Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

In Russian schools kids are being taught that the … in the World War II has happened after the “Battle for Staliningrad”. After this battle it has become possible for Russian troops to reorganize and pass to the offensive. No Russian would you every believe that D-Day was something meaningful in the World War II, according to the point of view of every average Russian who studied history at Secondary School – the only power in the World War II who win the war was the Soviet Union.

A few days ago there was 64th anniversary of this “Staliningrad Battle”, and here is a little photo chronicles from that event.

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

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  1. Oh my god. The “person” who wrote that about Stalingrad and D-Day knows nothing about the World War II. In Europe the Soviet Union fought alone for a lot of time, and the americans & company came when Hitler was almost beaten.

    Of course D-Day was meaningful: VERY MEANINGFUL, but in Stalingrad the allies began to win the war. Is on a lot of history books, not only in soviet ones. And I’m not russian, I’m from Spain, a fascist country in those years.

  2. Steelbud – Actually what the authors means is that Russia begun it’s counter-offensive after the battle of Stalingrad. That is that is when the fortune of war (sorry about that expression in this sense, the then Soviet Union had the largest single losses of all countries during this war) shifted and they could start beating back the nazis.
    Another important point to remember is that 80% of the German fighting forces where defeated by Russians… The largest battles and the biggest losses where all on germany’s easters front against the Russians.
    Btw, I’m Swedish.

  3. Sometime I get the feeling the cold war is still alive and kicking judging by some of the comments I read here.

    Is there really still this much negative feelings and emotions directed towards the US in Russian today ?

    I would certainly say there is a lot less in the US then there used to be. I almost never hear anything negative directed towards Russia in the media or from people I’ve run across.

    I think most people in the US consider the Russians our friends these days.

      • Not in the US anyway. Russia is hardly mentioned and if it is more often then not its about the crime problems they are having or terrorist attacks.

        • Most media sources are parochial. Norwegian newspapers talk about Norway, and how the rest of the world relates to Norwegian concerns. Frnech newspapers talk about France and French interests. Russia is seldom mentioned in American newspapers for the same reason. Its just human nature.

          I wouldn’t say Russia is considered a ‘friend’ so much as not considered an enemy. Britain, Japan and Australia are our friends.

          Americans are generally quick to forgive. We hated the Japanese in WWII, really hated them, then those same WWII vets were buying Japanese cars 20 years later. Now Japan is a close ally, arguably as close as Britain.

    • I’m sorry but, what you were taught in a 4th grade classroom in western Canada years ago probably doesn’t reflect the current feelings of the American people today.

      The world has changed and so has opinions. I honestly believe that there is actually more a feeling of empathy for the Russian people now then any lingering hatred from the cold war.

      Now, it may not be completely the case anymore but, I think many Americans still have the view that life is pretty tough in Russia these days and crime and corruption is out of control.

    • Yarka,

      The year is 2007. You should toss out your magazines from 1970. For the most part, the US views Russia as a friend. However, Vladimir & company in conjunction with the Chinese like to do things that anger the rest of the world like making Iran a nuclear power.

      • I don’t read magazines from 18 years before I was born ;).

        How the US government views it’s relationship with Russia is one thing, how the general public views Russia is another. I know for a fact that most locals despite Russia and all things related. I know this because I talk to people, not read magazines from the 1970s.

        As for what Putin & the Chinese do to anger the world… Mr. Bush isn’t exactly setting the best example in that regard.

    • As rare as it is to see Russia mentioned at all in western press, that’s how rare to see Russian news program without negative story on America. NTV and Channel 1 (Kremlin Channel) are famous for it. Every story on America is presented in sarcastic or mocking or ridiculing manner. One special segment “Odkako” is almost entirely devoted to such. It should not be surprising because the television stations are organs of the state and it is their duty to presnt the views of Vova Putina. He makes no secret that he considers United States hegemony to be main problem of the world today.

    • Nope, if you want propoganda, read The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The Times, The Washington Post and others.

    • who cares what little boys without pubes like to call americans? of course there are a lot of grown up men in Russia whose mind did not evolve from the state of a pube-less boy, but the percentage of such people is about the same among every country, because human nature is ultimately the same everyhere. As for USA planning an aggression against Russia then its true in some way, but its called “spreading influence”, not the “aggression aggression”, and its spreading its influence to other countries too, because its a natural way of how goverments (especially strong ones) work, and there is no shame in it.

      Morale used by goverments is different to moral used between people and should not be judged by people standards.

    • I dont know were you live but you are wrong, Most americans I know (I being one of them) do not think of the russian people as enemies, they might not like the goverment(but then again we really dont like our goverment right now), we are intested in the rich history and culture of the russian people..
      Here is a thought Stalin wasnt Russian

    • “I would certainly say there is a lot less in the US then there used to be. I almost never hear anything negative directed towards Russia in the media or from people I’ve run across.
      I think most people in the US consider the Russians our friends these days.”

      I’ve been living in US for 15 years now – you not only hate russians, you hate all immigrants – you are smart to hide your action so later you can lye and deny it. And please don’t tell that it is just some americans – it is not so.

