12 thoughts on “Moscow 1890”

  1. sure was nice during the Tsar’s time. Now adays the people are ugly and rude. And the city is so damn polluted that it makes it difficult to breath.

  2. technically, these are not colour photos, but colourised photos: black and white photos that have been coloured in using watercolour paints by a skilled artists. Therefore, the colours are not necessarily the same as those of the real scene.

  3. I’ve been in some of those places today. It is old Moscow and most of pictured monuments are still in place. For example on second picture there is a monument for fallen soldier in war Turkish war of 1877-1877. It is in a very good condition, but surroundings look very different, there is subway just near monument.

  4. Indeed, these are hand colored [using Ecoline] BW photos. Beautiful scenery. Looks almost like St. petersburg :).

    If you see what this neanderthal mayor Luzkov is doing and has been doing to the city now, you can only cry. He doesn’t know the value of beautiful things, only what they are worth. Like the average Russian, by the way.

    Everything beautiful is in danger. If Luzkov can have it his way, the majority of the city would consist of glass and concrete boxes with ‘elite’ apartments.

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