9 thoughts on “Russian IL-96 Plane Cockpit Shots”

  1. IL-96’s are great planes 🙂 it’s a shame that they don’t market russian airliners well. The new tupolevs are looking really nice too.

  2. I would say the buttons are equivalent. This plane is antiquated. No flying Boeing plane today has an engineer’s station. This task has been split between the computer and co-pilot.

    • To be fair, it could also be a union thing – supposedly even after they could technically eliminate the Navigator on the plane, the Soviets kept their Navs employed.

      Might also be a desire to keep some functions on board – when a plane goes from 3-man to 2-man operations some tasks are also handed back to the ground, and maybe the Russians just decided they’ll keep the engineer and designed the plane that way.

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