Jesus Face in Rock

Jesus Face in Rock

According to Russian “Tvoi Den” newspaper there is a “an event that can be called a miracle” when a face looking like Jesus Christ appeared in the rock near the water spring.

They say this spring was considered by the locals to have some healing properties a and the temperature of the water had the same temperature all over the year. Now they think it to be holy.

Jesus Face in Rock

Photos by “Tvoi Den

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  1. I saw the face of Christ in a turd last week. I saved it in a plastic container in my refrigerator, if anyone wants to make an offer.

    • Also, many springs have water of the same temperature all around the year, because it comes from deep underground where the temperature fluctuations of the air don’t have that much of an effect. Few geologists would call that a miracle

  2. I’m pretty sure that’s actually George Washington. Jesus isn’t the only dead person who likes to mess with the living, you know.

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