Russian Vice Speaker Thinks That Bush is a Cowboy

Meet Russian parliament vice-speaker calling George Bush “asshole” and Rice “slut”. We had this video before, now it is translated and submitted by Nick. Also at the end of this video he mentions this “gravity altering device” that can change the continent alignment as was shown on secret KGB document here.

181 thoughts on “Russian Vice Speaker Thinks That Bush is a Cowboy”

    • It’s true, barely anyone wanted the war, his generals said no, British generals said no. Sure, the Iraqi army did collapse, but the insurgance groups are being trouble now.

      Seriously, I wish we hadn’t gone into Iraq, not look at Iran, doing basically what it wants. I only hope now that China comes in as a 3rd player not supporting Iran and evens things out. China could play a huge role in the Middle East, I just hope if it does it does so responsibly.

      • Has China ever done anything responsibly? Anyone from Taiwan in the house? How about Hong Kong, Falun Gong, Green Peace, UNICEF, etc? Honestly, I would rather have a cowboy president than one who wants to be a dictator and take a country back into the communist days.

        As far as the gravity shift goes, you could have just asked for Africa. I don’t think anyone would have an objection.

          • You might want to rethink that.

            Dallas is the 5th richest city in the US.


            Dallas is the 9th largest city in the US.

            The economy of Texas is a dominant force in the economy of the United States. One of the largest growing economies in the nation, Texas is, as of 2006, home to six of the top 50 companies on the Fortune 500 list and 56 overall, more than any other state. Texas has an economy that is the second largest in the nation and the 10th largest in the world based on nominal GDP figures. As the largest exporter of goods in the United States, Texas currently grosses more than 100 billion dollars a year in trade with other nations.

            • Too bad one in three people are Mexican.


              Maybe they shouldve let it split off into it’s own country, we can call it Texico.

              How does the saying go… there are only two things in Texas…. steers and queers.

              P.S. I’m a huge cowboys fan. Wade Phillips will take us to the bowl.

            • Good old texas, we have a true patriot here. Tell me Texas1 do you have an american falg outside your window???

              How pathetic, you make me laugh!!!!

    • He`s not a prick, this Zhirik. In fact, he`s a smart guy, and, being a good showman and actor, he is smart enough to maintain his plushy-fuhrer image, this way getting his stable part of electorate, mostly marginal and uneducated, but devoted.

  1. ey….we were the first that made a helicopter…the first that made a mobille artilerry system(katuscha)….we were the first that brought a man into space….we will be the first that use gravity as a weapon.

        • US copied from the UK. actually UK were the dumbest in that regard, they used air as coolant for a graphite reactor. you can imagine it ignited and burned for very very long.


    • “we were the first that made a helicopter”

      Er — no. Frenchman Paul Cornu made the first functional heli in 1907, Argentinian Raul Pescara was making routine hops in the early 1920s, as was the Spanish Juan de la Cierva, and the Dutchman Albert Gillis von Baumhauer had already developed the modern helicopter by 1927, at least 5 years before Boris Yuriev and Alexei Cheremukhin flew the first Russian heli.

      And if you’re speaking of Igor Sikorsky, he was Polish/Ukranian, and emigrated to the US before he built his first practical heli in 1939.

        • From a neutral perspective, the US government invented the “internet” during the Cold War (Some irony here) to have reliable TCP\IP connections.
          Other projects were started to change, improve this design, like CERN. If it wasn’t for CERN you probably would not have access to the internet, or at the very least be calling up the EnglishRussia BBS server over 14.4kb\s dial-up.

          • from a neutral perspective, you are a fool.

            I work in Silicon Valley, so i know a bit about the internet. CERN worked on a hypertext protocol which became HTML, but hypertext was nothing new. The first web browser came from Netscape, (Firefox traces it’s lineage there.) but the “internet” is much much more than all this. If you want to give credit, start with ATT (Transistor) TI (Integrated circuit) and Intel (microprocessor) None of this has anything to do with cold war. You would have to include U of Hawaii for first ethernet (Alohanet) and of course, the most prolific contributor, PARC which gave us too much to even list. None of this had anything to do with government or military or cold war. It was all that dirty free market capitalism at work.


  2. yeah congratiolations….i’m not talking about what nations have invited…i’m talking about that there’s a chance russia has the technology to get grip on the gravity.

    If your so proud on American inventions…be proud on inventing fast food and cigarettes…that kill millions of people each year.

    And yeah the internet is the golden child of america.
    But the russians are taking the most out of your invention.
    Like the guy that hacked in the fbi files…and gived information away about american missile shield to russian authorities.Now Russia has a missle (already built) that can get true American unfinished missile shield.

  3. Isn’t Zhirinovsky the crazy person who wants to go to war with the US to get Alaska back? I think someone should put him out of his misery.

  4. He’s right about everything but the gravity thing. Does anybody know when this video was made? Was he really in Baghdad?

    • I think he is on drugs. Honestly, I would really like to see him try to get Canada back. We would flatten him and kick him back to commie days.

      • This is no Sid Meyer`s videogame, dude. Speaking of technology, you can do things one way, and you can do same things another way. Will it work or not is only depends on wich way you choose.