  4. You obviously know only what you been taught at school, I’m doing a history degree in NZ and I can tell you that your comments are absolutely incorrect! P.S read The battle for Stalingrad i hope this book will open your eyes to the truth!
    First of all, allies didn take part in the war til they were threatened by Hitler’s forces.
    Second, Hitler didnt care about all those western capitalised countries like France, Spain, Italy and others, he was irrational and wanted to concour the Soviet Union by whatever means, especially Stalingrad because it was named after Stalin, this city didnt have any significant importance what so ever, but Stalin ordered Red Army troops to protect this city by whta ever means. So Hitler threw a majority of his forces into eastern front, of course allies didn have as much trouble fighting Hitler in the West. But russians won that battle and this was the turning point of WW2. Russians freed Poland from Naciz freed all Jews in POland so as Baltic states but they consider it as an invasion coz they were supporting hitler! Also The soviets were first in Berlin, where Hitler didin have any choice but to kill himself, but that was a major cost to the red army as the lost a lot of men! Ok so in my opinion Soviets played a significant part in WW2, so is the allies. Just dont like when you say that allies won the war singlehandedly its an obsurd comment!

      • No, of course not. But please note, that in this case there were not Light (Soviet) and Dark (Nazi) Sides. They were both Dark…

        And please don’t tell me that Soviet enslavement was such a bliss. A few months after their aggression (on 17th September) Soviet authorities arrested many Polish citizens and shot them in Katyn, Starobelsk, Ostashkov and many other places.
        Please see:
        Katyn Massacre
        Soviet Invasion of Poland

        • One more thing: Soviet invaded Poland not to free it but to carry out “a secret protocol, in which the independent countries of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania were divided into spheres of interest of the parties. (…) Subsequently all the mentioned countries were invaded, occupied or forced to cede part of their territory by either the Soviet Union, Germany, or both.”

          Taken from: Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

          • Ok I agree with you that The Soviet Union had bad intentions over Poland and other listed countries. the source you given me states that “secret protocol” was signed in August 1939!

        • Of course I dont admire the Soviet actions it is isanity and murder there is no exuse for it. Stalin had killed more of his own people too. However it happened in 1939-1940. I was meaning much a later date 1945.

          • That is correct.

            The whole story began with Polish-Czech conflict in years 1918-1920 over small territory called Zaolzie (I don’t know its English name) which was mostly inhabited by Poles. Partition of this land (made by arbitration award) was not made with rule of ethnic and many Poles had to stay on Czech side. Decision of taking Zaolzie in 1938 was very unfortunate (it seemed that Polish goverment was collaborating with Nazis) but Polish troops were greeted there with happiness and enthusiasm.

            I hope you’ll understand my English. 🙂

    • Importance of Stalingrad
      The capture of Stalingrad was important to Hitler for several reasons. It was a major industrial city on the banks of the River Volga (a vital transport route between the Caspian Sea and northern Russia) and its capture would secure the left flank of the German armies as they advanced into the Caucasus. YOU WERE RIGHT THERE BUT THIS REASON WASNT AS SIGNIFICANT AS THE SECOND ONE FOR THE REASON THAT WHEN HITLER REALISED THAT HE WILL BE BEATEN HE DIDNT WITHDREW INSTEAD HE THREW EVEN A LARGER NUMBER OF HIS FORCES INTO STALINGRAD!!!
      Finally, the fact that the city bore the name of Hitler’s nemesis, I. V. Stalin, would make the city’s capture an ideological and propaganda coup. Stalin realized this and ordered anyone that was strong enough to hold a rifle be sent out to war. [3]

      It is believed that Stalin also had an ideological and propaganda interest in defending the city which bore his name, but the fact remains that Stalin was doing the best he could given the time and resources. Some believe that the Siege of Leningrad lasted too long due to his diversion of forces from Leningrad to Stalingrad. [citation needed] During the Russian Civil War he played a prominent role in the Soviet defense of Tsaritsyn (as Stalingrad was then known), from White forces. Also, the Red Army, at this stage of the war, was less capable of highly mobile operations than the German army. The prospect of combat inside a large urban area, which would be dominated by infantry and artillery, maximized the Red Army’s advantages against the Germans.

      • Russians received a massive help from USA durring the WWII. This help was decisive in 1943 when Russia decided to do their ophensive vs German army around Stalingrad. In 1944 when the russians entered in Romania, the Red Army had only american trucks, guns(big guns and anti-tank)anphibien vehicles, etc. After war, russians took everything from Eastern-Germany, Cheho-Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and they copied the american war-planes. Anyway, Russia lost in WWII 10 mil. people and Germany only 6 millions.

      • Yeah, right, Allies didn’t came to help us, but no worry – Soviet came to shoot our citizens, steal our possessions and enslave our country for a half of the century… Thanks a lot! :-/

        • Sorry, small Poland, you were in between two big forces fighting each other. Please, forget your ambitions about empire “from sea to sea”.
          You made one mistake in 17th century and that was invading Russia. So, you are in the same pool with Mongolia now.

