Russian Mafia Grave Tombs

russian mafia 1

This photos are from cemetery in Yekaterinburg city. This Russian city was known in 90s as “crime capital of Russia”, many Russian mafia leaders lived there, and many of them participated in gang wars, as a result many of them now rest in peace on this cemetery. They always liked tombs like those, the production of such tomb also costs thousands of dollars.

russian mafia 2

russian mafia 3

russian mafia 4

russian mafia 5

russian mafia 6

russian mafia 7

russian mafia 8

russian mafia 9

russian mafia 10

russian mafia 11

russian mafia 12

russian mafia 13

russian mafia 14

russian mafia 15

russian mafia 16

russian mafia 17

russian mafia 18

russian mafia 19

russian mafia 20

russian mafia 21

And some more weird stuff: Russian illegal dog fights.

And for all HDR lovers – more beautiful HDR shots from Moscow.

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186 thoughts on “Russian Mafia Grave Tombs”

    • Unfortunately this photos are real. That is real “bratki”, who have fallen in privatization gang wars. Luckiest and cleverest of them become legal businessmen, not so lucky become “political” immigrants like Berezovsky.

    • It’s pure real. Come to Ekaterinburg and see. I am the eyewitness 🙂
      There are (or have been, I am not sure if they still function) a number of heavy industry plants in Ekaterinburg. In early 1990s several gangs have been fighting to control them. These graves are the traces of their battles.

    • I have no doubt in my mind that these are real fotos. I was attending my Grandmother’s funeral last week @ Hollywood Forever in Los Angeles & just outside of the mausoleum in the Russian section of the cemetary there were SCORES of the creepiest tombstones my family & i had ever seen. It’s a very interesting phenomenon within Russian culture.

      • It’s not Russian culture. It’s the “culture” of “New Russians” (R.I.P., R.I.P., R.I.P.!), who have been partly killed, partly imprisoned by now and, unfortunately, some of them have become legalized.

  1. Black granite costs twice as much as normal granite, which is funny, because most of it is imported from India. I personally think it is tacky, but American rednecks and Russian mobsters seem to disagree.

    • What the hell are you rambling on about? Please go back to mothership Russia. I am an American and owe my patriotism to this country. We welcomed your family here and we welcome your ungrateful ass out!!! Why are you here? Go home!!! But don’t fill our message boards with your hate.

      • You know nothing of my people or the red man and I came across this country recently and Ive seen how indians live and the eskimos arent doing much better.The US government is also A criminal organization the white calar criminals.Its A Known fact Russians are the most intelligent people in history.There is now more freedom in russia than in the US which is all about rules regulations and laws and stipulations! Your a prime example of a hateful american that knows nothing of other cultures.

        • the most intelligent huh…

          Nobel laureates by country
          Pos Country Total
          1 United States 163
          2 United Kingdom 112
          3 Germany 96
          4 France 45
          5 Switzerland 25
          6 USSR and Russia 21
          7 Italy 19
          8 Canada 18, Sweden 18, Netherlands 18
          11 Hungary 16
          12 Denmark 14, Poland 14

          Most Nobel Prize by Countries. Last 15 years Only

          1. United States – 93
          2. United Kingdom – 9
          3. Germany – 8
          4. France – 4
          Japan – 4
          Switzerland – 4
          7. Canada – 2
          8. Denmark – 1
          Netherlands – 1
          Norway – 1
          Russia – 1
          Sweden – 1

          • you cant count the united states when talking about nobel prizes.Its a mixed country all of the inteligent people in the US are of european heritage.Know your facts before you speak.

            • Intellegent people in Russia??? I agree that there was a lot of in 18-19 centuries. In 20 century, I can think only about Sakhorov, Rostropovich… not a lot. But even this two was suppose to run to the West.

