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  1. it simply points out how the old town (not really sure if it’s actually an old town) can be spoiled by the industry.

  2. At first I associated this scenario as a Soviet practice of turning churches into concrete premises like slaughter houses, weapon storages, stables, indoor swimming-bathes, dancing halls…

    Of course there isn’t much sense in the image, but it may not be so far-fetched idea to see this as a kind of conception of the religion-oppressive past. Or my imagination is just running wild…

  3. Maybe what’s being inferred is that rich and powerful people like the “energy czars” use the church to control the masses.

  4. Oh leave the guy alone. He offers interesting photos and video from a country that not long ago was off-limits to the west.

    I actually like this site.

    • Because there is a fotography and art rule that nothing should “gvow” from the had of the man. So here this rule too.
      And people on link that i post whantet to show the beauty of church, and not the power plant or say “On this photo it can be clearly seen the nature of power sources in Russian churches.”
      This is original foto, i agree, there is power plant behind the church, but it is 700meters further.

      If you what you can go to my site, doomka.ru or post me qestion on icq 266-688-688

  5. This really shows the efficiency of the Soviet\Russian industry…So many people blame the US for pollution, yet they overlook Russia.

    >it simply points out how the old town (not really sure if it’s actually an old town) can be spoiled by the industry.
    There’s industry in Europe yet high technology and innovation has reduced the pollution, and some facilities have eliminated it altogether. It will take Russia another =>50 years to reduce the problem, and hopefully the next US president would be capable of thinking about the future and have a higher IQ.

  6. Sorry guys bad news – the Heating Stantion is near Holy Church but not in it – nearly 150-200m ))
    But in Al-Moskovia realy are 2 churches combined with factory –
    one in Zil Factory – it was a storage in soviet times, now its church again, workers of plant & buisness centers visit it
    second at Dmitrovskoe highway, near Savelovski Railway Hub – in soviet time office building was made arroun the Abbey, now its situated realy inside Buisness Center, and its popular among office workers.


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