Drinking From Early Age

drinking kids

Some might think that this is funny… but…

And if you want to see some more nice things on English Russia you can look at todays post about the Russian car being turned to salon furniture:

moskvich furniture

Or also added just today, there is a Jesus face image appeared on the rock at Healing Spring in Russia:

Drinking From Early Age

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      • From my previus comments you can work out that I do not hate Russia, in fact I was constantlly defendin russia in my arguments with Texas1…

        You need to get a sense of humor.

            • You are a fascist! I associate myself with jews! That’s my nation!

              Just look at Israel. There are african black jews, white aryan -looking jews, mongoloid asian jews. So, i’m a jew too, a finnish jew!

          • Isreal is just trying to make a place safe for jews, and I see nothing wrong with this, after thousands of years of persecution they deserve it… Also keep in mind that at LEAST half of the people in the USA DO NOT agree with our current foreign policy and corrupt politicians.

            • Sharon was probably the biggest problem, – however lets see what happens now with Iran….. L’CHAIM!!!!!!!

        • i respect jews…all jews have good jobs.
          They even make a 1world country in the middle east….al the others in the midlle east are either 2 or 3 world country’s.

          Of course they killed Jesus….but if people are so religious that they hate jews for killing Jesus, they should listen to Him and learn to forgive mistakes espacially 2000 years back.

  1. I don’t really see any specific connection with russia here….

    I’ve seen pictures like this with budweiser kids too, heck I’m not even sure that’s Russia

  2. To be a second or first world nation you must of taken sides in world war 2. If you didnt you were then dubbed a thrid world nation

  3. I think it’s Denmark. Tuborg is Danish, and MGD is the beer on the right. It’s American, but available in kiosks here.

  4. That Jesus face looks more like George Washington.


  5. Who CARES about a picture like this. Whoever the author of this site is is crazy judgemental. I have pictures of my son at 6 months old with an empty Corona bottle…. Let’s note the word *empty* here. I have pictures of him at like, 2, with a full (unopened) can of Guinness… Look at those pics up there. Notice how they’re empty. Look how the kids are taken care of, they’re wearing nice clothes, hats, dressed great for the weather. Basically they’re taken care of. Now tell me you actually THINK that their PARENTS just let them drink those bottles. Jesus Christ “some might find this funny but…” There’s no but. It’s funny. Stop finding random Russian stereotypes and going out and finding pictures to paste on your site that fulfill them in your mind. It’s ridiculous. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.

  6. Toddlers drinking reminds me of Whitetrash Texas Teens giving Toddlers Marijuana. WTF!! No adult supervision these days.

  7. Quite surprisingly, but the UN’ WHO thinks that there is more than ten times more alcohol heavy users among British men that among Russian ones. And the criteria used for both countries are the same – ‘do you drink 40+ grams of pure alcohol per day’?
    Page 27 from http://www.who.int/substance_abuse/publications/global_status_report_2004_overview.pdf

    Frankly, go follow the link, these statistics are really interesting. Both regarding myths about Russia and regarding Britain being the most drinking nation in Europe, judging by the UN numbers.

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