Helicopter Crash in Chernobyl

This is the video of a helicopter with crew of military pilots spreading anti-radiation solution across the blown-up reactor of Chernobyl nuclear plant.

This crew before was participating in Afghanistan war, so it was a team of military profesionals. Just before this final flight they asked a guy with a camera, a journalist from the local newspaper to make them a group photo, this photo you can see in the beginning of the video.

The story of this crash was censored and were not showed in Russian media till early 90s.

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  1. The photographer’s name is Igor Kostin, he published a thrilling album about his chernobyl experience, the photo of the MI’s heli crew is published there.

    AFAIR he was working for Novosti News Agency at the time of the Chernobyl Disaster


  2. I think of Russian heros who rushed into Chernobyl and gave their lives willingly and American heros who rushed into the falling buildings in NYC to do the same as being in heaven together.

  3. I saw a documenentary once about Chernobyl with explanations of this crash. They say that an extremely high radiation just breaked propeller blade.

  4. This made me cry.

    So many good men, thrown into an impossible, critical situation.

    And what or who created this situation? The arrogance of scientific and government stooges. It’s not just in Russia — it’s in America, too — and China, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, etc.

    Maybe its time that all of us citizens of the world – regardless of country of origin, DEMAND that our governments & scientists have accountability for what they do. Its time they paid with their careers and/or their lives.

    • Yes, It is better if we have no science. Then we can all die of polio or whatever. Then there would be no internet though and no Englishrussia. To sad.

  5. The heli did fall into the exploeded reactor, if they did survive the crash i don’t wanna think about how they died. R.I.P


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