39 thoughts on “Launch of Russian Ballistic Missile”

  1. I think that’s an SS-25, which is indeed a proper ICBM with more than 10,000km range, not a little bottle rocket like a Scud.

  2. It’s cool how it fires an initial charge to launch it out of the tube before the main engines fire.

    It doesn’t look big enough to be an ICBM or have a range of 10 Mm (nearly the diameter of the planet.) If that’s what it really is, that is way cool.

  3. “Russian Topol-M launching a Satelite” – that’s how this video is named on YouTube. So it’s SS-27, not SS-25.


  4. So I’m definately new as far as comments goes, but I have been visiting this site for about two months, and I find the pics and vids very insightful, since I have narrowed my major to Eastern European history. It is fascinating to me, since it is the one area that public schools, (and a lot of colleges) in the US tend to look over. Good work! And I like the lively discussions that come about!

  5. Uncle Sidney, before criticizing others – check yourself. “Whose” in the sense you mean (an abbreviation of “who is” would be written with an apostrophe: who’s. Your spelling is the possessive sense (as in “whose language is this”).

    Sort out your own yard first.

    Anyway… thanks again, admin, for another great post. I’ve been reading for quite a few months now, and continue to enjoy the blog!

  6. I think what do you want to say ?

    I think Poland must be punished for the collaboration with evil empire of America.

    And i don’t drink vodka. I use dropper with vodka.

  7. You all so incorrect it make soviet tears run down my cheeks. This missile not to kill, because everyone know Russia so poor, we have to use potatos instead of Uranium for bomb and potato not very radioactive (except in Pripyat). This ICBM filled with red Soviet snow to shoot up into atmosphere and fall down on to Proletariats to remind them of Mother Russia, but then NKVD show up to take snow back because it belong to the State.

  8. This is a SS-27 Topol-M ICBM ballistic missile. Russia has made US fear! There are currently 40 of them in Russia’s defence, all currying nuclear warheads 1.2 tonn each!imagine if all of them would fire AT US covering most of the states, US will be gone in a matter of days! And you guys seem to think that Russia is not a superpower!!! Have alook it is really astonishing!!!
    Not that i have anything against the states, I dont like Americans just because they think they are the best and I recon most of the world would agree with me!

  9. “US will be gone in a matter of days!” “Death 2 America!”
    some of the reasons people write those things are:
    1. Russians are pride of their science and weapons.
    2. People are subconsciously worried for themselfs
    3. People dont like americans/their goverment because of some reasons

  10. Because this is the basic intention of any counry towards any country. And this includes not only ways of military, but also scheming, espionage, intimidation, blackmail, slander, etc.

    Friendship on international level is a myth.

  11. YA typical russian idology.

    Have one of the biggest army in the world and left most of the population live in poverty.

    Difference between America and Russia? America has the most advanced army in the world and no one starves to death here. Russia also one of the best armies but people are hungry, uneducated, and mostly drunks.

    • Most advanced army??? Are you kidding or something? I lost a count of amerikan helicopters with americans in them, shooten doun by their alays!!! And by the way, about starving ones, make a trip on downtown L.A. at night.

  12. Tiny correction- This missile is a TOPOL-M ICBM: Mobile launched from anywhere there is a guidance/SATCOM truck and the launcher vehicle itself. The missile is not in fact capable of delivering a payload to space, but is easily able to strike all of Europe and beyond from the most famous of all launch sites at Plesetsk.


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