Crane Felt Down in St. Petersburg

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Today in St.Petersburg a construction crane crushed the near-standing building, making a big hole in the walls of the apartments, like the knife easily penetrates through the butter.

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Cranes fall down in Russia pretty often, the development companies often try to save on construction costs violating security requirements while building. This story was on English Russia about three cranes felt down during one week in different cities of Russia.

20 thoughts on “Crane Felt Down in St. Petersburg”

    • Haha, making fun of others English is always fun for everyone except the person trying to speak or write.

      How about if you just say that it is “fell” and not “felt” without making jokes? I think that would be more helpful.

      • It’d be helpful if the guy writing all the commentaries was actually Russian, but if you’ve read many of the posts you’ll see an amazing knowledge of English expressions and notice that the mistakes put in are the stereotypical ones you’d *think* a Russian would make. No Russian I’ve talked to, for example, would say “the crane crashed thru the building like then knife penetrates the butter”… no. Also if you check out the creepy Russian playground posts, you’ll notice a lack of familiarity with common Russian culture, for lack of a better word. (Not know Cheburashka and all that) So being as he’s a native English speaker, I’m sure he’s not gonna be offended when smone corrects the mistakes he “makes” in his captions.

        • What I mean by “it’d be helpful if the guy writing…” is not that the guy writing SHOULD BE RUSSIAN, but in response to your “It’d be helpful to just tell him it should be ‘fell’.” Just to clear up any confusion… Damn english :)))))

    • Exactly, American houses are designed to be energy effecient, comfortable, modern, and cheap enough to be torn down every 20-30 years to be replaced with even more energy effecient, comfortable and modern buildings.

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