Lenin As He Is Today

Lenin As He Is Today

Many of our readers know that in the middle of Moscow, right on the Red Square, next to the Kremlin there is a Lenin’s tomb, called “mausoleum”.

There, inside, mummy of Lenin lies. Really, not only Egyptians made mummies but Soviet authorities decided to make a mummy of Lenin as a symbol of Soviet Era and October Revolution.

This Lenin’s tomb was a real shrine for all the Russian people who came all over the vast Russia to visit the Red Square and mausoleum. There were alway long lines on entrance, people had to wait a few hours as minimum in order to enter and take a fast glance of Lenin, or the piece of what 70 years ago was called Lenin.

Nowadays many people demand to remove the body or the mummy from the middle of the Red Square and bury it, but still there are many people brought up in communist style who are against this so powers afraid on making some sheer action on the tomb.

And because its all made of flesh and bones, at least it was made of it, it needs some cleaning and service a few times a year. Here we have some screenshots from Russian TV channel where the operation of regular service on Lenin’s mummy was shown.

Please be informed that some of the pics may be a little bit not a nice thing to look at.

Lenin As He Is Today

Lenin As He Is Today

Lenin As He Is Today

Lenin As He Is Today

Lenin As He Is Today

Lenin As He Is Today

Lenin As He Is Today

Lenin As He Is Today

Lenin As He Is Today

Lenin As He Is Today

Lenin As He Is Today

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    • I am not a 15 years old. I am 52 yo. I am a victim of a communist regimen, who have to left my country because my own ideas were again a dictatorial regimen implant there for the former URSS. I am not a common citizen of USA, I am an emigrant who coming to this country (USA)for freedom. I don’t know what old are you, I am not criticized you. You only need to learn more about the real history of the world.
      Probably you are a victim like myself, in your case worse because you are still defending something it’s indefensible.
      You are a brainwash victim of the communist. My intention is not at all offense you, again for me you are a victim.

      • Most “victims” of the communist regime were scumbags, traitors, whistlers and other riffraff. The country that you left for built its so called freedom on the bones of hundreds of millions, not just millions of people.

        • so the millions and millions of people that called for help from the russian czar Alexander 2 and belived in a power hungry man called V.I Linen who said land peace and bread, and ended up being a liar who took over the government as a dictator and secured the rule of Joseph Stalin who killed millions upon millions of innocent people in the purges where people were illegally charged for almost everything that was tortured out of them. Those innocent people were scumbags traitors and riffraff. No they were innocent people who were slaughtered for no reason. These people were not victems, and if you think communism is the best form of government, then you can kiss my democratic a*s

      • Mayor is right. I have no experience at all with communism, so you can call me dumb, but you can’t excuse the millions of deaths that lenin and his gang caused.

    • I think the big lesson to be heeded here is, beware any person promising any sort of Utopia here on earth – because that will inevitably result in a drastic upheaval of society, and oceans of innocent blood being spilled.
      Lenin is responsible for so much blood being spilt, Russian or otherwise, that it’s not even funny.
      Yes, the Czar was not that great to the Russian people – yes, there needed to be a new government – but not an opressive, dictatorial regime (a dictatorship of the Proletariat is still a dictatorship!).
      Lenin buttraped the Russian people, only to be followed by that major a$$#ucker of them all, Josef Stalin.
      You Russians deserved better than this!!

  1. The body shown during procedure is NOT Lenin`s body. It is a “test-dummy”, that was used during the research in 1920`s, to measure the compounds of solutions and to polish the “technology”. As I remember, it belonged to unknown homeless person, who died on one of Moscow`s railway stations in 1924.

    The tomb itself is designed to house a coffin at below-ground level, so it is technically a crypt. A lot of people are buried in crypts all over the world.

    And what I personally recommend to everybody – do not disturb the dead. Leave it where it is.

  2. I read that Mao’s embalmers in the 70’s did some extra restorations on Lenin’s body since it was in pretty bad shape back then. Like his ears were falling off and were replaced with wax models. Pretty gross.

    As far as I am concerned, bury the man and let him rest in peace. I guess if he would have known he was going to be put on display after his death he wouldn’t agree with that. Anyway.

