Ferro-Chrome? No thanks…

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These are photos from Serov city which is located in Northern Ural region of Russia by Alexei Miakishev.

A big part of city population earns for their living by mining ferro-chrome from… Ferro-Chrome producing factory’s dump.

The dump containing the remains and leftovers from the factory’s production was left without any control so hundreds of city people visit it trying to find the some rare ferro-chrome remains to sell in future.

It has been reported that this illegal and dangerous for health business is being developed now by city people at a very large scale.

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        • I agree. I really like this site and I wish it well. It doesn’t matter where it’s hosted. Smart people always host where it’s cheapest and most hassle free wherever it may be.

        • I’ve always had the feeling that the person who writes this stuff is faking the bad English and trying to sound like a Russian. It’s part of what draws me in to this site. All of the unknowns.

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  1. I thought they were in snow at first, but it looks like sand or chemical waste. If that’s so, what dust are they breathing in? What a shame for them.

  2. they know that its dangerous for their life, but as is most cases in russian, they do not have other choice to earn for their life.

  3. American prisons do the same thing. They force inmates to do dangerous work for pennies per hour. Its basically slavery. With the number of people imprisoned in the U.S. this is a pretty substantial workforce. Also very profitable.

    • No it isn’t
      Please do not make up stuff. Prison in US is very expensive. Some prisoners are forced to work (usually cleaning roads and taking care of prison) but it is often cheaper to let them sit in a cage all day.

    • In most cases, US prisoners have a choice to get outside of the prison and do labor or stay inside and rot. Most prefer to do the labor, be outside and make a little money.

    • I just love it when some Euro-trash watches a Michael Moore movie or some other garbage and accept it as 100% gospel. Next, they think they know everything.

      • I agree, but it isn’t just Europeans that are eager to believe the worst about the US. Many Americans (Especially Ex-Pats) are sorely misinformed. I worked in Northern CA for a while and every time something bad happened in the world I had co-workers explaining to me how bad the US was. No patriotism, OK. But no critical thought either.


  4. Juvenile deliquents are not used in heavy labour work, only in light industry, such as textile and fabric production, or tailoring, and only within special colonies.

  5. Everthing is astate secret and PUTin has reintroded closed cities. Your days are numbered…It’s a good thin you don’t live in rusdsia otherwise I think you would be arreswted on some trumped up charfes for spying.

    • People aren’t even safe outside of Russia anymore.

      Expert on Soviet Intelligence Shot in Adelphi
      – Paul Joyal, 53, was shot Thursday, four days after he alleged in a television broadcast that the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin was involved in the fatal poisoning of a former KGB agent in London.


  6. No one trully likes Putin. However, if you stay out of politics, or on his political side you can have a very good and free life.

    Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little bit of freedom for money!!! Be smart people.

  7. Russians are bright intelligent people and they now have a fortune in oil revenues, how come they can’t invest some of that in better roads and get their country in order? Need to bring back gosplan.

  8. Do state sites that give inmate location let you know when the inmate may be released or if they have been transferred? Are transfers part of criminal records?

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