Moskvitch Car Furniture

moskvich furniture 1

I don’t know is it a trend or just a single work but there is an old Moskvich-407 car turned into dining room furniture by itself covered with golden paint and silks and is being sold now. The start price was 10,000 EUR, that’s around $13,000.

moskvich furniture 2

moskvich furniture 3

moskvich furniture 4

moskvich furniture 5

20 thoughts on “Moskvitch Car Furniture”

  1. Another lame attempt by Russian engineers to improve the existing Lada design they licensed in the 70’s. Although it’s Moskvitch, not AvtoVAZ, it’s still similar.

    • I just hope you can drive it through your front door without any problems. 🙂

      This might make a cool restaurant concept. I think a convertible top might be prefered.

    • Yes, the vehicle may be fine, but transforming it into a kind of dicount dining set is completely out of place. I see no use of it, just for the pictures sake.

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