          • Have I said anything about Poland “from sea to sea”? ROTFL! You know, such big Poland was a long time ago. :-)))

            But in one thing you’re right: geopolitical location of Poland between aggressive neighbours was always a pain in the neck: for over 120 years (1795-1918) Poland was divided between Prussia, Austria and Russia; on 17th September 1939 there was new partition of Poland as an execution of Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact.

    • You say that The Soviets fought THE PATRIOTIC WAR, we still fought the same enemy “NAZIS” what difference does it make if you call it differently???

    • Russians were fighting against and defeated 75% of German (and their allies) force.
      How come it doesn’t for victory?

      D-Day was when? 1944? When Russians already broke the neck of Germans?

    • If Hitler wasnt at war with the soviets at the same time that he was battleing the allies then we would be speaking german right now. Plus two years ago documents came out that showed the Soviet union was planning to invade Germany. The soviet union’s army was set up for an invasion not for a defencive battle. It took both sides to win WWII, the USA knew it would take both sides and we supplied equipment and nessesities to the soviet union during the war, if they werent needed then we wouldnt have helped them out during the war. Now the real question is who did the most? That I will not even try to answer or give my openion.

    • Late post – I know, but …

      The “allies” were comprised of three main contingencies U.K, USSR, and USA. The USA did not enter WWII until December 7, 1941 over two years after Nazi Germany began open hostilities against the European countries and just a little under six months after Germany commenced hostilities against the USSR.

      By July 9, 1941 (Germany attacks USSR) the U.K. and her commonwealth as well as the free armies of western Europe had been fighting, dying and holding off the spread of Nazi-ism without aid from the USSR and with a feeble “lend/lease” of obsolete equipment from the USA.

      When USSR was attacked by Germany it only created opportunity for the U.K and her allies to re-group. The enormous industrial might of the U.S. eventually enabled the Allies (US, USSR, UK) to wage mass war against the Germans.

      True many more Soviet soldiers died during WWII or the Great Patruiotic War – but this was more a product of the Soviet military order of battle of Mass and Maneuver and willingness to accept casualties in exchange for gain.

      As a Canadian historian I have studied WWII and can find only one conclusion – without the tri-partite actions of the USSR, the UK and the US waging simultaneous war in places like Russia, North Africa, Italy, the Pacific, and Europe the Nazi scourge would have quite possibly prevailed in one or more areas of the globe. All soldiers are owed a debt of gratitude by we who came after them.


    • Baltic states neversupported nazis, its just Russian propaganda. Same thing about polish people genocide in Katỹnė. Baltic states were and allways seeked indipendence, just beacause Hitler tooked Klaipėda doesnt mean they were nazys. It was occupation at any means.

  5. Forgive my ignorance, but I kinda believe a majority of Western historians tend to think Russians defeated nacism single-handedly. That aside, could anyone here please post what was thought in the soviet schools, and what do ordinary people believe in Russia these days, upon the following questions:

    1 – How many Soviets, total, lost their lives during wwii?
    2 – How many civilians and POWs were killed?

    Around here we learned about 20,000,000 dead, while there is a rumor of up to 60M, but the soviet authorities played that number down..

    PS – There was a Leningrad siege documentary on cable recently.. Jesus H Mary Christ…

    • Totally soviet people dead in WW2 about 27 million, i.a.

      8.7 million unrecoverable losses of militaries including those died in german surrender, or
      11.5 million including those who had been taken prisoners but safely released being alive.

    • The Panzerkampfwagen Mk.V “Panther” was classified as a medium tank. It was a design response to the T-34 and did not enter combat until 1943. The Panzerkampfwagen Mk.VI “Tiger” was Germany’s heavy tank and was entering service in late 1942.

      Hitler’s goal in 1942 was not to capture Stalingrad, but to capture the oil fields in the Caucuses. It was only after the defenses stiffened around Stalingrad when Hitler decided to make an issue of it. His stubborn insistence on a propoganda victory cost him the vitally needed oilfields, the 6th Army and inevitably the war.

      FYI & HTH

  6. Children, please do not argue, you are all correct! Soviet Union ALONE defeated fascists. It is historical fact that ONLY the 35% of Nazi army which was directed against CCCP was fascist. The remaining 65%, from Norway to North Africa, was secretly non-fascist.

  7. “No Russian would you every believe”

    “In Russian schools kids are being taught that the … in the World War II has happened”

    “the only power in the World War II who win the war was the Soviet Union”

    “and here is a little photo chronicles from that event”

    learn some english, up ya!

  8. For USA Second World War was major conflict beyond Great sea. Yes it was pretty big.
    For Soviet Union and Russia Great Patriotic War is epic national tragedy, it is struggle for survival as free nation and independent country.
    Do you see difference?

  9. First: I can not disclaim you sentence regarding Soviet invasion of Poland, Romania and Baltic states (but please note Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania asked to trace into USSR themselves. It was made by some kind of constituent assembly which included no Russian at all. It consisted of Estonians, Latvians & Lithuanians)

    Second: I even can add Russian Winter War (1939-40) against Finland to your accusation.