    • It was part of communism’s ideology -they haven’t believed in God, Jesus Christ and so on… There was atheism. Lenin also was atheist. I think he wanted to be in such condition in our times, he was a real lider with faith in what he was doing. I don’t want to say that all what he has done – good for Russia. I mean that he was unusual person.

      And photos 4-10 – it isn’t Lenin, you can find a differences.

          • “Praise Gawd-uh! Praise Jaysus-uh! Kick a queer for Christ-uh! Send in your donations now-uh! Phone lines are open-uh! Operators are standing by-uh! If we don’t get enough to build a 30,000 seat church and buy me a Bentley, the Lawd will call me home-uh! Please pay no attention to the man in the airport bathroom stall blowing a twink and smoking crank-uh! Forgive me for I have sinned-uh!”

            Christianity is for con men, hicks and closet cases.

    • I find it hard to believe that the Red Chinese would provide such assistance to the Soviet Union after the split and became rivals, but strange things have happened so maybe they did.

      Also, I read that every four or five years the Vietnamese fly Ho Chi Mihn’s body to Moscow, quietly and without ceremony, where it is then given the same treatment.

  3. Lenin was a leftie scumbag who wanted to keep Russia as a backward country. Granted, Joe Stalin was considerably worse, but Lenin was no saint either.

  4. Saw the tomb back in the early 80’s. I still have red 3D Lenin pin looks just like him in tomb. Soviets said they were atheists but Lenin was their Jesus, Moses, Muhammed all rolled into one.


    Yes, any socialist, whether alive or dead, is never a nice thing to look at. Ugly people. Rotten on the inside and outside.

    Now, where are the pictures of his wang?


  6. russian burned pretty much everything related to communism in 1990-1991. They put down all those statues. Why did they keep lenin’s body ?

  7. Hi,What shall I say,a man in the fhoto looks like a man who distroyed the world.He is death now,so no coments about death people.God,let us have good hearted people,please.

  8. Hi,What shall I say,a man in the fhoto looks like a man who distroyed the world.He is death now,so no coments about death people.God,let us have good hearted people,please.

  9. Really.
    Vladimir is an icon of revolution
    Fools who does not know any thing except fate can criticize the real sun.
    His body gave a faith that ideas will never fall.

  10. For any who are interested, the book “The Mummy Congress” by Heather Pringle has a fascinating interview with some of Lenin’s last remaining Mausoleumists. I find it intensely creepy that the Mausoleumists were given the best medical training and equipment in the Soviet Union, to care for a dead man, while we living had to make do with semi-skilled butchers.

  11. wow. He doesn’t look as good without the warm lighting and such. Looks like his hair has lost all color and his body is not nearly as good condition as it would have seemed.

    I wonder if he needs to get serviced like that so often how long the body can last before it really starts to fall apart. Since that time there have been better techniques developed that wouldn’t require such servicing, like that used on Eva Parone.

  12. I think it’s time to bury or cremate what is left of this human being. At present it just represents a gross and morbid spectacle more in keeping with a Victorian freak show.

  13. Trully , what You Americans can say about Russia? You olways consider yourself asa a people who know everything. And I must say NO. You have no idea what comuunism were and what is going on in Russia novadays! Open your’s horisons. Thank you.

  14. Only for think different and speak about my different ideas I was tortured. I was put in a drawer as if I were an object for a week. They beat me on many occasions.
    I was put in a solitary cell with no toilet, water once a day for 5 minutes, without light or sun light, no soap or dental paste, using same clothing for 8 months for the crime of not sharing the ideas of the Big Brother. Eating “food” the animal don’t eat. One of the time they beat so hard in my lower back, was necessary one surgery. After the surgery I became paraplegic for the damage in my spine.
    All for the big crime of think different and speak about it.
    For love my country and freedom I am not a traitor, or other qualified you gave to me. I don’t think bad about you. I think you are product of the very thin scope of knowledge and opportunities to learn. If you learned from you were a baby, white is black, it’s normal for me the way do you think. Sorry I don’t know your native language, if is Russian. I would love to know if you read English, I will send you any kind of literature for you learn the true.
    By the way I told you my age. How old are you?

    Have a nice day, because I believe in God, I wish you God bless you and your family.

  15. Fascinating post…thanks for sharing. IMHO, it’s probably time to take him off permanent display. A pretty creepy thing to do to any human body, I think.

