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  1. “people would meet capitalism at its best”
    This “capitalism at its best” destroyed millions of humans lives and made the richest country so poor that it had to borrow money from the worst loan sharks on earth.

    • I agree. Capitalism is evil. Now in saying that, communism isn’t much better, but look at the state of the USA, capitalism has created greed, ignorance, among other things.

      • I see what you’re saying … the American people live in fear and poverty and their rotten capitalist system has added nothing to the world in terms of scientific discovery or living standards. They are a burden on the world in terms of resources and aid. Worst of all their corrupt capitalist system has leached off the technological development of their communist and socialist superiors.

        Look at how they invaded a country to spread this awful “free” system of theirs … Communism was NEVER involved in the invasion of other countries to spread their ideals!!!!

        Wait a minute…

        • “the American people live in fear and poverty and their rotten capitalist system has added nothing to the world in terms of scientific discovery or living standards” — I think what he meant was, that America’s method of implementing capitalism adversly effects the counties and people we leech of of as Americans. Blathering about communism is a moot point, it’s gone.

    • So the best ‘anty-capitalism’ is still in Cuba – everyone can try it. Cubans may thank God they have no winter.
      North Korea citizens are much less lucky – their variant of ‘anty-capitalism’ is related with winter and hunger and Lagers.

  2. It is good that those kind of pictures appear on the net, even if they are not wanted. Majority of people in the west tend to think that there was something like deathcamp or alcatraz prison for country right before “forces of good in shining armor liberated the suffering people of Russia”, they are so brainwashed by their own media that even a hint about life here in the past is treated as propaganda – look at Bert.

    And even what I am saying now will probably treated the same way – mainly because of same reasons.

    (It hurts a little, dont it? This is a good pain.)

    • ok, first of all you have it basically all wrong

      over here in the west, the majority actually tend to think the USSR was great for the people of the USSR, but we also tend to think that the USSR was to great for its own good…doomed for itself

      the things that we see as deathcamps are obviously the concentration camps from the WWII era (ex. Germany and even the US and the Japanese-Americans) i know from personal experience

      …back to topic…. i agree the USSR was great, i wish it were still communist, people were better off with it and much more happy it seems like, towns were in better condition, the economy was stable, people were much beter off financially, but i also think Russia needs more time, they say it takes 1 generation (25 years) for things to start coming back together, so as much as the people went with the communist movement, im sure they will be much much better off with capitalism in the near future……

      • I dont really understand, what do you mean people were better off with it? You wish it to be still communist? Dont forget that USSR was not only Russia but also plenty of countries occupied, that still wouldnt be free if communism still existed. Communism stoped any possible progress in people’s minds, they didnt have to think what they can do for themselves, their country, their family, their life. That kind of thinking wouldnt lead any nation to any good.
        Saddly, in post-sov countries some people from that generation still have that kind of thinking and that doesnt help a country to move on.

        • what i meant was…

          compared to this exact minute, communist russia was better for its people than right this moment, but also what i meant was that it will take at least 1 generation since the fall of the soviets to have all of the rebuilding, rethinking, and government ways to be back in order, hopefully making a step towards being more and more like the US is

    • Ouch. Well, I’m not ignorant when it comes to Russia. Read lots of literature (fact and fiction), visited Moscow and St. Petersburg. But yeah, to be honest, I still think of Soviet Russia mostly in abstract terms.

    • Man, your comment really hurt. I’m not as ignorant as you make me out to be. But it hurts because there’s truth in it: how can I, as a Dutch student, be fully familiar with Soviet-Russian life in its everyday reality? Am I not doomed to form abstractions from second-hand knowledge with all its bias? And isn’t this true for everyone who hasn’t had the luxury of first-hand experience? I mean, do Russians have a fair mental image of Holland?

      All I can say to defend myself is that I do my best. I read and follow this site, don’t I? What more can I do?

      • I am sorry that I may have offended you, but there are a lot of people that are just satisfied with their hate towards something they believe they know about. It`s not their fault, they are just taught this ignorant way of things, and they can`t change their mind. And it is nice to see that not everyone is like that.

        Speaking of Holland, I went there this summer. What I knew before I went there – same as my friends, not much. Of course I knew some basic info on it`s history and culture, but first theme that pops up when you speak about Holland here – usually it`s about drugs, Amsterdam, and flowers. So I don`t think all Russians have accurate idea about what is going on there. Ir really takes a visit to know stuff.

        But at least my friends listen with interest when im telling them about other country.

        So I think, what people can really DO about it, is just to CARE.

    • When I was child I read Gulag Archipelago. Have you read this? It is very good book. please dont talk about people in west being “brainwashed” unless you have true understanding of the evils of Soviet life. Maybe view of pictures can depend on perspective?

      I’m sure everyone was very happy. So happy that they would risk their lives to cross the wall to the west. Or maybe they just wanted to tell everyone how good life was for them in Russia?
      Oh no, I forget from other posts. poverty in Russia was fault of Western imperialism. Sorry.

  3. Watch out guy! That icycle is about to fall and crack your scull, as happened very often because of any lack of responsibility.


  4. I don’t see any propaganda here. Look pretty normal to me for 70s. In 80s there were many more cars and they were newer models. Also people wore slightly different clothes. Otherwise looks like typical Soview period life. I understand that pictures may look odd for some people like sort of artificially peaceful for a 10 million city. Pictures are somewhat polished, maybe taken early in the morning on a weekend, but yes – it was safe for me to walk back from school in while in the first grade (7 years old), heat up a lunch (both parents worked as in 99.9% of families), eat, get my sport bag, ride a bus for 20 minutes to the swimming pool, train for couple hours, then ride the bus back home. And it was absolutely safe to walk at night in the downtown.

  5. People in Russia looked so much happier and healthier back then. The streets were alive and glowing. Compare this with the Crack infested gang controlled wastelands that were the U.S. cities of the 80’s. Then fast forward to collapse of communism. The U.S. is enjoying being the lone superpower while the Russian people suffer in poverty. Where did we go wrong?

  6. Many things looked better, many problems seemed to not exist. But didnt they? When ur life is controled, when ur forced to live how someone lets u not how you would like to, when you read, speak, learn what they allow you, is it good? You hear only one truth and no ones allows you to deny it otherwise ull be punished… do you really think that its a good thing. It’s silly to say “who cares if you can’t speak your mind”. It’s not only about you not saying you don’t like something in public, it’s about you having no power to decide any single thing at all.

  7. Guys, those pictures are not from 80s, they all done somewhere in the 60’s, look at the buses, by mid 70’s almost all of them were history.

  8. I hope you guys realize that this does NOT display typical life in Russia (in other words, places EXCEPT Moscow or Leningrad). People there had plenty of products, while people in other cities literally starved due to the defecit. It was attractive if you owned a farm, since you would have a constant supply of good food.

    By the way, this pix of Soviet TV station apparatus looks like something from the 50’s (in a US point of view):

  9. so countries are poor because the evil capitalistic americans won’t trade with them? how does that work? your system only works if you can trade with the devil? grow some logic balls dear friends.

    • Keep in mind that the Soviet and Western worlds had completely different film emulsions, and may well have lagged behind in the development of new types, leading to a shift in our perception of the photo’s date taken.

  10. I think the Russian people look very healthy and must be content with their lifestyles. However, I wonder if any of them have ever really known freedom ? –Danny Greene

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