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    • This is Mi-10k, soviet heavy transport helicopter. “k” means “kran” – crane. This modification was made for lifting works/ http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9C%D0%B8-10 Unfoturnately, the article presents on russian only.

        And I live in Texas (DFW area – Originally from the SF Bay Area in California where stuff I could see from Moffett field fly in and out of)

      • For now…

        Construction of highest building in Europe will start in Moscow 12 June 2007. It will be “Russia” in “Moscow-City”. The Construciton will end in 2010-2011.
        The project by Norman Foster, author of “Cucumber” in London. Consruction cost is about USD 1,7 billion.

        It will be the safest building in the world because of it’s pyramidal shape. It’s about 125-130 floors and 612 meters high.

        See this for picture: http://ireal.lenta.ru/news/2007/02/07/rossija/picture.jpg

  1. Broken helicopter is not your typical Moscow view. It seems the blog admin does his best to find the most disgusting photos of Russia. I suggest trash cans next.

    • don’t take like that. it’s impressive.

      beside, I think you should upload “nice” things, if that truely are your intentions.

      • Dude, it’s the trace of exhaust fumes from engines, not rust. The chopper was used to put a spire atop this building, thus making it the highest residential building. The house itself is a rather poor attempt to duplicate the 1930s houses.

        BTW, tyis picture is damn too old. It’s at least 2005, I live near this place, and got quite used to this site already

      • longrun, what are you talking about? My reaction to this is totally NOT “look at that dirty broken thing”, it’s “That helicopter is ENORMOUS! I had no idea you could make helicopters that big. It’s AWESOME! A marvel of Russian engineering!”

    • It’s not a disgusting thing! This is an Mi-10 crane, and the stains are just fuel and oil stains. The stains wash off since the Mi-10 is made of titanium and alumninium. Helicopters don’t rust. The Mi-10 can lift about 15 tons, useful for constructing towers, bridges, etc.

    • yep its the triumph palace (or they are building actually a clone of it :P)
      here an actual photo from this winter when its already completed:

      nevertheless i dont get the object the blogger wanted to show
      was it the unbuilt building, winter in moscow (definetly here not 2007 and also nothing in matter here because nothing special about snow in moscow), the helicopter or the car

  2. This is NOT winter 2007, it’s winter 2003 and the original file source is

    What is Englishrussia.com all about? Collecting pictures and media from Russia and distributing with wrong information and no credits?

    It’s not the first time that something here is described completely wrong. That’s bad for the reputation of Russia and takes away any credibility from this site.

    You can’t just add any information that originates in your imagination to any kind of media you run accross the internet and then distribute it as it were the truth.

  3. It can’t be 2007 (the building has alread been constructed? I can see it from my window just now =)))). It may be 2005 or even 2004.
    I live not far from this place. It’s an abandoned airfield in Moscow (there are some old helis and planes). Now the city government builds much there.

    The place is also used as car test site (many magazines use it for test-drives). That’s why we see a good car in the picture (access to airfield is restricted).

  4. I’ve not read all the useless posts.
    This has nothing to do with rust. These are NORMAL oil leaks from the rotor going to the hull.
    Only who will waste money to clean the ‘copter with specialized sub-sero de-icing equipment.
    This chopper seems absolutely fine for me.

    English Russia, you are disappointing by posting such pics without any comment or any technical knowledge.
    Stay with cars and roads, and vintage pics.
    That’s where you’re good.

  5. Awesome helo. Even if the photo is older than the 2007 imprint of the caption, I would love to live there.

    I just have to learn the language.

  6. Speaking of Texans and Alaskans….

    A Texan and an Alaskan were driving together, and they stopped to go peesit off a bridge.

    The Texan, trying to impress his Alaskan friend, said “Wow! This river is cold!”

    The Alaskan responded “Yes! And deep too!”


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