  2. Apparently cars are also buried there ? 🙂

    Interesting to see how these people see themselves [judging from how they want to be portrayed]: even when dead surrounding themselves with ‘prestigious’ accessories like cars [Mercedes keyring i.e.] and golden chains etc. etc. Prestige is everything – smart suit, leather jackets, expensive [imported] cars : you are what you own – if you don’t look ‘cool’ in the eyes of others, you’re a nobody and won’t be respected. The lowest level of civilization.
    In that sense, they are not differing from the average oligarch. Peasants with too much cash on their hands.

    • Reminds one of the pharohs of egypt getting burried with valuables etc. Makes me feel bad for their families as it appears many probably died violently in pursuit of money.

      • At least the Pharoh’s of Egypt were buried with belongings for religious reasons. Their belief was that those things would be needed in the afterlife.

      • This was not just in Egypt. In prehistoric times people all over the world have been buried with their belongings, or something that symbolises their earthly possessions.

        But yes, this is a different thing. Those are probably just meant to inform visitors at the graveyard how wealthy and influential these people were.

    • I think you are mistaken.
      Look at the pictures №3, №5, №8, №10 …
      Clothing there deliberately looks very cheap and non-prestigeous.

      • The early post-perestroika Russian businessmen and gangsters (and often there was no real distinction between these) have emerged from the lows of the society, and they did not have any real understanding of prestige, fashion, etc. An expensive car, thick golden chain and a tracksuit was a typical combination. There also was a strange fashion for crimson jackets among the “new russians”.

        • Let me see if I got you right, so what your saying is that being in the mob is your culture and tradition and that all russians make a living off of corruption? If this is so I must disagree, because not all russians are gangsters and it is NOT a russian tradition or culture! There are so many russians who are true hard working people. And I must say you are portraying russians in a wrong way, I know you are trying to defend russians, but your defending the wrong group of russians!

          You did not live, will live and are living that way because you have to, you make a choice of how you live your life. Being corrupt is a CHOICE, either you do the right thing or you dont!


          God bless!

        • your trying to seek revenge because your mother,sister,and daughters gave their asses willing to russians to be pimped.your sad because they didnt want you.accept our superiority and bow down coward.

        • man you need treatment)))))))))))))))))))))))))
          крыша может соскочить

          наверное после уничтожения 100 милионов жителей СССР –
          именно такое должно було остатся, в 4ми 5м поколении: уже только нерусь такая как эти на надгробьях и ты

          • if you have something to say to me please speak in english, unfortunately i dont speak the tongue of my people.

            • So you don’t speak the language and you weren’t born in Russia? Are your parents at least of russian blood? If not, I’m as japanese as you are russian, comrade, and I was born in Moscow. Quit the false pride and ignorance, you are embarassing.

            • My people come from the Ukraine which is even poorer than Russia but we are also extremely educated our men are strong and our women are beautiful. Its most unfortunately you have broken our countries chain of loyalty and decided to side with the U.S.A. so you need to go live there under a black president. Try to get an education or an attractive girl or a good paying job. See what they have to offer for culture. Then we will talk.

    • Being a russian doesn’t mean being a criminal. If you were a real criminal, you wouldn’t talk about it on this forum, only a fake would do that. And another thing, there’s no pride in being a criminal, it’s nothing to be proud of. You should be proud of being a decent person and that’s how most of the real russian people are.
      I have not lost faith in our people. I like the fact that you’re proud of our heritage, but it is not being criminals that you should be proud of, there’s much more to be proud of that has to do with your Motherland.
      My grandfather was a WW2 hero, a “partizan”, he was a very decent man, liked to do things right, was a very kind man, never hurt anyone, everyone who knew him had the most respect for him. Some of his old friends held the best positions in the government and they never forgot him and loved him for what a nice and simple person he was. He hated those small time criminals, hated anything that had to do with crime and didn’t even want to hear about it.
      But when the time came to protect his Motherland, the sacred land of his fathers from the invaders in WW2 he was just a teenager, but he choked the disgusting invaders with his bare hands. he fought out of the forest along with his little teenager buddies until he lied about his age and joined the army. He didn’t get out untill it was all over. He never liked to talk about it.
      He went to protect his family and his land with what he had. not for the money, not for the fame, not for the power. Only for the love of his family and his Motherland to come back and live the rest of his life as an honorable decent man that everyone loved. Now that’s a real gangster.

