Moscow Dungeons

moscow subway 1

These are photos of different underground parts of Moscow by Russos. He makes official photos for Moscow Subway System so he often visits different underground places in Moscow that cannot be accessed by a regular person. He is fond of HDR post-processing of the photos so they look like a little bit overprocessed but still very cute.

moscow subway 2

moscow subway 3

moscow subway 4

moscow subway 5

moscow subway 6

moscow subway 7

moscow subway 8

moscow subway 9

moscow subway 10

moscow subway 11

moscow subway 12

moscow subway 13

moscow subway 14

moscow subway 15

moscow subway 16

moscow subway 17

moscow subway 18

moscow subway 19

moscow subway 20

moscow subway 21

moscow subway 22

moscow subway 23

moscow subway 24

moscow subway 25

moscow subway 26

moscow subway 27

moscow subway 28

moscow subway 29

moscow subway 30

moscow subway 31

moscow subway 32

moscow subway 33

moscow subway 34

moscow subway 35

moscow subway 36

moscow subway 37

moscow subway 38

And did you know that some Russian governmental offices copy design of their websites from Nazi German propaganda posters? See examples in our next post.

62 thoughts on “Moscow Dungeons”

    • I loved playing Half Life 2, becuase of it sence of reality of the surroundings, rough and rusty surfaces, real buildings set up in a mysterious communist design. I also want to play STALKER the shadown of chernobyl, i have heard it’s similar to half life 2, developed by a Ukrainian cmpany, it is set in Ukraine where the chernobyl power plant accident happened in 1986.

      • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is a great atmospheric game, one of my favorites, but I would recommend one even more familiar to these pictures, and made by the same company, THQ. Check out Metro 2033.

        • STALKER: SoC is made by GSC Game World, published by THQ.
          Metro 2033 is made by A4 Games, people who worked at GSC but left before the release of SoC, THQ also published this.

          The STALKER series is my all time favourite game series but Metro is really good too!

  1. Amazing pictures but I’d rather go exploring in those tunnels more than anything, I could probably find some really interesting stuff and places there.

  2. Beyond remarkable engineering and photos.
    You have to remember where the Russian economy was after the big patriotric war to understand the immensity and complexity of these projects.

  3. Nothing to do with HDR. Seems like lot of people mistake certain type of processing for high dynamic range images.

    If you really want to see what HDR is, just look up Vienna HDR project and think a little.

    Amazing photos nevertheless! Very nostalgic.

  4. I would much rather see the original photos rather than touched up photos…you didn’t need to do that. Just post the originals next time and don’t tinker with them.

  5. Growing up with surface transport, I was impressed with London and Paris until I got to Moscow. The beauty and artistic ambiance of the tubes areas blew me away. It was by far the most enjoyable sysem I have ever seen. I knew there must be another view, it having been made when times were not plentiful I am amazed. Thanks for another view.

  6. More than amazing
    Are there photos of other places and areas that most people are not allowed to visit that also would be interesting and amazing ?


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