    Third: Please clarify what do you mean “note the difference with V-E day”? Victory in Europe was on 8th May and in Russia it considered as 9th May. So what? It’s just a difference between Moscow time and Potsdam time. Germany surrender pact was signed at 8th May 11:01 PM (Potsdam) whereas in Moscow it was 9th May 1:01 AM.
    Russia also supported US in their war against Japan. During the war against Hitler USSR only placed it’s eastern airbases and so on to USA disposal. But in summer 1945 USSR joined America in the war and smashed Japan land forces in China. So what I wanted to tell you: Great Patriotic War was the most important part of WWII especially if you take into consideration the statistics mentioned here in comments.

    Forth: “it was, like, we were living in peace, and got attacked on June 22”. Ok, maybe we have to remind to ourselves the Munich agreements and policy of appeasement? Remember Allys betrayed Czechoslovakia breaking the mutual assistance pact and left it alone face to face with Nazis.

    Resume: All sides have a pretty much things they want to forget. After all I hope we just must revere ancestry memory. But now please do not misrepresent the facts and do not try to recall any bad sides of Soviet, or American, or another country policy and actions. At least while veterans are alive.

  10. D-day came late. The situation in 1944 was critical for Germany. If allied forces had not opened a new front, the Red Army would have entered in Berlin likewise. German forces had been crushed before in Stalingrad and Kursk. Germany could not win the war in 1944.

    But D-day was not a no sense operation. Allies did not trust specially Stalin. Why would Soviet tanks have stopped in Germany? Why not to try to get to Paris or further?

    Stalin did not dislike to spread Revolution using tanks. Violence was not contradictory to Revolution.

    But Soviet Union did not fight alone against Nazi Germany. Supplies allies were very important. It is true that Soviet tanks were better than Sherman and Mathilda provided by Allies. But it is also true that food supplies and other logistic supplies were really useful for Soviet Union.

    Red Army had a lot of logistic problems in 1941, allies supplies and allies trucks improved this situation.

  11. Russian POW’s were after the war ended transferred to Siberia were most of them died in horrible circumstances. [Stalin was afraid they might have been ‘brainwashed’ by the West and thus could cause a threat for the nation.] If you add these casualties to the number of those who died in battle, you probably reach 50 M without any problems.

    About US-bashing: in general Russian media are very quick to report on US problems and tragedies, but hardly ever, if ever, report succes stories. The average Russian has a very distorted perception of the rest of the world, in particular the US.

    Russians are known, since history began, to be very xenophobic in general. It probably stems from a deeply rooted minority complex, but where this stems from is unclear. They hate and/or distrust everything or so it seems at times. Due to a lack of information or caricatured info people can have a very distorted picture of the outside world. A good thing we have the internet now where people can find info for themselves and judge from that. Traveling abroad is also recommended, but very difficult for the average Russian in general. Also language problems are in the way; not many Russians speak another language except their native tongue.

    Hopefully all this will change soon. A broad horizon is always better than tunnelvision i would say.

    • You forgot to mention drunk bear at the streets with balalaika. It will make sense in context with “distorted perception of world” and “very xenophobic in general” Russians.
      The guy commented above is typical example of western anti-russian sentiment.

      “If you add these casualties to the number of those who died in battle, you probably reach 50 M without any problems.”
      Why not 80 M or 100 M? What weed do you smoke?

      • I’m Russian. But studying in Holland now. You start seeing things more in perspective when you travel and/or live somewhere else. Russia nowadays is a mess, it’s all about money and power to an extent which is unbelievable. Simple people who just want to live their live are being abused and taken advantage of. Sometimes I’m ashamed I’m Russian.

        Your remark is typical for the average russian who doesn’t bother to investigate news/stories and simply sits back knowing that he knows better no matter what.
        This us-against-them way of thinking is causing a lot of problems and hatred.

        • You know and understand problems of Russia. We all see them, but I am also see that people are starting to live normal lifes. Yes medics, teachers, army and police are still poor, but their life improves! It is obvious for those who are in country. And for young people there is chances to find job, yes there is MANY problems. But comparing to 90th we starting to have LIFE, not struggle for one.
          About “us against them”. Russia is independent country and has its own interests and therefore Russia can have interest other from interests of EU and USA.

    • stfu. IF you were a pow you probably didnt live anyway. if you were yes you might have gotten to a camp. 50 million means 30 million pows killed? get a clue.

    • I want to say all of you americans here dont know what you are talking about, im sorry.
      In russia they learn that their grandfathers fought for them and died, and they beat the germans.
      Americans fought because they did not want CCCP to hold europe.
      Russia already killed 4 million germans by time america came to “help”. Thank you very much buy my mom never knew her grandparents, and my dad lost 2 uncles on the front. If you wanted to help you should have come earlier! I hate these igoists who think they save the world. Too late, you might as well have not come and killed those 200,000 guys who had no patriotic cause for fighting germany.
      Russia got invaded and held back, and then bombed to pieces built everything back. America does not know war, so dont be standing here talking like you know everything. You guys came here to make sure russia got less land, and yes you succeeded. But marching from France to Germany with only 2 battles, battles considered miniature in comparison to eastern front, you basically walked from france to elbe drinking good french champagne.