      I have no doubt that if you dig not too far into your own roots you will find even better examples of being a real russian in your family. That’s just one of the things to be proud of, better than an image of a small time criminal.

      Let me know what you think, zemlyak, I love the fact that you’re proud of your heritage and that you like to be a real russian, but believe me, you don’t have to be a criminal to be a good russian.

    • Vlad, people from Ukraine are not Russians. My people came from Ukraine and some still are in Ukraine. The Russian gangsters are not people of Ukraine. The mafias on the tombstones are Russian and not anyone’s ancestors. They died
      after they killed others. There is no glory in being gangster.
      There is no honor in dying like a gangster. Where is your pride as a Ukarainian that you honor so greatly the Russky mafia. You worry about dead Russians when Putin kills Georgians and looks to the Ukraine next.You better to alert your people about Putin.

      • You say your still in the Ukraine, where Kyiv or Kiev? or Lviv? You want total seperation from Mother Russia I know this. Dont feel sorry for the advances of russian troops in countries where there are muslim terrorists, i doubt they will ever march on the Ukraine. Independence is good for Ukraine I want this to! & i want it to stay that way. I do have a great sense of pride and respect for my people there in Ukraine. Your right there is a big difference between russians & us Ukrains. After further investigation i found that it was the russian government that took the Ukraines food supplies that caused over 11 million to die of our people, thats after we feed them and many other countries from our bread basket. It hurt me badly discover this. however i would rather live in the Ukraine or Russia than i would in the U.S.A. I dont hate all russians for what their government did i cant help to feel connected to them. Now i start to feel your pain with them.

      • You don’t know who you are, or even what you are. I am an American – a Cherokee Indian – born in the deep south. My maternal grandfather was a chief. I know who and what I am. YOU are simply a lost soul, pretending to be something he isn’t. You are full of rage over nothing. You need help.

      • True, but these are likely photographs that are scanned and then printed on or etched into the granite. Very easy and no drawing required.

        • It’s just because Russian crime tradition. Bandit, who doesn’t want to be forced to a labor, even in prison, keeps his hands in his pockets. Sometimes in Soviet criminal underground, most outlaw men dissected skin and created “pockets” in their thighs – to keep hands in pockets even in bathrooms and show everyone they never will do any work by hands.

    • I am part Polish/Russian. The symbol of the hands in pockets is universal. It demonstrates the appearence to show you come with or have respect, as if to say, “I mean no harm” or “I come in Peace” (For eg; when you have your hands in your pockets, you cannot fight).

  3. maffia litarally means ‘organised’.

    Russian maffia is globally the biggest and wealthiest maffia of them all.So it aint no peasants with much money.

        • 🙂 obviously you aren’t very russian if you don’t know what cool or not cool in russian, and obviously you ain’t very fluent either cuz you don’t even know the simplest word like klacchiuy. i’m rusiian but i’m fluent in english, and i know what cool means in english;)

      • Maffia means “my daughter” in Italian.The word was used as a man carried his murdered daughter thru his village screaming out maffia,maffia,my daughter,my daughter.The young girl had been murdered by a French soldier.This happened in Sicily and the people swore to take vengence on the French.This storie had been told to me by my great grandfather and I have heard it from other Italians.Since that time some people that are involved in organized crime use the word maffia.It is unfortunate that maffia has turned into an ugly word because of bad people.

      • Actually the word has Arabic origins and essentially means exaggerated sense of honour
        and pride. in the 19th century it meant someone who stood up for his honour and settles scores on his own without need for outside authority. In a sense it used to mean ‘cool’

  4. Those tombstones look cheap and tasteless. They do look like they were purchased by some low life family that thought they would be “cool”. They will probably be laughed at or destroyed in a few years when people realize that these are an eyesore.

