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  1. In one of the photos is possible to see how those tough guys get inspiration from a photo of a not so emotioned mr. Putin

    It would be great that instead of usual Putin offcial photos (which Russia is plagued of) people hanged around some of the photos shown in your previous post

  2. Geez, guys, at least half of these photos are showing not SWAT, but recoinassance groups of the Army, the Navy and the NG units (I just don’t know how to translate it into English, so I took the American term)

  3. Why is that man taking off his pants in the midst of fire and barbed wire? Maybe I am not in possession of all the facts, but it seem that this is the sort of circumstance where I would leave my pants on.

    • He might be getting out of wet clothes in the cold. Sure, sounds silly for some soldier from Spetsnaz, but wet you lose heat much, much faster.

      Alternatively (and more likely?) he could be about to climb the barbed wire and doesn’t want to get his clothes snagged/ doesn’t want to get his hands cut.

      So he using the clothes in order to stop his hands and feet from getting cut and just takes the cuts on his legs and torso instead of getting caught on the wire.

  4. Tough guys. Anyone knows how much these guys earn for risking their live ? I do. A colonel after 25 years in the force, participating in all the bigger and smaller raids both internal and abroad [Afghanistan i.e.] makes at this moment approx. 300-400 dollars p/month. Not enough to support your family. In Sovjet times the army was a considered a honourable career for every boy/man. Not anymore. Now civil servant is the most wanted job [because of all the possible bribes and extra’s..]

    Poor guys. I pity them.

  5. I have a feeling my previous post wasn’t posted. So here comes attempt number two:These guys are the ones who rape and kill children. There is nothing admirable about these individuals.

  6. Men with honor don’t rape and kill children. Im not so sure about the latter though. Children are easily brainwashed. So sometimes they have to be killed. But Spetsnaz is known for being extremly brutal and inhumane. Im surprised they are still even allowed to exist. I knew a Russian who was in Vympel. THOSE GUYS WERE WORSE. But he told me how his brother is spetsnaz use to have to go on missions and pick up civilians and than theyd torture them and kill them afterwords. Age was irrelevant to them.

    • It is goddamn war. And during the war people are being killed and, yes, civilians being killed too. Or do you think than US Marines pickup flowers and present them to ladys in Iraq?

  7. What is worse that the russians claim they don’t kill the civilians or rape the women. They always say that someone else did it not them. Thats what I don’t like about them. they never take responsibility.

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