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    • I think it’s like that everywhere in the U.S. If you are in an Accident that is not someone else’s fault, then it’s your fault (which makes sense). Speed, careless driving, not obeying road signs, they could write it up as anything closely related, but generally they say “Unsafe speed for road conditions”.

  1. >In Indiana USA the police blame speed for any unexplained accident

    I’ve heard somewhere that Europe has a much higher speed limit, with rare accidents. The US has a lower limit, with a lot of accidents. Instead of allowing radar detectors and bad drivers (with cell phones and coffee), why not raise the speed limits a bit? Some US laws in my opinion seem pretty messed up.

    • it’s true, we don’t have many accidents on the autobahn.. of course, not many people can afford to drive a car these days. It really might have something to do with socioeconomic status of the drivers more than cultural influence.

  2. I drive truck in Russia, and very true that roads in bad bad condition. Something must be done! Just last week, Igor truck hit pothole in this very road, and make me spill bottle of premium Soviet Vodka. Sure only 2 or 3 sips left in gallon container, but it principle of matter that anger Igor. If roads good, Igor not spill Vodka when driving at double speed limit, and if Igor not spill Vodka, probably not lose control of severely overloaded nuclear waste transport truck and crash into full Elementary school, and if truck not crash into school and spill contents, children not grow third eye on back. It make Igor mad, and children too, because now they glow green. To fix roads would solve many problem, prevent many vodka spills.
    Na zdorovje!

    • Agree, “russia cannot afford another spill of the precious vodka, – we must have vodka friendlly roads” – (Boris Yeltzin).

  3. Well, with ice on the roads, and drivers trying to avoid potholes, naturaly there is going to be skids and accidents. In the last picture, that Daewoo Matiz driver better be careful, if a truck hits that, there will be no mercy! 😀

  4. Boris and D

    Yes, in Germany there are roads with higher or no speed limit.
    This will never work in United States. The diverse culture and population would not allow it.
    To drive at such dangerous speed you need more training than going to DMV taking a test and getting your license.

  5. Don’t Russian businesses understand they will make more money if roads are better and people can travel with greater ease? I would think they are motivated by logic to fix the roads or force the government to do it.

  6. When it comes to highways in Germany, it is true traffic flows quite easily (not always though ) but to me it seems once there is an accident, it is always a bunch of cars instead of one or two. This is the result of no speed limit. The german themselves acknowledge this too.

    Another thing is rain, or otherwise bad conditions; the german drivers seem not want to lower their speed acordingly.

    Finally, there is no obligation to use threaded winter tires.
    (or wheter they call those metal pins on tires)

    Thus, any winter day with icy conditions can prove disaster in a Germany highways. Been there, seen that.

  7. The average speed in autobahn (in sections of un-limited speed) was approximately 80 MPH. This is my guess, based on my own, short experience while driving from France to Finland through Germany. It was not uncommon to be overtaken by BMW or Mercedes with astonishing speed difference, even in cases I was driving more than 100 MPH.

    There are often 6 lanes, and the slow moving trafic (less than 65 MPH) should REALLY stay on the lanes to the right. Believe me. I never used the 6th lane, since it would have required a speed of more than 125 MPH, constantly. Otherwise you’ll be likely to get rammed from behind by someone driving more than 150 MPH). Saw a few close calls.

    Here’s an article about the autobahnes:


  8. What the hell is wrong with Russian drivers? Are they all drunk? Other than the condition of its surface, that road is dead straight and virtually free of ice and snow. There is no excuse for the fools that continually drive off the road.

  9. qeit a big highway russian have and intentionally big accidents occurs i think it should be avioded by using
    rules and power authority


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