    Sadly, my IQ went down a point after reading the comments…

  16. Why do you said that about myself if you don’t have the remotely idea what kind of person you are talking about?
    I don’t receive any paid from any government. The problem for people like you don’t understand people can have own ideas. Because you are a parrot of dead regimen don’t mean I have to be like you.
    Read my other input in this blog and you will know more about myself and my opinions.

  17. You’d think the way they get him out of that goo, an arm would pull off, or his head would fall off! I wonder if they can plastinate him now? Maybe, the goo is already some kind of ploymer? Nothing like a country trying to be modern in today’s world while simultaneously carrying around their “mommy” (I mean mummy!)!

  18. Russia is like a place on the edge. She is not Communist or Democratic. Lennin’s corpse remains, but the government he established is gone…or is it? In USA it would be like having a mummy of George Washington on display in front of the White house! Freaky!

  19. There is something wrong with the symbolism of the embalmed body, they embalmed the dogs from space also on display. In a way it looks disrespectful when I am sure it was not meant to be originally. He led a revolution, a peoples revolution reportedly. The skill sets of the embalmers are of importance? No the respect of a person is important. Maybe he should be buried. My mother told me about stories, I have no intention of ever entering a grave to view a body. I won’t even go to museums anymore either,they made me look at an ancient mummified corpse. I remember my grandparents, it was like they were sleeping to a small child. They put makeup on them like dolls or something, they never wore makeup. They were cold to the touch…strange customs we learn such things, but is it right? Maybe I’m superstitious, but superstitions were usually for a reason…just like folktales…

  20. I thought I would mention I am reminded somehow of an old poem that I was taught in childhood from nursery rhyme books. Little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, little boys are made of frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.

    puppy dog tails….no I don’t like this and you made me look at those photographs also. It looks like a shell….

  21. So, this mummy of Lenny gave me an idean of a horror movie, imagine all world slowly turning to a lenin zombie, eating brains, all talking about comunism, sharing all graves…

  22. hi friends; always my role model is lenin only, because i have a lenin’s total life history and i like communist thoughts.now around the world politicions & leadres very bad,worest activities,in future communist world only.

  23. Eeuahuhreuhrr… Why is everything about the Soviet way so.. sooo nasty! Have you seen those huge Soviet subs?? They’re scary! I wouldn’t use the bathroom of a Soviet-era public swimming pool if you maybe slightly get what I’m saying??

    I wouldn’t want to fall sick in Moscow in the year 1953, because I’d have to enter a Soviet hospital, anyone understanding me?

    No offence to modern Russia =)

  24. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Mussolini, Ceaucescu, Idi Amin Dada, Papa & Baby Doc, Mobutu Sese-seko, etc…
    All dictators, all killers of their own people. Nothing good left to say about them, but we know where they are know: IN HELL!! Blessed is The LORD!

  25. Uncle Lenin is taking his annual? bath. So what?

    What is the truth about Lenin? Who knows that? The one who wrote the article about Lenin for the Wikipedia? Is he/she called Mr./Mrs. Truth? Who is right? I think no one. Closest to the truth get scientists and even that knowledge is very often uncertain.

    I am an old man and have seen all kinds of things with my own eyes all over the world. However I never understood why people make wars. If you ask any person he/she wants to live in peace. I haven’t seen any exception.

    Then came the Internet available for ordinary people (in addition to students and scientists) and now I understand. Just reading these comments it’s obvious why people make wars.

  26. I doubt that these pictures are thos or Lenin. For one thing I have been working in burial rites and so on for quite some time. I’ve seen Lenin on a visit to Moscow (as a fact I’ve worked there for 8 months) and I know his right hand is a fist. Now way this can be undone while washing the person after al this time. If someone has other (better and real) pictures I’d be amazed. This does not fly. I’ts not possible. And for more, Lenin as how I did see hem in his crypt is bald. What’s whith the hair on some of the photo’s?

  27. Lenin was the swine! The mausoleum needs to be destroyed, and him normally to bury – all the same the person. And to destroy all monuments in all cities.

