16 thoughts on “Frozen Auto”

  1. That’s a Plymouth Breeze, probably imported used.

    Did someone do that to the car on purpose as a prank? I don’t understand how that could ever happen unless done deliberately or someone parked in an area with lake or ocean spray.

  2. That is either a chrysler seabreeze or Dodge Stratus. There is only a slight difference between the two, and only in the front of the car. I can’t see well enough to make out which it is.

  3. It is a Plymouth Breeze, which had an eggcrate grille and rippled taillights that are red only-no orange turn signals. Chrysler only sent the “Chrysler Stratus” overseas, which had a Dodge-type crosshair grille and the orange turn signals that the US Chrysler Cirrus had. Official exports would’ve also had a wide cutout in the bumper for the number plate, this car has a mounting to overcome not having the wide cutout. Official exports to Europe would’ve had the required turn signal lights on the front fenders (wings) of the car. For one reason or another, that car was imported unofficially, perhaps the family owned it in the US and liked it enough to bring it with them to Russia.

  4. Americans would say that it looks like a hoopty mobile. That means that it is driven by a big, fat black lady. The reason is because it doesn’t have any wheel covers.

  5. That’s why you need to buy Russian cars. Some models had\have backup manual hand starting cranks and fuel pumps. Sounds ridiculous, but works in the middle of Siberia without a battery. But the overall quality and reliability is still bad.

  6. It’s just a prank. The car and the surface of the road just under and beside the car all have major ice buildup (up to 2 inches thick it looks like)but none of the surrounding areas or buildings have any accumulations. They might have just done that with a hose or something. Its still pretty crazy but the pics of Palm trees and cars etc. on the beach all covered with tons of ice are really interesting.

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