23 thoughts on “More of Ukrainian Hummer”

  1. Whats the point of Ukrainians building this? Shouldn’t they be building things like schools and hospitals. Who in Ukraine will buy it? They can’t even afford the gas for that thing.

    • In Ukraine there are a few people who are very very very rich. They can’t buy and feed this “animal”, the other ones take the bus, the subway or the Zhiguli ;).

    • um, k. you know, it’s not really prehistoric. They have plenty of schools and hospitals. Besides, do americans need their hummers? no. do you know how much pollution those cause? how much gas they eat? exactly. but it’s still nice to have one. right?

    • No, apparently to keep the dirt off the rear window. They used to fashion these on VAZ-2108, on higher speeds air flows under the spoiler and down onto the rear window to keep it relatively clean. In my personal experience – not too helpful.

  2. this vehicle are VW transporter´s door (back) and I think that car is made several parts of BMW , VW , MB and Porshe . That my own opinion !

  3. Yes, the back doors come from a VW transporter (the high roof version). The profile from the front fender to the side doors – including the roofline – looks alot like they come directly from a citroen ZX (except for their outer skin and door handles). The rear lights look like they are aftermarket “altezzas” for a Peugeot 306. From a kit bashing point of view, they may have cut a Citroen ZX in half to get a pair of functionnal “sides” fro their body then they shaped fiber to fill the gaps. Some of the windows may come from a boat manufacturer. The question remains : what is under all this masquerade of vodka-driven design ? A tractor ?

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