  12. Stalingrad was a great victory for the whole Europe and I, coming from one of ex-Yugoslav republics (and understanding people complaining about post war occupation under the Warzsaw pact) have a great gratitude for what Russia did for all Europe by fighting the nazis. Check how many of those sad Wehrmacht songs are talking about the D Day defeat and how many about Stalingrad. I recall none about the fisrt and many about Stalingrad. Stalingrad = Massengrab!

    I ain’t pro-communistic at all, but thank you Russia, we shall never forget!

  13. come on people…see the things realistic
    why do you all think russia has lost 20 million lives (and maybe more) in WW2????

    because they actually got invaded and got bomb and DID fight.
    usa was sitting on the other side of the world and didn’t get invaded and didn’t get bomb and didn’t fight untill CCCP weakened Nazi Germany.But when they finally got to fight here in europe they fight for quite the same reasons as CCCP and Germany did,that’s the control of europe…

    And you can see the results even now’i mean:
    Wich country’s are slaves of the usa?? western europe(the country’s that were “liberated” by the usa)

    Wich country’s are living in freedom and and making their own choices? eastern europe the one’s liberated bij CCCP

    They didn’t have to fight in Iraq if they didnt want to…..but western Europe(NATO) is a different story….look at France for example.

  14. WW2 began before 1 september ’39. and agressors were Germany and Poland. Kylex started to write about it but nobody saw. official losses of USSR were 27 mln as i remember. military loses 7-9 mln. it’s about 1.3:1 with Germany.
    PS let’s won’t talk about military crimes or i can remember Drezden ;)))

    • Sorry to dissapoint you – Poland was NOT an agressor…

      “On September 1, 1939, Germany, led by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, invaded Poland according to a secret agreement with the Soviet Union, which joined the invasion on September 17.”
      Taken from: Wiki

  15. Yem….
    I’d say that the problem of understanding WORLD WAR II is in minds of US and EUROPE. After ending they didn’t ignore that Russia won a war cause they couldn’t afford opposite statement for them when Soviet Union was a great power and they were afraid of it. But later when Iron Curtain appeared the politic were changed. And the less role of the Soviet Union than role of countries-friends became a general.

    Remind when America joined the War, remind any Global battles of countries-friends, remind what Roosevelt told about opening west front in 1942… unfortunately I can hardly remember any from the mentioned…

    Also the situation with Baltic countries is funny for me. Half people living in these countries and they are against current politics in their countries. Russian monuments are distroyed. Hell… and these countries are in the European Union (ok, are going to be soon)

    • They are not russian monuments they are soviet union monuments, there is a big difference. I know russia took over the old soviet unions debts, but the two are not the same.

      • You’re wrong comrade. Soviet monuments and monuments of Russia are the ONE thing. The main reason of it is that in the past there was one country and you shouldn’t divide and deny that. And you know it is so sad to see that people fighted with Soviet Union against one big Evil now deny that and say they didn’t want to fight with Germany and they would better be Hitler’s “supervisors” of russians which are unarian race.

        It seems you just hear nothing about Nazi “parties” and celebration in Latvia, Estonia…

  16. The D-Day invasion hasted Germany’s demise, but as someone else pointed out it was also because of a distrust of Stalin.

    One of the reasons why the US entered the war so late was that they weren’t quite sure who was worse, Hitler or Stalin. In the end I think they trusted Hitler more, at least his ambitions weren’t foreign to him and they figured that they could isolate him in Europe if need be. The Interest in Africa was pretty nil.

    When Hitler invaded the Soviet Union it became clear to them though that he probably would not stop once he was done in Europe and they figured they did had to contain him.

    Despite what people seem to think the US and Allies supplied vast amounts of equipment to the red army, from Munition to airplanes in order to help them stop the Nazi incursion into Russia. The opening of the second front to the west additionally drew troops away from the fighting, without it the losses for the Soviets would have been much higher, not to mention they may not have stopped at the Rhine.

    Both Stalin and Hitler were suspicious of each other, they both were ambitions men and not above shedding some blood to get to their goal, I have to wonder at times if Stalin would have invaded Germany first if the Allies would have sided with Germany, perceiving Stalin as the bigger threat. Something I guess we’ll never know the answer for.

    As far as “modern day” Russia goes, I read a few years ago that Russia was utterly disappointed with the US at the end of the Cold War, they had expected to receive aid similar to the Marshall plan that Germany received at the end of WWII, when that didn’t happen I guess a lot of frustration was building up (and I can’t really blame them).

    As far as the US & Canada are concerned, Russia doesn’t really exist. It is a “white spot”. What a lot of people “know” about Russia and the Soviet Union is still heavily cold war influenced, after it ended it pretty much fell from the radar.

    Europe is a bit more aware of Russian power, not in the least due to the gas war that was waged between Russia and it’s former Satellite states. Germany especially has some concerns despite that they are still building a pipeline to get Siberian gas into Central European homes.

