If It Was Built

soviet skyscraper 1

This building, the skyscraper with a giant Lenin statue on top was never built.

It was projected on the 3-d construction plans as you can see on the image above but was never started, and some say it’s a big pity it wasn’t.

So one guy decided to insert this Soviet skyscraper in the views of modern Moscow to see how it could look like if it was built.

soviet skyscraper 2

soviet skyscraper 3

soviet skyscraper 4

soviet skyscraper 5

soviet skyscraper 6

soviet skyscraper 7

Photos by Samsebeya

16 thoughts on “If It Was Built”

  1. Yes, it looms over everything else, and anything in its neighbourhood would spend at least half the day in a cold shadow. Very appropriate.

  2. It was never started? I’m American and I know this is not true. It was started upon the foundation of the Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer.

  3. “Palace of Soviets; Construction started in 1937, and was terminated by the German invasion in 1941. In 1941-1942, its steel frame was disassembled for use in fortifications and bridges. Construction never resumed again.If built, it would have become the world’s tallest structure.”

    • Nah, too pretty. And too small – it`s hard to sit on top and cast evil eye around. We need something cyclopic.

  4. lenin the ringloard statue would have probably been torn down. maybe the new superkitsch peter the great statue would have been placed on top of the palace instead of on the waterfront. or the christ redentor church would have been rebuilt to exact replica on top. who knows…


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