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  1. That’s all because Americans. They have invented cars and millions of people die because of cars every year. As i said, that’s all because of americans.

  2. No driving culture and disregard for other people on the road – that’s the reason for such accidents.
    Here’s a link to a similar video on Indian roads:


    Note that without any traffic lights at all there were no accidentsover two minutes. Makes you wonder.

  3. one reason fot the accidents in Russia is that the roads are frozen….and they don’t throw salt on the roads(most time)

  4. Well, If you have to visit Russia I can give you some instructions how to cross the road walking alone without Russian friends. Choose the moment you consider to be the most safety and RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

    • What’s so interesting about it? Russians are fatalists and live one day at a time. And it is expressed in all areas, from not saving money, to disregarding safety standards, including seat belts.

      In Russia there are the same number of fatalities as in the USA. But don’t forget that they have half as much population, 5 times less own cars, and each car is driven 5 times less too.

      • I don’t think it’s that simple. Everybody was saving money during the 70’s just to find out that their savings will be worthless in the 90’s hence current attitude towrds spending. I just can’t figure out what’s wrong with seat belts. I was told that it’s bad luck, you will get stuck in a car, etc. This law is enforced and I often could observe myself that both a driver and a passenger would quickly through seatbelts across their shoulders when they see the police.

        • As a whole the people don’t think for themselves and have no sense of personal responsibility. Just a lingering reality after the communist regime.

    • Using seat belts is actually considered hazardous in Russia, because they restrain the inertia at accident impact. Wearing a seat belt will eject you from the car, which is considered better than being potentially stuck inside the car in Russian standards. That was what I heard people say there, though obviously it is more safer to wear a seatbelt.

        • exactly.
          i saw a video, i think it was a promotional video to wear seatbelts, they put camera in the back seat of a car, and had 3 dummies in all the seats, and only 1 had seat belt, both dummies in the back broke their necks even from a 20 km/h crash, and the dummy at the front catapulted out of the car with broken neck too. the dummy with seatbelt, not a scratch.

  5. We’ve similar problems here aswell with people running red lights (namely taxi drivers). It would go figure why Ireland has one of the highest road traffic deaths in the EU.

  6. Ah, brings back memories.

    The first time I motorcycled from St. Petersburg to Tbilisi, Georgia, they had just had the rose revolution there and all traffic police had been fired. Now, that was interesting traffic :-/

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