      • Russia and USA and all other countrys in the world aren’t behind on technology with nobody…they just research other technolygies.So almost all country have some technology’s that others don’t have.You can’t say a nation is behind on technology.

        • Careful there Texas1– the AK-47 is still the most in demand automatic weapon in the world, essentially unchanged since WW2(“Great Patriotic War”). I read an interesting article recently comparing the M16 with the AK-47. Essentially the M16 was designed not to kill but to wound, as a wounded soldier costs the enemy more than a dead soldier. The US army traded accuracy for firepower also– the M16 is good for marksmanship, but the AK-47 can shoot through a stucco wall. The AK-47 is also easy to clean and maintain (note recent anger from Iraqi defense ministry at being forced to use M16s when they wanted AK-47s, US also wants to sell proprietary parts for the M16).

          Russia also make excellent vintage tubes, and analog parts for vintage electronics (the silver lining on relying on old technology i guess.)

          And despite recent popularity of “fancy” vodkas from France, US, and Sweden, most serious drinkers still prefer Russian vodka.

          • The AK47 is a scourge on humanity. It was designed for a socialist economy where one large factory could produce millions for little unit cost. This is not a machine to be proud of. The AK47 has killed more innocents than perhaps the great murderer Stalin himself.
            The distinction is not about accuracy or caliber, since that is easily modified on M16 design family, and has been. The distinction is about cheap reliable stamped out guns at 10$ per, but once you have enough for your armed forces, how do you keep the workers busy? sell them to the Africans and Asians and Arabs and anyone else. let them kill each other, and USSR had continued business in selling bullets.
            USA did the same, but Americans are not proud of their mines or guns. All Russians are proud of the AK. May Mr. Kalashnikov rot in a thousand hells.

      • I am just wondering Texas1, have you ever even been to russia? Or are you just getting you information from the very “objective” us media???

        Wake up man you are being Branwashed!!!!

  5. Well la di da, a boorish, racist and nationalist Russian politician! The internet is full of such interesting things!

  6. stop drinking so much vodka, thats a start comrads

    DARPA created the first computer to computer network at Stanford U. back in the 50’s, that network grew and grew into the internet.

    what is CERN did they do it in the 40’s?

  7. And by the way he was running for president 3 times already(since 1991?). never got many votes. So russian people are not that hopeless afterall 😉

  8. The better part of Bushs’ appeal (to me, anyway) is his ‘earthiness’. I am in no way bothered by grammatical hiccups or apparent oafishness. It is the mind behind the man I worry about. Thus far, Bush has given me many reasons to question his judgment and even more reasons to regret the votes I cast for him. However, there is always someone who could be worse… like John Kerry or John Edwards or Hillary Clinton, for example. Or even Zhirinovsky (who, I’m sure, would run as a democrat, given the chance). Just sayin’.

    • Most Americans, also, I’m sure.
      Usually people say it meaning someone who charges blindly forward without thinking through the consequences.

      • Well, Losha. You’d be wrong about that. The cowboy is a simple and direct man of principle – a romantic, laconic, even phlegmatic fellow. Symbolic of old values of rugged individualism, courage, strength and idealism.

        The cowboy is an uniquely American icon. Its funny to hear non-Amercans try to re-define the term. I wouldnt’ try to tell a Japanese the definition of ‘samurai’, or try to tell a Russian what ‘cossak’ or ‘Siberian’ means to them.

        I suggest watching the movie High Noon with Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly. “High Noon’ is about a single man, a lawman, ie a ‘cowboy’, who is about to retire with his new bride, when his town is threatened by bandits. He turns to the the other townsfolk for help, who instead hide and refuse to confront the criminals. The hero, Will Kane, confronts the criminal gang by himself. He is wounded in the battle, emerging triumphant over evil. Afterward the cowardly townsfolk come out, congratulating him and asking him to stay and protect them. Intead he walks away, scorning them.

        When non-Americans call President Bush a cowboy, I laugh. Yes, indeed he is a cowboy. A lone hero surrounded by cowards defending the community against evil.

        Thanks for the compliment.

  9. People say that we don’t support this war.
    Here is the problem, that many of us support the war!!!!

    Did you forget 9-11? They harbor terrorists and we will take the battle to their grounds.

    God Bless America and our war against terrorism! It is not an easy fight, but we have to do our best!

  10. There was a post here on englishrussia about the gravity changing device so who knows russia might have such a thing!!!

      • I didnt say it must be true if it was here on englishrussia but the document itself looked very original with a USSR stamp and Andropov’s signiture

        • Have you heard something called “Photoshop”?
          If not, download it from here:

          • That document is so obviously fake. No document from that era would have a map printed with such dark, crisp, vector graphics. Plus, the typewritten text is in two different sizes. It’s a composite of different text elements, a recent map, a seal and Andropov’s scanned signature.

      • Someone had to clean up the whole Islam problem. Those people are crazy and they worship a known child molestor. If Mohammed was alive today, the international community would have him imprisoned. I think it’s an embarassment that anyone would follow Mohammed.

        • unfortunately he is long dead but his evil work still lives in hearts of millions of agressive uneducated people.

