20 thoughts on “Ukrainian Army Promotional Ad”

  1. Lame. I have to say – they don’t get nearly close to the commercials I’ve seen for the US army. Although I’d the Ukrainian Army props for trying.

  2. LOL US army doesnt advertise that you can pick up women they just show off their aircraft carriers and fighterjets. They have pretty intense commercials. Not cheesy at all, like these…

  3. They probably talk Ukrainian (it’s similar to Russian).

    Firstly, owner of luxery car talk about trip ‘whereever they want’.
    Girl: is there enough of benzin ?
    o: yes, of course.
    Next, soldiers appears.
    girl: are you going home ?
    soldier: we’r still home … in the evening in the club, after job.
    girl: what job ?
    soldier: normally, on contract.
    girs: what contract, marrige contract ?
    second girl: army contract.
    And girs run, probably to sing an army contract 🙂

    Owner of luxery car shout: ‘girls’. They answer … something not kindly.

  4. Wow it’s true ukrainian girls are hot..

    At least the army car didn’t crush the BMW. I was sure it would lol but I guess even the 3 series is too expensive to destroy in Ukraine lol

    • Okey?
      then why do we have Rolls Royce and Bentleys driving around in our cities…
      .. damn I didn’t know that bmw-3 was a better and more expensive car than those = /

  5. nice anti-spam word KGB
    Yes, the commercial is lame, but look at the girls, they are much better than I see here in US. See guys you’ve got the best democracy, we have got the best girls! HAHAHA
    You can go to Moscow to check, every 2 of 4 are real beauties.
    Mama, I’m coming home in 2.5 months! yay!

    • BMW guy at end says ” I want to show you my car” ……. Ukrainian cossak (an older FOX)
      going to KIEV in a month……WOW

  6. I understand about half, because I only spoke (Halichina) Ukrainian until age 3, as I was first grandchild born USA.
    The BMW owner at end is saying “Girls, want to see my BMW ” as he opens the door….but they are gone after the tank. What a hoot/funny !!
    This is a take-off spin on old Cossack ballads where the cossak rides into town & asks the young girl for a “drink of water (voda)” and she gives him… everything. Funny/ laughs!!
    I attended Harvard Uke Institute summer school long ago…so am an “older FOX”. I enjoy EVERYTHING Ukrainian……It is my heritage.

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