    In the future, Russia, much like Canada, is probably best suited to weather the changes in political and world climate. They have resources. The only question is: What kind of nation is Putin going to build? Does he (or his successor) want to become another Stalin?

    • “The only question is: What kind of nation is Putin going to build? Does he (or his successor) want to become another Stalin?”

      Well, as always, we going to conquer whole world. Putin openly says than here:

  17. Just to put something in the perspective for all you guys – 9 of 10 German soldiers were killed by the Soviets. So with this said I think that is the best criteria one can judge the participation of a given party in a warfare. I am not saying that the allies did not help at all. They did. But there is no doubt that Soviet Union made the biggest contribution to this war. However you want to call it, GPW, WWII. Does not matter. It is just a label that different nations call this. What really matters is that all these nations were fighting the same enemy.


    says enough about how CCCP fighted their wars…..but we won!

  19. I think that american presidents are just as ambitious as russian.only difference Russia achieve their goals with bloodshedding.
    Usa achieve their goals with bloodshedding and BIG lies.

    First Usa gives weapons to Afghan to help defend themselves,now they fight against their own weapons.

    Where are the bombs in iraq?

    Cuba crisis is a bit confusing to me.CCCP wasn’t afraid that american missiles were standing in its backyard in Germany.But when CCCP put the misseles in ameracan backyard cuba…the big crisis begun.

    If you think about it.Usa is the only country that used their nuclear misseles for warfare….so who is the real terrorist in the world.

    • Small correction – the US started placing their missiles in Turkey, not Germany. It is a little known fact though that essentially it was because of the JFK’s decision to deploy missiles in Turkey that the Soviets decided to reciprocate with placing missiles on Cuba. Also it is little known that only when the agreement was reached to remove the American missiles from Turkey did the Soviets backed out of their Cuba deployment plans.
      To prevent future questions on the sources of information please refer to this article on wikipedia It is sufficient for general public purpose.

    • If you Google the definition of terrorism you will see that it is defined by the US Department of Defense as “the unlawful use of or threatened use of force or violence against individuals or property to coerce or intimidate governments or societies, often to achieve political, religious, or ideological objectives.” (bolding is mine). So isn’t it what America is doing now? And actually isn’t it what any superpower country (USSR included) have been doing throughout the history of the humankind? So technically any country that had nuclear weapons arsenal could potentially be “charged” with nuclear terrorism. Look at the Pakistan-India conflict for example. Or Arab-Israeli conflict. One might speculate that Israel employs nuclear terrorism tactics too …

  20. To consider the Great Patriotic War to be an isolated element in WWII is a great mistake.

    Allied contributions to the final Soviet victory were really important. For example,the Soviet Union was supplied by Allied convoys which navigated to Murmansk. During the war, Iran was ocupied, and a lot of supplies could be sent to the Soviet Union. The ocupation of Iran was really important to defend the South of Russia and Stalingrad.

    During 1943 and 1944, the Luftwaffe hardly play an important rol in the East Front. The German Air Force had to treat with the Allied bombers. Allied bombing campaign attracted a lot of german fighters than could have fought in other battles in the East Front.

    Germany dedicated a lot of resources to fight against UK and USA. All of those resources would had been really useful for Germany against the Soviet Union.

    What would have happened if the Soviet Union had fighted really alone? Nobody knows. But in 1941, the Soviet Union was close to be defeated, even counting with the Allied support in materials, food and logistics.

    • I don’t think Germany had too many resources tied up fighting the UK while they invaded the USSR (they did underestimate the troops they would need and the resistance they would face, though). Land war in Europe during WW2 was essentially a Germany vs USSR affair.

      Take Kursk, for instance: if you look around during Kursk, there’s virtually no German troops anywhere else. No reserves at all (they met the USSR counter and the landing at Sicily by taking troops out of the line in Kursk), garrisons made up basically of unfit troops in most places, a few serviceable units here and there. The whole “real” army was on the line against the USSR and attacking at Kursk.

      • Germany made a lot of mistakes during Barbarrosa Operation. If Germany wanted to win the war, it must have been short in time. But Germany attacked on June, a bit late if you want to defeat USSR before the coming of winter. The opperations in the Balkans meant a delay. Balkans was not a strategic objective in the war against USSR, but Allied spread rumours about a landing in that area. The Balkans was a flank that must been protected. The conquest of the Balkans required men and time, and Germany could not waste any of them.

        During Operation Citadel, Hitler sent troops from East Front to Italy to face Operation Torch.

  21. The Soviet government under Stalin was anything but heroic. They helped Germany invade Poland, invaded Finland themselves and supplied Hitler with plenty of fuel for the blitzkrieg.

    In the end, Stalin didn’t fight the germans out of any notion of morality, or code of ethics. He would have stood idly by and abetted Germany as they conquered all of western europe, had the USSR not been attacked themselves.