      • The nazi’s destroyed jewish cemetaries for the same reason.
        I even find some standard tombstones grosser than any here.
        Still, it doesn’t excuse the desecration of a grave.
        Maybe if you wusn’t frum tex-arse you might have respect for the dead – no matter who they are.

        • A REAL Texan has more value than objects bought with money; what a true cowboy knows is a man’s value doesn’t go by what he owns in terms of material possessions, but instead by what he knows and how he treated, protected and helped others. If you take your Ruske arse out of your head, you too would understand that the true Texan cowboys have more values than your Russian crime mobs. Besides, half the cars pictured are American. I have yet to see ANY cowboy tombstones with Ladas on their tombstones.

          • You are not advancing your position. Nor is the previous lad. Without the name-calling, there is better possibility to be taken seriously.

          • volvo is owned by ford and mercedes was until just recently half of chrysler, so since the theme of this thread is petty corrections, I offer this post.

  5. um aren’t these typically called headstones or gravestones? Not one of these images has a tomb in it. And what’s up with the insane watermarking? As if anyone would want these…

  6. I personally don’t see why everyone has to be so offensive with their comments. People have different tastes. It’s how they wish to be honored when they are dead – have a little respect.

  7. Was that Volvo ever cool? At least now it looks like pos. Was that car this dudes main achievement in life? How sad.. Peasants with some money describes these guys well.

    • Heh. I own that same model of Volvo. It’s a decent car, pretty reliable and comfortable, but to say it’s a status symbol worthy of immortalization on a tombstone is a bit of a stretch. But then again, that other dude has a freaking Toyota Celica on his stone, and everyone knows that’s a car that was popular with high school girls in like 1991…

  8. personally don’t see why everyone has to be so offensive with their comments. People have different tastes. It’s how they wish to be honored when they are dead – have a little respect.”

    Finally someone with a little common sense. Thank you. Regardless of how one lived, they should be respected in death. And besides, how dishonorable is it to die by the sword?

  9. The only thing more over the top than the headstones themselves is the crazy excessive watermarking in the photos.

    I can appreciate the desire to make it harder for others to lift your shots but at this point it surely detracts from the appeal of the photos themselves.

  10. They look nice now, but I would never do this. First, I suspect in 20 years people will be making fun of them as much as we would today if they were wearing 70s Pimpwear or 80s Miami Vice style.

    Second, I would expect their victims’ families and rivals to re-decorate their portraits with blood or red paint dripping off their hands, or showing their death wounds, or spelling out the Russian equivalent of ‘teeny peni’ under their belt buckles or something equally ghastly. How much respect do you expect when you’re dead, if you only earned hatred and fear while living? As gestures go, midnight vandalism is fairly safe from getting caught. If you’ve lost your whole family you may not care so much about retaliation — you can go ahead and hire the portable sandblaster, really make a statement. In this country, how long before the one with two guys on it says ‘legalize gay marriage’ between them?

      • Well, ir Russia tombs are generally respected, so it’s unlikely people will add writings to them. At least, there weren’t any on the graveyards i’ve visited. After all, graveyard is a place where living start thinking about their own mortality.
        These two guys buried together are most probably relatives, like a father and a son, or brothers.

  11. Hi,
    I understand you want to protect your images, but the watermarks are terrible – I agree with the above person that it actually detracts from the photos to such a degree that you are doing yourself a disservice. You do not need that many.

  12. I love the water mark all over all of the images. Actually I don’t because it compleatly ruins the pictures. Which is why I’m not commenting on them, because I didn’t even get to enjoy them. Thanks.

  13. Ha Ha Ha Ha The mafia are a joke. Not just Russian. All the clowns that parade around as “mafia” . Always the goofiest guy anywhere. HA HA HA.Thanks for the silly post. rotflmao

  14. Yes, have some respect, for god’s sake. They are, after all, despicable, violent criminals whose taste was apparently all in their mouth.

  15. bstards robbed the ussr and now they get tombstones for it
    if it were up to me id gather around a few farmers smash the tombstones and rob them for all thats inside

    fn crooks dont deserve this while the peasants starve.

