Valenki, Russian Shoes


Valenki is a traditional Russian footwear, solely made of wool.

Many centuries it was widely used as the best protection for legs during Russian winters.

Nowadays manufacturers of valenki decided to export it abroad, targeting mainly cold North European countries. They made a special designed versions to satisfy western customers. They hope to get the market. What do you think, would they?








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  1. They’re gonna be huge in America!

    • Americans have better solution – mickey mouse boots (black) or bunny boots (white). They are standard footwear for US military in cold climates and the only boots that are used in antartica, dog sledgers in alaska, ice fishermen in Dakota, etc.. It’s pretty much the same “valenki” only layered and covered with rubber both outside and inside. It is completely waterproof and it will protect your feet against cold even if you get wet. You simply pour water out off your boot and continue on your way. The only drawback is their weight, but thats the price you pay if you don’t want to get a frostbite.

  2. Those are VERY warm. Your legs just can not get harmed no matter how long you stay outside, as long as valenki remain dry.

    Some more:

    • Actually, Nazis manufactured them too, in the occupied areas of the USSR. Which didn’t save them from the result of sabotage =)

  3. Felt boots. These’d go down very well in the UK… ‘cept they’re a bit warm most likely… aaah, it’d be funny to watch at least.

  4. yeah, those would be huge in the US, especially right now when those Ugg boots or however they’re spelled are so popular. though those ugg boots are one of the ugliest things i seen in my life

  5. They were also proven to help older people with bad legs and varicose veins. It is a natural wool and the treatment is similar to German wool blankets that are popular all over the world. I got my grandmother a slippers version of valenki to wear around the house and she said that her legs do not hurt as much as they used to.

    p.s. by the way those pictures with brand names were made as a joke.

  6. Those look similar to the inserts that are used with the winter rubber boots in finnish army. Excellent in cold weather, you just need to remember to dry them after the day.

  7. One should go for hand-made ones, factory-mades (Yaroslavl plant) are of inferiour quality. Elsewhere, villagers settle small co-ops – these are the ones to go for.
    In StPete, go for Russian Shoes, Nakhimova St., 1.
    Cost approx. 25 EUR incl. rubber over-boots (galoshi).

    • I’ve no plans to visit St. Petersburg anytime soon, but would LOVE to get a pair of these, especially the tall lace-ups. Where can I find them online…and in English?


      • This may be a hard task to solve: an american importer company went out of business several years ago; in Germany, they only sell ones when pre-ordered and paid in advance…

        You may contact one of the producers, though (don’t expect them to speak english):

      • If you’re looking for Valenki, try

        Each pair of AKA valenki is unique. Because they are the work of human hands, AKA valenkis are of the highest quality. AKAs are offered in black, white, brown and red – in women’s, men’s and children’s sizes.

  8. yes, the “Armyani” ones are quite nice– you could cash if you could convince urban American kids to buy Ralph Lauren “поло”-gear.

  9. I’ve shopped for these on the internet. It’s hard to find outlets here in the U.S. selling felt boots. It’s impossible to find anyone selling felt boots here in California.
    There’s nothing warmer than a pair of valenki. With the correct marketing strategy, valenki would be very profitable.

  10. hello everyone,

    I like these boots verry much.
    and i’ve got a question, i’m looking for a valenki factory who will sell valenki in big orders. want to sell them in holland.
    so does somebody know where i can find them, and do they speak english?
    or need i someone who speak russian?


  11. Dear all Valenki-lovers!
    Valenki; without sole, you need galoshes (in all color)
    Chesanki; with rubber sole.

    I will kindly give you two web adresses: (also english writing)
    Olga Chernikova (only russian writing)
    Boris Smorodov

    You can use google translate!
    I hope you find this information interesting.
    Love from the Northstar!

  12. I don’t think valenki would be popular in the USA because the Winter temperature here is much warmer than it is in Russia. It is usually 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit during December in the northeastern states. Although valenki might sell well in Alaska.

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