        • by the way, there is such figure today – Iranian religious leader Khomeini. he approves bestiality and child molestation. this time i’m really for bombing Iran and you may guess why.

      • Im not complaining about wildlife fighting for survival, y` know.

        Im complaining about brainwashed warmongering trigger-happy teenage rednecks set on killing other people, just because of their blown out of proportions sense of patriotism.

        • Stop being such a baboon and educate yourself. Try to Read Oswald Spengler. Der Untergang des Abendlandes (End of Europe)

          • it does not surprise me that Texas1 worships at the throne of Spengler.

            I refute the notion that “advanced” societies are somehow better than “primitive” societies. “Advancement” will likely bring about the end of humankind, or at least civilization as we in the technology-dependent modern world know it. It will be the “primitive” cultures that still remain who are the metaphorical savings account for the human race. We will die in huge numbers in our crowded cities, the self-constructed life support system will generate it’s own demise, but the close-to-the-land dwellers of the rainforests or deserts will survive.

            • That may be the most likely scenario. People don’t realize how fragile the advanced economies really are. If we could get ourselves follow E.F. Schumacher there might be hope.

  11. why you think 9/11 happened because USA is such a peacefull country.The people that died at 9/11 are just a fraction of those that were killed by the USA in the past 20 years.

    • The people that died on 9-11 were killed by terrorists. It was one of the first major attacks on the US by terrorists. That is why we have to fight. I can tell you right now, I spoke to some of our troops, and they have found plans to attack other places in our country.

      You cannot be a coward in this business. People feel intimidated by terrorism. People live in denial. But we have to stand our ground and fight to make sure that 9-11 will no happen again.

      • erm. there are more effective ways to prevent another 9/11 then invading Iraq and destroying their society. surely you got control of their oil mines but thats totally another matter. pumping all that money into the CIA would be more effective alternative, wage special operations on enemy ground by special op forces, cutting terrorists money supplies which are coming from so called “charity” orgs registered as in US and as in Europe. if you really wanted to get rid of Saddam – then send and assassin, at least there is a chance there quickly would be another leader which might be more friendly.

  12. Zhirinovsky clearly pwns Al Gore combined with Bush two times:

    Two higher educations – “Orientalist-Turcologist” and a certificated lawyer.

    Fluent in English, French, German and Turkish. And Russian, of course.

    Is in “business” for 20 years, and leading a party.

  13. Russia doesn’t need to do trade, but how can she deprive the world?
    All Germany and American people lust for Russian cars.
    Finnish people love Russian made telephones.
    Italian people buy all the refrigerators and washing machines that Russian factories can build.
    Norwegian and Dutch and British oil companies are desparate for Russian extraction technologies.
    How could Japanese people survive without Russian television and audio equipment?
    Where would Chinese people get computers??

    Of course, it’s true that all third world prefers Russian weaponry.

    Isn’t this fun?

    Correct me if I am mistaken, but didn’t Ihor Sikorsky have to go to America to develop his ideas to fruition?

    Pride is a sin, babe. Or, at least, a weakness. Or, at least, a waste of time.

    • That’s exactly what i’m saying…Russian doens’t need to buy or sell goods to stay on its feet.We have all the resources and most of the food types…and we don’t need to sell goods for money…of course we would be poor just like the 90s i guess.

      I would like to see what would become of USA if they stopped selling and buying goods.

      Arguments should not be counted but weighted.

        • That’s treu but i think if nobody woanted to buy the product that USA make…Russia would be better of than USA completely without trade.

    • Texas1, Sikorsky is an aircraft/helicopter manufacturer up here in Stratford, CT. It is owned by UTC and was founded by a Ukranian, Igor Sikorsky


        From wikipedia: “Igor Sikorsky had a daughter born in Russia and four sons born in the United States. His eldest son, Sergei, remained active with the company following Igor’s death in 1972.”

        His daughter that stayed in Russia was my Great Grandmother (according to my father).

  14. America says no to the war.
    Enland says no to the war.
    World sasys no to te war.
    All Generals of western armies say no to the war
    Only The president Say yes.

    Deamzzz Who`s the badGuy than?

  15. That was very interesting. Would it be possible to get a commentary from this gentleman on a potential invasion of Iran by the United States?

    Sounds similar to what this guy is talking about, the missing tesla equations…….
    He even mentions that Russia was looking at tesla’s work.

  17. That has to be the funniest goddam thing I’ve ever seen, especially the Condi Rice bit.

    Please dig up more crazy Russians destroying equipment.

  18. He is also antisemit, though he is jewish himself 🙂 Therefore, he has his right to be any kind of discriminator, like Borat.

  19. Before I discovered the comments on English Russia today,I thought that the cold war is over…
    As long as the worldwide web remains the only battlefield between Americans and Russians it is still o.k. for me.But please don´t exagerate it,guys !

  20. So were the Albanian infiltrators who have been migarting to Serbia to escape the poor living conditions in Albania. Yet, USA, resognised their separatist independence in Kosovo – in blatant violation of UN regulations, right?

    Or say this to a Native American, chances are, he will ask you to go back to Europe!

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