    • what your refering to is the jewish olig arches of which there are about 6.some are exiled and i also share the same opion of them.

  16. Those headstones lack any style and are garish at best. I think a better way to do it would be something like this:
    Much better.

  17. You can take a peasant out of the gulag but you can’t take the gulag out of a peasant.
    You can see these people have no culture, many people in Russia do have culture these don’t.

  18. These stones are 100% real, here in Holland many of my family members have been burried. I`m from the biggest gipsy family in Holland, we gipsy`s do exactly the same when important people from the family die.

  19. Comparing to locally, even grave there are so much larger. prolly the cause of having ample land?


  20. Неруси больше половины.

    More than half of them are non-russians. It’s very interesting, because they are only 20% of population in Russia.

  21. just wait til the gangsta rappers get ahold of this idea!!
    it’ll NEVER die once those harbingers of taste start doing it.
    coming soon after to your ohio, michigan, iowa etc. graveyards!

  22. I don’t see how their ‘look’ differs in any way from the look of your typical MTV r’n’b/hip-hop ‘stars’ – brands, tracksuits, inch-thick gold chains, crosses, big cars, excessiveness in every aspect…
    It has nothing to do with regional tastes and cultures – this is just bad taste..

    And, by the way, I’m from ex-Yu, and I see the Slavic-streak here: our gangsters and shady ‘businessmen’ have the same fashion sense, and very similar tombstones.
    I wonder who was the first who introduced that oversized black leather jackets in mafia-millieu..

  23. Hey everybody.

    Like it or not, whatever…

    Here you will find more picture … and most of all without watermarks

    have a nice day

  24. Cyku!!!
    Why does somebody put this on the net? People will think we are all like that, and we like to show everything we’ve got. For those I say “CYKU”.
    We are not all like that, come to Russia and find out for yourself!

  25. Guys. When you laugh behind that pictures, just dont forget that it is a real corpses under those grave tombs. Really, not so funny theme to discuss.

  26. Their life style have pushed this people to do wot they do.instead of getting payd 350 pound a month (thats good) in inglish money.Thy join the mafia witch for them is the best option they have lifestyles most people only dream of.The bad side of it is that they dont see past their 40s.

  27. Hahaha, wow, i was in Armenia last summer (armenia used to be part of the soviet union) and I saw lots of tombs similar to these in Armenia. Armenia is very russian-influenced and I hear a lot of stories about their mafias working together.

  28. If you want a non-simplistic point of view on Russian mob, watch the mini-series Brigada: great stuff that gives a subtle image of the phenomenon. plus great scenario. plus great actors. plus great music.

  29. I have a few questions.
    1. Who are these people? Are the mobsters or “the peasents” (since that is how most people are referring to the general population of Russia).
    2. If they are the mafia, are they portraying themselves as gods?
    3. Should the government demand these be taken down? Since its showing the wealth in crime.

    These men have left their images on tombstones to be remembered, im wondering how many people each has killed? Whose families they have distroyed? Each of these men have left a mark in the world, they are infamous. They found power without glory, and are trying not to forgotton.

  30. Whatever your beliefs or opinions – there is something hauntingly beautiful about these pictures. If ever I am in Russia I will be sure to look this up – may they RIP.

  31. These guys did what they wanted to do it was there choose they knew one day they gonna die.Wearing expensive leather jackets and suits is a tradition in russian mafia culture.Also all the gold and cars is shows that they reached what they have wanted money and higher power.

  32. At the end of the day these guys chose the easy ‘money’ way out, the organised crime route, but have paid the ultimate price and are now no more. So fair enough!!I mean we are all talking about them now which kind of gives them an eternal presence.
    I find the graves so interesting, and while they are tacky compared to traditional graves, they are cetainly more interesting. And as for the fashion sense being dated, is Russia not slightly behing in terms of fashion ect??, and thats not a dig by the way i totally respect Russia and its struggles

  33. Obviously impermanence is not something these people are mindful of. The idea that you can erase your brutal death and escape the consequences through such gratuitous and empty gestures is particularly tragic.Sadly as the years and decades pass by these people will look misguided and even quite foolish. Still it’s a piece of history and it may offer humanity an insight into mob behaviour. But only if Russian society is wise enough to learn from these lamentable lasered outlines.

