First Russian Pig in Space

First Russian Pig in Space

Before sending the first human Yuri Gagarin to space, Russian scientists made a lot of experiments with animals.

The most well known are two dogs who were sent in Russian rocket just before the first human made his flight.

This launch of the first space pig is less known to public, and in this Year of the Pig according to Oriental calendar, we can commemorate this brave pioneer of Russian space science.

And look how this hero is treaded with humanity – they gave him some wine before the launch in order to bring it in relaxed state.

First Russian Pig in Space

First Russian Pig in Space

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  1. Gagarin was not the first person in space.

    There were others before him, but they all died. So the Russians lied that the Gagarin is the first. He was the first, that returned alive and well.

    The story with the pig is fake. You can’t send a pig in a space with this funny looking cannon gun.

  2. There are no facts, because it is a secret, but there are rumoros. At least three test pilots died before Gagarin succsesfull mission…:

    And this is in Russia. I believe that there are many other mission without success in USA and Germany during WWII….

    • Looks Fake. As a matter of fact it seems that there was an succesfull space trip(higher then 90km above sea level or so) made by some Nazi Officer. I red somwhere that He vas a pilot of a missle, made to bomb US. It was piloted by a men as there was no technology allowing precise radio controll on such big ditance. So As this officer says the project was success, and he almost reached New York But mission was cancelled, he ejected and missle was wrawn in the Atlantic ochean

      • There were not such events and there were not any ‘space mission’ during WWII. German V-1 planes (with rockets engine) were tested by pilots, but there weren’t human pilot testings of V-2 rockets. V-2 was ballistic rocket and worked as ‘launch and forget’.
        There were German plans of New York bombing by ballistic V-2, with a pointing of the goal made by sabotage soldiers radio. Of course, it was only planes: no accurate range of V-2 flying; no tools to make it.

        ‘Pig in space’ from this topic it’s fake.
        I see the funny photos were made not ealier than 40 years ago. And it was to ‘late’ to test ‘launching in space’ by explosions devices.
        I think the funny photos were made few years ago.

  3. On second thought, this may be an experiment about how a living thing can withstand the “G-force” of sudden acceleration. In that sense, it would not be so far-fetched.

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    Happy caca.

  5. This footage is take from a russian film called: “First on the moon” or “Pervie na lune”. The film is a mockumentary (a fake documental film).
    The film is quite enjoyable.

    • Samur,you are very right.Soviets and Russians has so many “first” titles in space science and one can deny Soviets and Russians participation in space program.i have very long list of soviet achievements in space programme.US just try to follow Russian steps and i think US keep continue this trend in future! ! ! !.

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