  28. I read about Lenin and I remember when I was only 9 year, so is very difficult to have an
    right think, because the story of him have confusion about Lenin. Is different how I has read, and what the komunist sistem in Albani tell about him. I have understand that Lenin has been a clever man, but also hi do lot of crimnalitet by his land, and have giv so bad thinks to other land to. But I thought has been some one his back paint .I hope never this world meet any mor like as Lenin, but I am afraid that one those day is other people bring up in this world.Who suport by many hi to go thought europe and to bill revolution
    This question must find ??? Sorry i can not write so good in the inglish because i have forgot lot of word after learn Norwegian language ,about that i can not ecplayn all what i have in my mind.

  29. The concept of socialism, which was establised by Lenin in Russia must bury the evil and noodness of democracy from the world.

  30. “Nowadays many people demand to remove the body or the mummy from the middle of the Red Square and bury it, but still there are many people brought up in communist style who are against this so powers afraid on making some sheer action on the tomb.” The museum are nice to look at, but when im started to see the mummy i feel scared.

  31. Thanks for the great images of Lenin’s preservation. I think he should be preserved, as the body has been preserved so long, why stop just because people think his ideas don’t work? He hasn’t been mummified, just preserved for all these years, and I think he should be preserved for future generations to judge. They’ll thank us for preserving him. It’s just a hollow shell, but it might have some good clues in centuries to come about what made him tick, or something.

    Anyway, it’s Lenin. Can you honestly bury him? He’s like a god to us, we don’t want him buried, but preserved. Looking at the images, more so now than ever, he died so long ago, but still there’s some physical thing left of him, his corpse.

  32. Lenin’s body has been retreated and retreated with chemical compounds since 1924 and this is a real picture of him. It is not fake. When you continuous submerge the human body in LIQUID, it will lose more and more color. I’m sure they had to dye his hair again and again. It’s DEAD skin; can you imagine trying to preserve that? It’s been on display for 86 years; treated with chemical for 86 years.Really, it’s ridiculous to leave a dead body in this way. DEATH is not meant to be treated this way. We came from dust and we are meant to go back to dust. Nothing ever good comes out of humans worshiping another human. God is only meant to be worshiped. Any human that was worshiped like a God turned be negative. Humans are not God and can not handle worship. Pride, arrogance, control, selfishness, discrimination, etc. are all products of human worship of humans. Lenin and Stalen died horrible deaths.. Horrible and painful. Stalin was given rat poison that made his brain bleed and he laid in his own urine for over a day because he was unable to move; Lenin suffered several strokes and the last one made him mute. Russia is even considering burying Lenin’s body; Stalen is already buried. I think it’s extremely morbid to keep a body out for view for 86 years. Gross….!

  33. F.you here

    Im back at home in austria : D and first thing i see on ER is some na/zi stuff…schäm dich ER, aber wirklisch…

  34. @Praise God: are you blind? Look at the hands! When the body is laid for the public, his right hand clearly shows a fist, while the one from the bath cleary has both hands open. Don’t tell me they can still change the state of his hands. Would be nice though… Let him give the audience the finger 🙂 !

  35. Lenin was a great leader,great revolutionery and great visionery.What he did for society was great and unmatchable. I hope lenin born again in 21st century to save the world

  36. Perhaps Lenin if he could see this would acknowledge that his remains are serving a purpose even today. The pictures of the hollowed out body shows us clearly that what remains after death cannot survive.

    I commend the author of this web page for showing the reality. Even if the body being serviced isn’t actually Lenin.

  37. The ear is different, the hairline is VERY different, and as many have pointed out, the right hand is different. Although there is passing facial resemblance, these differences seem to prove the bathed body is NOT in fact that of Lenin. I assume they showed us the process on a different body to avoid disrespecting Lenin.

  38. To all those people who are calling Lenin a criminal. Listen he is a real leader and fought for the poor and won. He stopped riches(buzoasies) to steal people’s money from them in the name of Capitalist system. Now riches will become angry with this man and they will shout on social networking sites.But communists don’t pay attension to all that dogs who burks behind them so u people carry on barking,take care & good bye.

  39. Russia is a great country, if it wasn’t for such fanatic cruel people it would have developed into something greater than any other nation but those people brought it to its knees.

  40. Lenin was definitely bad. His communists were murders. But let Lenins body be in the mausoleum. It is a museum showing what happened in the Soviet Union. By the way I visited it already in 1999.

  41. That person being washed is definitely not Lenin. However, I also read that people believe the body in the mausoleum is not Lenin either, but a wax figure of him.

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