  34. All that been true in 1990. So many of my friends died this period. And all this black granits it’s from Russia! You people would never understand!

  35. I agree with Gen…..
    your glorifying evil people that have NO RESPECT for other human life and kill,murder,extort,kidnap,prostitution ect…..
    If it happened to your family you’d be disgusted so get your heads out of the lilacs…they insult LIFE and hopefully will burn in anguise for a long long time.
    Next time your daughter is stolen, raped and sent to prostitution or your family shot for no reason please visit the mobster graveyard and say thankyou….Get a life people.
    Evil begets evil and these criminals deserve no respect, now or in eternity.

  36. And I like these gravestones! It so is wonderful to examine these mongrels and to realize, that all of them are already croaked! >:)

      • what your refering to is russian bratva:(brotherhood).the most intelligent organization complex for the FBI to figure out and to hard to fear what you dont understand.

  37. You would think that if these people could afford such costly tombstones they at least could afford clothes that fit.

    Do everyone in Russia, Ukraine wear such large over sized clothes?

    • They are given their clothes to them by the kindness of
      the Latvian Charities. The clothes were first owned and worn by Latvians and Latvians are bigger than Russians.. That is why the clothes look too big. Russian Mafia are not as rich
      so cannot afford a Lada and new clothes at same time.

  38. I’m embarrased for the Russian Mafia. They are the least toughest Mafia in the entire world. Each time I meet them…they end up wearing bandages…

    • Russian mafia is truly embarrassing to Russia and especially
      to Putin. The gangsters who are shown here should have gone to gangster school in Boston Massachussetts, USA and learn from the Irish Mafia there. Maybe even better if these poor dumb dead people went to America and learn to sell hamburgers for McDonalds.

  39. I dislike your last comment being the fact that I am a Dark Skined dominican american. Just because I made the previouse comment doesnt mean that I am a russian. It just means that I am an non-racist, non-ignorant, educated person. Who happens to have russian friends.

    God bless

    • your ignorant,uneducated,and like living dangerously by making comments about the russian bratva so watch what you say and who you say it to.You claim to be dominican but you have a russian name.Dominicans are well known drug want to critisize someone do it to your people.your no friend to russians.

  40. yes somebody think it isn’t true, bat if good man in life and people have respect to you. they make you good memory!!!!!!!!!

  41. yes somebody think it isn’t true, bat if good man in life and people have respect to you. they make you good memory!!!!!!!!! and just look how young they’re

  42. There is no honor in being a gangster.. Best if they all face and shoot each other and let their remains by fertilizer for the potato crop.

  43. vlad… have you sent photograph of you to the tombstone maker ??
    Maybe picture of you on your knees sucking a Frenchman’s cock?

  44. boris is a russian name how could you disrespect your own kind.but you speak like an american with big mouth and bad attitude but no balls to back it up.Russians dont go gay.we are the straightest,whitest,and hardest people in history.whats your nationality?

  45. I will be happy to meet with you and your friends. My connections are quite adequate and there is no need for me to lower myself to the criminal element. My 29 years spent in the Military have allowed me many connections.Far more than you would think. In Afghanistan I learned well the true Russian spirit.During my service to Mother Russia I was privileged to
    be associated with the finest youth our country has produced.
    These are the real Russians whether they come from Kiev or the Ukraine. They stand for mother country unlike gangsters who
    walk in the night and steal from honest Russians and each other. I don’t fear the Russian Mafia. The Russian Mafia hides from me. Russian gangsters have no pride in Russia. Many don’t trust each other. I am proud to be a Russian and I have great respect for the honest Russian. Are you an honest Russian? Or do you disguise yourself as one? Ask how many honest Russians have been hurt and stolen from by each of the gangsters painted on the tombstones. They did not pay their dues and I cannot respect them…. I CAN ONLY have pity for their mothers and fathers and for their victims. You and I can have a fine supper at the best restaurant and sit at the finest table and I will pay for all. Bring some friends if you like. I look forward to your opinion and you have my word that no one of importance will know who you are and what you do.