    The real heroes of the Great Patriotic War are the Russian people themselves. The countless men and women who fought and died and prevailed despite Stalin’s purges of the 30’s that decimated the soviet military leadership, and his complete resistance to do any type of defensive preperations despite the overwhelming evidence supplied by his own intelligence services about the upcoming operation Barbarossa.

    • Please be reminded that the US also entered WW2 after being attacked. In fact, Germany declared war on the US and not the other way around.

      Also, although Stalin got the whole situation in Germany wrong to the point of believing he could stall war for another year, it is only fair to point out that his own intelligence provided overwhelming evidence of an attack in previous dates, and nothing happened.

    • That makes sense. Stalin was an opportunist crook not better than Hitler and responsible for millions and millions of casualties. Read my comments above about the POW, too.

      A famous writer once said : ‘Nationalism is the last refuge for crooks’ It applies to Stalin, but also to many ‘new Russians’, Pretending the good, doing the bad.

    • Thank you, you are 100% right my wife’s grandmother was fought in the war (russian side) she fought for the love of her country not for the goverment. She loved mother Russia till her death years ago. She is burried in the land that she loved.

  22. I agree with Steelbud. While under communism certain historical facts did get muddled in textbooks, I remember learing that Russia officially entered the war on 6/22/45 and that the war itself started 2 years earlier. I agree that the role of other countries, especially the United States was significantly downplayed as being less important to winning WWII, but I am sure that in each country there is a tendency to exentuate its own accomplishments and to downplay those of others when it comes to things like winning wars. If you look at the number of people lost or sacrificed on the Russian side, it pales in comparison to all other countries. If Russia did not crush the Germans the way it did in WWII, the world would be a very different place today.

  23. yes Stalin suplied Germany with resources and EVERYONE do it on his place, cause germans helped to rise industry in USSR. as you know there were only ford and hourses before it ;))). you forgot to write that German pilots and tankmans learned in Russia too ;))). Manstain was one of them (as i remember).
    To ubermensch
    nobody fought with ethic and morality in that war.

  24. the author doesnt know anything about history of psychology.

    im 18 year old russian american. i ve studied both in russia (untul 10th grade) and then i moved to new york and continued to study here.

    first what i dont understand is why author of the article disrespects russian anniversary. did allies troops fought and died in the battle of the stalingrad. no. oh look at those silly russians they pray the battle of stalingrad and dont know about the great “D-Day”. guess what smartbutt, we do know both about stalingrad and about d day. stalingrad is in russian history course, that d be strange if russian history would include d day. and d day, as well as africa, pasific and cicily (might be misspelled) is in world history course. what does american college student know about stalingrad? nothin. maybe he knows the 3 major places which were supposed to be defended? (moscow, st peterburg, stalingrad) no, he doesnt know. why is it so funny then that average SECONDARY school student in russia might not know about d day. or e day. their fathers didnt fight in there. i was in secondary school more than 5 years ago. how outdated is authors material then.

    another thing is the comments: the only power who could have taken germany 1v1 was USA. but they joined only in the end of 1941, when millions of europeans and russians were killed already. hitler was fightin two front war. how much would be left of GB by 1941 if half of hitlers forces werent in USSR.

    it was BOTH USSR (officially allie from summer 1941) and other allies (USA from december 1941) who won WW2.

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  26. Если бы какая нибудь другая страна натерпелась того, чего натерпелась Россия за всю свою историю, то посмотрел бы я на эту страну. Россия сейчас медленно, но верно выкарабкивается из застоя. И Родину мы поднимем и без всяких сбежавших падонкафф вроде тебя.

    • Сиди в иммиграции, наслаждайся благами развитого демократического капитализма, че тебе неймется? Обязательно надо прийти и обосрать людей которые любят и верят в свою страну. Россия вылезает из дерьма, медленно и верно.

  27. My position on all this:

    -The German war machinery was so big that no country alone would have defeated them. For me, it is a nonsense stating that allies, or the Soviet Union, won the war. The russian front was extremely important in exhausting Germany, as it was important the final push of D-day from the other side.
    -Although general statements referring to the whole country are dangerous and unfair, it is my personal experience that the russian population (leave aside politicians) has a feeling of suspicion towards foreign nationals; I visited Moscow a couple of years ago and the treat was something like “you owe us something”, like if the sole presence of a foreign western person bothered them. I mean general population when using public transportation, and things like that. I did not feel comfortable, specially because I did not really understand what the problem was. For the rest, I do not have any particular opinion about russian people, I am ready to have russian friends or do business with them as much as I would to people from any other nationality.
    -The treatment at the media: in general, media do not speak about average population. They speak about politics, economy, and so, in Russia or anywhere else. I do not feel concerned when a american newspaper says something about my country, and so should not russians.

  28. i am a 16 years old ukrainian,living for almost 10 years in the Netherlands (holland).

    I can say only one thing……..I WANT BAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!

  29. The American armies have landed during that moment when Germany has been already exhausted by war with Soviet Union. German armies only defended. And that have caused to America a serious loss in Ardenness. What would be an outcome of war if Russian have not consulted under Stalingrad? All World has stood pending and hoped for Russian.

