Mordor Disco

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I have already mentioned the construction of this building in the center of Moscow city, the “Federation Tower”. It is planned to be the tallest building in Russia and in all Europe upon the completion.

And now they decided to attract more attention to it by installing a very strong rotating lightning equipment on the top of the building that is still in construction to attract sights of city dwellers and visitor at nights. Some people in Moscow call this “Mordor Disco” finding the similarities with “Lord of the Rings” Mordor castle.

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  1. Third world countries really get into the whole laser beam lights that are emitted from buildings. I’ve seen this in Cancun and countless other places.

    • WOW! You can see USA from Finland? Do you all have fins there? Are there really three worlds? I only know of one – we call it “Earth”. Thats where I live.

      I is mad at whut you said! I has an edukashun! And we has flags heer cuz we all like ’em not cuz we need to be reminded of how patriotical we is. We is already patriotical enuff.

      If you dont stop sayin bad things, I’m gonna tell President Bush to invade Finland and take away all your fins.

    • ….Says the member of a second world contry about a FIRST world country…for that matter, THE FIRST WORLD COUNTRY…


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