moscow clouds
8 Animated Moscow Pics

Animated Moscow Pics

Author Alex CR These animated pictures show two places of Moscow. One shows
beautiful clouds at night in one of Moscow areas near Borisov ponds.
19 Bus On Fire

Bus On Fire

This route bus got on fire right on the bus stop. Just a few minutes
and it all was burned down. Passengers were really shocked.
cars in latvia 1

107 Cars of Latvia

Cars of Latvia

"I am from Latvia. Some people say, in Latvia is the biggest percent of exclusive cars in northern Europe. I am a starting photodraph, and my biggest passion is taking some nice shots of cars. You can
look at my latvian car collection, and I hope you like it and it will be great if you publish this photos right here, because people think that Latvia is a very poor country."
night moscow 1

24 Moscow at Night 2

Moscow at Night 2

Some more photos of
Moscow city at night.
african police in russia
71 African Police in Moscow

African Police in Moscow

What seemed impossible just a few years ago no came to reality in Moscow.
Meet African-Russian police officers on guard of order in Moscow city.

17 Graffiti from Ukraine

Graffiti from Ukraine

Guys from Ukraine have their own view on the graffiti. They decided to illustrate
Ukrainian fairy-tales on the walls of the city. Look what it looks like.
gas explosion, russia 1

9 Gas Explosion in Siberia

Gas Explosion in Siberia

This happened 10 days ago, 19th of March, 2007 in Siberian city
Noviy Urengoy. The gas pipeline 5 feet in diameter exploded.
3 MacBook Granny

MacBook Granny

In the downtown of Moscow city you can meet a granny using MacBook and wireless Internet. She doesn't like
excessive attention and reacts not friendly for persistent young men who express interest in her activities.
google clothes
4 Google Clothes

Google Clothes

In Russia you can buy clothes from
Google Fashion Club. Whatever it means.
generous russians 1

27 Generous Rich Russians

Generous Rich Russians

Rich Russians can lavish and be generous. Look how the guy says thanks for a
girl for making him a father. The inscription reads: "Thanks for the Son!"

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