    With the best regards!

  30. And where is the Germans??? Germany was the most important partisipant of this war. Unfortunately Germans don’t read this blog.

  31. Most of you guys have no idea what your talking about. Its best when you know nothing about a subject to comment on the pictures and not post ridiclous personal opinions about the second world war, and the soviet union. Especially when you guys try to give some kind of physcological analysis. I forgot American kids are thought the most objective history…

    what does it say when 80% of German casualties occured on the eastern front?

    P.S.Suvoruv is discredited by every legitmate historian out there, only the hardest-core anti-soviet cold war american manicas beleive his ideas.

  32. You Russians make me laugh.
    Stalin made deal with devil, and devil ate Russia’s children.
    Blame Hitler, Blame Stalin. Pray for the lost children.
    But don’t blame USA.

  33. On looking for pre-war pictures of the most wonderful city Stalingrad once was, I found this site and the many pictures going with the narrations of my mother who’s one uncle was in Stalingrad, how he brought an old coat back home after himself being a POW. The fur inside was gone as he tore it out and gave it to a comrade who’s shoes were in pieces and not really anything one could possibly call shoes. Actually, this great-uncle of mine, Austrian borne of a socialist family, was in Russia twice. After an injury he was sent back home for a short visit only to be called up after three weeks and sent to Stalingrad. My post certainly has nothing to do with the discussion going on but in the memory of my great-uncle and all the soldiers who lost their lives in this once blossoming city and surrounding area, I had throw a few lines in. LEST WE FORGET.

  34. “23M soviet to 7.5M German”

    I think have a good explanation for those numbers.
    10M is for military and much more than that is civilian.

    That’s because USSR didn’t sign geneva war convention, and germans had no mercy on civilians, compared to other countries they invaded. Unlike in western nations, when cities/villiages were captured, most of the civilians were slaughtered, as they suspected them of aiding red army. German hate for Russians was about 2nd only to their hate of Jews..

    So if you want to count civilian deaths, maybe if Russians decided to slaughter German civilians as Germans did Russian civilians, German civilian death toll would have been higher (not to say 1.8 million of which soviets probably killed a percentage is nothing).

    To me it is clear that USSR played a big role in defeating Hitler. Now, Stalin to be sure, was as evil as Hitler. Ordinary Soviet people suffered from both maniacs, but their sacrifice saved the world from Hitler…

  35. fits of all this is pretty the communication of Russia and ww2 was undistinguished with the power that staling had o graved them

  36. La Unión Sovietica se llevó todo el peso de la guerra, fueron ellos lo que le inflingieron las más grandes derrotas al ejército nazi. El heroísmo de este pueblo, en mi país Chile siempre admiramos y valoramos.

  37. “Russia just goes and “Liberates” countries as they will. Pure slavery i say!” – Yes, they never attacked. They only “defended” and “liberated”. And this way, quite by accident, they grew to the size of 1/6th of the Earth landmass surface. 😉

  38. One thing I noticed in the third picture down that the german troops drinking looked by their collar tabs and their uniforms that they were Waffen SS troops. If these pictures were from Stalingrad this paticular picture could not be as there were no SS units at Stalingrad. I stand to be corrected.If someone could tell me any SS units that were there. ie their unit numbers. Or what SS named divisions they were.

  39. I noticed that in the third picture down the german troops, by the look of their uniforms and collar tabs, drinking ,looked like they were Waffen SS troops . If this picture is supposed to be from Stalingrad it can’t be. There were no Waffen SS troops at Stalingrad. I stand to be corrected if someone can point out their unit numbers or their regiments that were actually there.

  40. I have always admired the Russian character. I also really like this website since it shows Russian ingenuity, and humor, and like most Russians, is not above being critical about many of the obvious problems.
    I think most Americans like me feel friendship for Russia. We are the same in many aspects: both having a huge wild wilderness to tame, and most important: we have roots in the same Christian God. Russians definitely do things differently than we Americans, but many of those ways are more practical and utilitarian. On a simpler note. We attended the St Petersburg Ballet performance o te “Nutcracker” last week. The beauty, skill and precision of the Russian professional dancers was astounding. Let’s work on our friendship and not historical differences of opinion. We did help Russia with Lend Lease, enabling her to stand against the Germans. Russia did ALL of the dying in the Patriotic war for sure though. I am always struck by the majesty and solumn strengh of the “Soviet Soldier” memorial to the fallen heros in the fight for Berlin. Just down from the Brandenburg Gate, you cannot fail to be impressed with the massive strength of the soldier looking over the west, his great coat stirred by the wind just slightly, and his hand caste palm downward as a gesture of the conqueror, and as sentinel for the fallen heroes buried there. I sound like a propagandist, but I think these things are all true abot the Russian character.
    Merry Christmas Russia! -Your Friends in the USA.

  41. The 7th photo is not from Stalingrad – That is the photo of soviet marines (naval infantry) training and it belongs to the Defence of Caucasus.

  42. God bless the Russians & the Russian troops from WW2. They did more than their part to save the world. The world owes them much gratitude.



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