia on that distance, they are useless. NATO has lots of muscles, but no brains.

  8. I have to state that your insights on all things news related is on target and very much appreciated. With all the unsightly hidden agendas in the media out there it’s hard to find up-and-up, solid reporting.

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