34 thoughts on “Helicopter in the Forest”

    • Let’s see… Abandoned helicopter in the middle of the forest … do we have anything half as cool as that in USSA? … NYET!!

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    • how is it bc of them or r u looking for someone to blame? it is in russia americans have nothing to do with ir.

  2. It’s obviously been decommissioned. Look at the platform that was built leading up to the hatch! Are we sure this isn’t an old helicopter that was setup for a museum?

    I’d definitely like to see more pictures of the girl, though!

  3. Once I’ve found an abandoned jet in a hungarian forest. It’s wings have been cut off and after a few weeks, the gipsies have put it in a truck and sold it as raw metal:)

  4. It’s an Mi-6 I believe. Here is a Vietnamese one.

  5. typical of low live nations, just walk away from something
    that has broken down or is no longer of any use.
    seen at a place called KORLA (China,Gobi) around 60+
    helicopters just going to hell.Guess the Chinese not smart enough to recycle? or to involved making trash for the world (American) market. A/C just like our H19 or HRS for the US Marine Corps.

  6. Interesting. That was, or is, the worlds largest military helicopter in service. A Mil-6, (or 26?). It is also interesting to see some guy hunting with a nice rifle in a country not known for being friendly to firearms ownership. Even more interesting, how many of us take along a girl that is dressed in such a manner on a hunting trip?

  7. I would imagine that after the fall of the SU there would be lots of similar leftover military hardware to be found in the countrysides. Very interesting.

  8. This must be located at a museum or a storage yard, like this place ( http://www.englishrussia.com/?p=533) Also, the series of pictures are taken at different times of the year.

  9. In my childhood near my district in the forest i found abandoned radar station. It looked like in STALKER game.

  10. nice photo. so no one knows the GPS coordinates for this? i would guess far east.

    It appears to be on a military base. The pavement and rail car in photo two suggest that.


  11. They used helicopters similar for emergency work at the Chernobyl disaster. Lots of radiated equipment was abandoned afterward.

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