11 thoughts on “Abramovich in 80s”

  1. He is not the richest person any more 🙂 Oleg Deripaska has taken over his place lately.

  2. Thanks for the link to mosnews.com.

    This is an interesting article.

    London-based Russian Owner of Chelsea Fears Poisoning — Report

  3. His girlfriend looks like she has herpes. She is biting her lip and she has a big herpe on the side of her mouth. You would think that he would be more cautious about who he dates.

  4. amazing!

    what a beutifull girl! i am compltly inlove!! is there a clue who she is? or where is the picture taken? is it a music shop? is this a face on the grey shirt roman is wearing?

    was he rich when this was taken?


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