Secret Russian Plans

secret russian document

According to this top secret Russian document, which was unclassified recently Soviet military engineers were planning complete removal of North American continent.

Translation of the document:

“KGB, Soviet Union. Top Secret. Moscow. February 26, 1973

This is a scheme of a assumed changes in geographical structure of Earth continents which may happen as a result of correction of gravity field of the Earth by the A-241/BIS device


KGB General Chief

52 thoughts on “Secret Russian Plans”

    • Photochop… Paint leaves jpeg artifacts.
      Stamps look authentic, but the text is too clean and sharp… so IMHO its photoshopped.
      Its funny how they left Cuba “undamaged”

    • Umm have you ever tried any other programs out there that might be better suited to making an outline such as this? I would bet this was made in Adobe Illustrator. Or at least you could find something more comparable to photoshop than microsoft paint. C’mon.

  1. There should be at least identity in text 🙂
    But funny.

    Unfortunately, this site losing its prestige with this kind of material.

    • Obviously the creator of the content assumed that the majority of the population of the world would be able to Identify the major continents that we live on. Even though the map is still depicted in a very “western theme” with the “non-existent” North America on the left side and the “eastern continents” on the right.(but who is really to say where east and west begin) And even if your map switched the left from the right to emphasise your country you should still be able to Identify where you are from on someone elses maps even if they look different from our own. the same information is still there. It has just been moved around to fit it’s surroundings.

  2. Did I fall asleep and wake up on April 1? All the posts today are fakes. But I wouldn’t worry too much about “prestige”. Too many blogs are hoping for prestige when they should be working on entertainment. This one is always entertaining.

  3. Actually, I think this is real. There was a lot of weird things going on in the Cold War, like the CIA using Psychic Spies, etc. It does have the sense of a theoretical device; e.g. if we could theoretically control gravity, and alter the earth’s gravitational field, we could do this.

  4. Oh, my… Of course it’s a joke.
    There’s such a phenomenon In Russian Internet called “Photozhaba” (“Фотожаба”) similar to “photoshopping”. Someone proposes to others a picture or a photograph and then all participants using either Photoshop or other image editing software make a fake picture, visual joke.
    Thus the picture above is such a “photozhabbed” scan of a real document.

    I’ll try to find the link to exactly that “photozhaba”

  5. Well if you watch video of drunk Zhirinovsky in Iraq then if u know russian u can hear him telling about this sort of device and that US will go under water. It was in 2002 i think.

  6. FAKE!!!!! I was working with some secret documents while I was in Army, This one is extremly poorly comented dumm generals would never figure waht is it about.

  7. I bet it was a joke between Soviet military brass or politicians, something like Ronald Reagan’s infamous “I have signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever, we begin bombing in five minutes” speech.

  8. Here is photo of gravity machine taken by American spy.

  9. Romeo don’t balam all american people, most of them are just brainwashed and a little bit dumb!!! I mean – they would have to be to choose a president like “Bush”.

    However, rational minority still exists in the US, despite the state policy of dumbifing the nation!!

    Sounds similar to what this guy is talking about, the missing tesla equations…….
    He even mentions that Russia was looking at tesla’s work.

  11. Смейтесь смейтесь, на самом то деле никто вам не скажет что у нас есть )))

  12. An obvious Photoshop joke, and despite the obviousness, let me take a second to explain one of the main reasons why.

    Here are numerous authentic reports by Andropov:

    Here the purported image of Earth is on the very standard KGB form letter, not as an appended document. This is impossible. Did Andropov draw it himself? Of course not. Someone would draw it for him. On a _separate_ piece of paper. Which would then be appended to Andropov’s note. So a fake.

    Then there is the fact that there wouldn’t be a single sentence “explanation” in such a report. Oh, and here’s the original:


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