Having a Good Car is Not Enough in Russia

russian bmw m6

If you have a good car in Russia it is ok, but for sure not enough.

If the roads across you look like this you need to carry a good bunch of people to help you keep moving.

Watch the video to learn how many exactly people you need for a good ride on your BMW in Russia.

13 thoughts on “Having a Good Car is Not Enough in Russia”

  1. i bet they wouldn’t have such problems with soviet volga or pobeda 🙂 hey, what the heck, my old east german wartburg was never stuck like this 🙂

      • this is all funny but none of these roads are city roads. it’s all in the woods, distant rural areas and similar places. you should come to see my grandmothers when it’s raining … it’s quite similar to photo on 2nd link

  2. i’m not suprised….you can expect that russia has one of the worst roads…because it’s the biggest country in the world.Would take a LOT of money and a LOT of time to build nice roads everywhere.

    By the way:I had more that once problems just like in the movie, with my father and his Bmw 5th series.

  3. They should have bought a Lada Niva or something. Sure it’s unreliable, but designed for Russian roads with high clearance, etc. And it’s cheap! Whatever you do, don’t drive a sportscar into a Russian village; the low clearance will get the car stuck.

    • Another thing, carry an extra gas tank in the trunk (considering how far away gas stations are), and lock the fuel compartment to avoid anyone stealing fuel.

  4. I’ve been enjoying your comments for a few months now. Even though we are very different. Thank you very much. I worry about your health. Maybe try to decrease drinking. Peace.

  5. I had Lada Niva 1500 (or 1600) 5 speed at work years ago. It was noisy, slow, small, but very, very nice at rough terrain, easy to maintain with simple mechanics, and I really enjoyed having it in my posession.

    would have attached a pic here, but I guess I can’t.

    • In fact, I have. Samurai model was produced early -80-tees, and I did use model SJ410. I was bloody close to roll it over on a motorway while trying to avoid collision with something that looked like a dog.

      Samurai does not qualify as better as Niva, only different in certain aspects. Niva is better in rough terrain, while Samurai is more comfortable with better seats and such, but lacks stability on quick turns when driven on asphalt.

      Today I have Toyota RAV-4 3D-Wagon and I am very happy with it. OK, RAV-4 production started around 1994-95 so it was better design and quality in the given price range.

      Samurai was fun, but not necessarily better than Niva.


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