20 thoughts on “New Russian Churches”

  1. Unfortunately (fortunately?) millenia from now ancient religious sites like Chichenitza and Giza and Stonehenge will still be around for the aliens to study, but modern glass mega-churches will have long crumbled into sand.

    (Wait! what is the point of having a huge empty steeple like that? especially in a cold climate like Mockba? you bring glory unto God by wasting fuel heating a big empty tower? seems like a waste of energy, but of course Russia has plenty of oil. . . for now, anyway. of course, maybe they don’t heat it, and the Russians just deal with the cold, like they so often do anyway.)

  2. if your really christian you should respect all cultures.

    But these churches look really ugly…..i don’t think they will ever be built….and the churches we have now will not be demolished.

  3. It’s nothing but CONCEPT ART by crazy architects! Russian Orthodox Church is very orthodox and churches will never be like on these pictures. And that decision will be right!

  4. So what mega church looks beautiful? Most look like giant warehouses. These are kind of cool since they combine Russian architecture with modern design.

  5. hmm, this reminds of me of another set of “futuristic” constructions on this site, stalin’s ideas.

    However, if this were to actually be created it may at least bring some orthodox tourists Russia’s way, and tourists are a good thing

  6. Its unreal, but its very buitiful! (если такое сделают я буду рад, придумано классно, тока шансов что ето воплотят в действие 1%)

  7. Бред полный. Все от глубоких познаний о России. Нехватает медведей на улице и СС-19

  8. Of course they’re pure rubbish, ugliness for its own sake. Why would Russia throw away its amazingly beautiful architectural and spiritual landmarks. But stranger things are happening. Big soul-destroying glassy, Germanic/American rectangles are being built in Moscow (very similar to the one being built in Mumbai, Shangai, Mexico City and Lagos). No one seems to like them, but developers always “persuade” other people.
    But the most barbaric act would be if the Gazprom building is built in St. Pete’s. No one will object if it is built 10 kilometres away from the centre. I appeal to all Russians to resist the vandalisation of one of Europe’s greatest heritage.

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