Combination Of Russian Army Bad Things

It seems that today is Russian army day… No, it’s tomorrow. Tomorrow, February 23rd – is officially celebrated all around Russia “Day of Russian Defender” or “Army Day” as it was called before. It is an official day-off for all governmental offices, banks, schools, universities etc. Many privately owned organizations also don’t work at this day. It’s a tradition to make presents to Russian men from Russian women at this day. What do they celebrate? They celebrate glory of Russian army. Does America has such a holiday, eh?

This video is also some kind of a present for this day from people collecting army videos.

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    • America’s specific holiday is memorial day. Army day is not a celebration of the army, but all the defenders that have ever served and died.

  1. Whatever, nobody celebrates the military except perhaps defense contractors and crooked politicians. We do have a day to remember those who died in war. It is not a celebration though.

    • Memorial Day is a federal holiday – celebration or not… No booze and fireworks but it’s a holiday. I’d have to disagree with nobody celebrates a military – so much propaganda going on these days it’s sad really. I do respect men in uniform and what they do for th most part but can’t help the visible increase in presence all over the media.

  2. First of all – how do you know. Unless you were a part of a military conflict you can’t objectively make this statement, can you?
    Secondly anyone who died fighting for their country deserves respect and remembrance.
    And thirdly I don’t know if you are aware of this but it is not good to speak badly of people who have pass on.

    • ‘Secondly anyone who died fighting for their country deserves respect and remembrance.’

      Unfortunately the majority of men in the army are fighting for themselves, just to save their asses and make it home alive. It might start very patriotic, but as soon as bullets start flying it’s just you or him. Race, country or religion isn’t the main thing anymore. Yes, I’m cynical too I guess. But this doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

  3. Well, here in Russian this holiday is a bit controversial. It is the day, when Red Army formed in 1918 so it is communist holiday. At the other hand 23 February 1944 Stalin started deportation of ingush and chechen people into the Kazakhstan for collaboration with Germany. And Russian nazis celebrate this holiday, besides their hatred toward communism.

    • A lot of holidays in Russia are carried over from the Soviet times but I wouldn’t call them Communist

      February 23, 1944 Chechen deportation has nothing to do with Red Army day – any day can be tied to that in this case. (Feb. 23, 1660 – Charles XI becomes King of Sweden – so what?)

      Russian nazis are celebrating this day because they are Russian, not because they are Nazis.

      I had no idea this holiday is controversial – please tell me what you are smoking…

  4. Apparently the country that you reside in made it possible for you not to serve in the military which is fine. However the armed forces of the same country made it available for you to express you views on the internet freely without having a fear of persecution and/or death. So in my humble opinion the least you can do is give some respect to the soldiers of your country of residence. But who am I to judge?

  5. sorry, the correct term is “stateless nation”

    there are many examples all over the world:

    in uk: scotland, wales
    in france: occitania, bretagne, corsica
    in russia: chechnya
    in spain: catalonia, basque country, galicia
    in italy: sardinia, friuli
    in belgium: flanders
    in morocco: sahara
    in the middle east: kurdistan
    in pakistan: kashmir
    in china: tibet
    in israel: palestine
    in canada: quebec
    and many more…

    besides the particular situation of each one, mostly they are currently regions of countries that were independent in the past, with an unique culture, language, history, … and because of different reasons they are not independent anymore but they still keep their own culture, making their poeple culturally richer, bilingual, … but in a very delicate balance.

    where are you from dimon?

    • “Were independent in the past”. How far back do you want to go? Some 8 centuries ago my ancestors along with ancestors of millions of people were living under the rule of the Mongols. Does that make my country stateless now?
      And some 20 centuries ago pretty much the same people were living under the rule of the Roman empire. And 25 centuries ago were conquered by Alexander the Great. And the Persian empire before him.
      Past is a vague notion that is conveniently used to bring back the old glory. Nowadays Russia is no different. USSR used to be one of the 2 superpowers in the world. Russia now – not so much.
      But regardless of all that, regardless of who was right and wrong in a given war or how far back in the “past” one wants to go, I believe that fallen soldiers and the ones who served in armies deserve respect. Go back to Homer’s Iliad and see how respectful of one another the ancient warriors were.

      • like talking to a wall…

        don’t worry, i’m used to it. people from old ex-empires is always the same. you think that when you conquer a country the whole history and culture of it just dissapear.

        i’m not talking about 8 centuries ago, i’m talking about the present time. only 30 years ago people speaking in my mother tongue was tortured and even killed only because we were not speaking in the empire’s official language. why?

        and this is only a bit of the story… forget about ancient time warriors fighting for honourable reasons. this is what they want you to think about so you will never question the real reasons (economic mainly) of current wars.

        good luck.

    • No need to condescend.

      Simply, a state can not exist without the necessary components, such as territory and population.
      The word ‘nation’ is used for so many concepts that it has no concrete meaning.

      As for me, I live in a ‘country’ with less than a generation of historical existance as a ‘state’ and whose population has only a vague sense of itself as a ‘nation’.

  6. I remember that who that of participants of a forum has told:
    Every country have a moments of shame. Remember that? No?
    So don’t forget it.

  7. Somebody in general knows as has appeared dedovshina in Russia?
    In 1968 service life in regular army have reduced from 3 years up to 2. Many soldiers which were served with 3 years it it was not pleasant also they have started to scoff above again come which have got on service for in 2 years. That’s it and has appeared dedovshina in the Soviet army. Only it was not so severely as now, earlier soldiers got off an easy fright instead of bruises

  8. I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to live or retire in Iceland. Those rich rich Russians are probably just hiding out.

      • I guess you fail to realize that we have 3 of the best universities in the world. Any guesses as to how many times larger the GDP of Texas is compared to your entire country? Dare to compare average life expectancies, infant mortality rates, incomes, quality of life, home ownership rates, access to medical facilities, quality of medical care, or any other meaningful measurement?

  9. This video must be shown to some schoolboys in Russia who doesn’t wanna learn. They must know, WHAT gonna happen’ to their asses if they not join the institute or university or somehting… finally, after the army a normal man (thank God, if temporarily) can became a wild animal…

    I found an article in Russian from a man who has been in Army.
    Look at it, if u r not afraid…

    Don’t think the army problem in Russia will be solved soon, ’cause some rich guys can pay thousands of dollars to avoid the army. And people in army (commandors, “voenkom”, ets.) making big money on it, so…

  10. No, in America we don’t care about the glory of the Russian Army, so we don’t celebrate it.

    Closest thing is maybe Independence day when we celebrate by shooting fireworks, mortars and guns. Or maybe memorial day for dead soldiers. Americans mostly don’t like military parades.

  11. I like how Americans do things by quantity! I’d say that Cam bridge and Oxford (Oxbridge) are the best universitys in the world!

    BTW I lol’d when america were so shocked at how quickly Georgia fell to Russian forces. What america doesn’t realise is that the Russian Army is moving towards quality over quantity and is building up a professional army and not simply relying on conscripts!

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