    • You already know who I am.And I know of you to.Allow me to quote you: whether they come from Kiev or the Ukraine.Kiev is in the Ukraine.You killed for a government which is a mafia, just like the Bratva but difference is they have the balls to make their own path in life.I also dont like bratva that steals from russians, or hurts them.You act like bratva has no patriotism or feelings or codes they live by.Your wrong.You were once a pawn on a great chess board and you have the nerve to critisize others and pass judgement.I think you fear russians return to the Ukraine as others do.Its all chess moves and you dont see it.You dont understand whats in our hearts.You must be what about 50+ now but still your eyes havent opened to the trueth of others lives around you.You can only see from yourself.Bratva has paid there dues and its not an easy passage.You make good points about whats right and wrong,but to you its all black and white. In the real world there are many grey areas.I only like to eat with friends and I pay for my own meal.

    • On second thought maybe i will take you up on your offer. Kiev it will be. Im also interested in your opions. Like i said you make good points so do I perhaps we could learn from each other. Maybe next spring time when the weather gets better. the finest restaurant? there are many clubs in Kiev that are very expensive mostly owned by the very people you love to hate. Bratva owned places. there very upscale. You sound like you still are in government?

  46. 90 years of genocidal regime :
    and here we go, only adepts of cargo cult and they are all thugs

    good that they are dead but the rest of what left in RF are about the same

    BUT! there are tens of millions of real decent Russians in diaspora

  47. I am impressed. I am disappointed when I saw so many young faces. But this is the life and everyone choose his way.

  48. Wow..Talk about super tacky and tasteless.Thats the height
    of it. It seems that a lot of Russians that get a little
    cash in their pockets, and then blow it on bling items.
    And not really good bling items, but the cheapest
    shiny things that look expensive they can find..Anything
    thats coated in gold, has some name brand they think is
    expensive all over it or looks fast, and of course would be
    tottaly over the top among people that are rich and don’t
    need to show off.There seems to be some sort of need
    to make an ostentatious display of any money they have.

  49. Oh man, some of these guys were so young and handsome. What a waste 🙁 Too bad though that there are no names and dates on the monuments. I would like to know who they were.

  50. Hilarious, so childish. It’s like a bunch of 13-year-olds got to design their own graves. Guess that’s about the level of these guys anyway…just uneducated butchers and thugs who fortunately get killed by each other. Eventually these gravestones will be knocked over and their mark on this earth will be gone, except for the lives they destroyed.

    Uncultured barbarians…but hey coming from Russia, what do you expect?

    Oh no, I forgot that I was “warned” not to talk about the filthy animals and their collections of shiny things badly! Oh no!

  51. Пацан который, MonsterRussian, парень извини, но ты смешон!
    Ты рассуждаешь как янки!
    На фото обычные бандиты – и их защищать глупо.
    Приезжай в Россию, если ты такой патриот,
    но наврятли ты здесь хоть немного продержишься..
    Наш народ – великий, но страну разворовывают
    такие вот бандиты, только в пиджаках!
    Те кто выжили в 90-е!

  52. Really really interesting and not for me to be at all critical. The headstones are actually rather artistic, like grainy black and white photos, and sort of tasteful, after all they could have been in colour! And please don’t bang on about how they actually are black and white photos, that is what they were originally, but now they have become transformed into something really quite unique. I’ve never seen tombstones like these.(It only took me a year and a half to stumble upon this site) I understand why the watermarks are there. Artists are always pinching ideas from each other all the time.If you look at this in the intended way as an art form it is really quite remarkable. I myself will be cremated, as the UK where I live does not have huge tracts of land to turn over to cemeteries. So perhaps it’s a bit like a small scale Viking funeral minus the longboat and the dead dog at my feet. Thanks for posting these photos, and all the best with your photography.


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