Hill of Crosses in Lithuania

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These are photos of unknown author from Hill of Crosses.

It has more than 50,000 crosses on it, and no it is not a cemetery.

The reasons for the crosses to be there is that there is a story that each one who would put his own cross on this mountain would become a lucky guy, so thousands come here and install their custom crosses.

They say this tradition appeared before the Christianity came to Lithuania and Russia and is of pagan origin.

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And a video clip about this place:

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  1. BTW, are you a SPEA (School of Public & Environmental Affairs) prof or a real environmental engineering prof? I think you are SPEA.

  2. Uh, maybe I’m missing something, but what does this have to do with Russia? Stop advertising your tiny, attention whoring countries, damnit.

  3. “These are photos of unknown author”

    You sure about that?

    What about billy-red livejournal — who got the images from flickr.


  4. Hello / Labas

    Thank you for promoting my video.
    The world need to know why some people and nations stand up to tyranny and prevail despite how long it takes.

    Raymond, Producer.

  5. Hi,

    Just wondering, what russia has to do with it?! I mean its catholic think hill of crosses, and russians even have different kind of cross. I mean if rusians occupated lithuania for a certain time (cant remember how many years) so it doesnt mean that everything what owns and has lithuania, it belongs to them as well. And we had that hill of crosses even before russians had anything to do with lithuania

  6. Russia has nothing to do with it, its catholic thing!!!! And they even wanted to destroy it. So if we were in sovietic union for 50 years, so it doesnt mean, that everything what belongs to us, what we created it belongs to them as well. From Wikipedia:
    Most recently, the site took on a special significance during the years 1944-1990, when Lithuania was occupied by the Soviet Union. Continuing to travel to the Hill and leave their tributes, Lithuanians used it to demonstrate their allegiance to their original identity, religion and heritage; it was a venue of peaceful resistance. Although the Soviets worked hard to remove new crosses, and bulldozed the site at least three times (including attempts in 1963 and 1973).[4] There were even rumors that the authorities planned to build a dam on the nearby Kulvė River, a tributary to Mūa, so that the hill would end up under water.[2]

  7. I think its offensive to say “lucky guy” because most people belive for miracles in really hard cases. And its part of religion

  8. This is so beautiful. I can’t believe it only takes 6 minutes to walk through, as the man in the video said. I think I would spend a very long time there, looking at everything closely….and leaving a cross, of course.

  9. This place wouldn’t exist if not the for Russian, and later Soviet occupation of Lithuania. Especially during the Soviet occupation, this was one of the symbols of resistance. Bulldozed three times, rose again immediatelly after.


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